Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tolu/molu joke with family that their choti daadi is very determined and if she starts her dadagiri, bade papa will stop his papagiri and comes home back. Jigar calls Pari and informs about Kokila’s hospitalization. Pari starts crying and informs hetal and others.

Doc informs Ahem and family that Kokila did not get heart attack, but looking at her age, he will keep her under observation for 24 hours and asks everyone to leave now. Ahem says he is her son and will stay with her. He then tells Gopi that because of her Kokila got ill and says if she had not come here, Kokila would not have come here and got ill, she is responsible for all their problems. Meera says papa is right. Gopi asks her not to interfere when elders talk. Gopi says she will stay with Kokila and

says Ahem he may thinks she wants to act great, but she will do what it is best for Kokila and family. She says he left Kokila 10 years ago and did not even check how she is. He asks who she is to point at him. She says she is his mother’s bahu and says again he did not even fulfilled responsibility of a son and now suddenly he is trying to control her. He says whatever she felt right, she did and whatever he felt right, he did. She says this is not the answer and says when he came here for his business, Kokila went to stay with Urmila in her chawl. She says in an accident Urmila lost her memory and Kinjal came to Modi bhavan, so she went to take care of Urmila. She is suffered a lot and even beaten by Urmila daily. It all happened because of him.

Gopi further continues that Kokila came here to find her son, but he called her Mrs. Modi and insulted her. She says she will take care of Kokila and nobody can stop her. Meera tries to interfere again, but Gopi asks her not to interfere in elder’s talks. Nurse says they both can stay, but not disturb hospital’s peace. Mansi asks Ahem to keep her updated. Meera and Vidya ask Ahem to stay with them. He says his hotel is near to hospital and he will meet them here in the morning and leaves. Mansi leaves with Meera and Vidya.

Gopi goes to Kokila’s room, sees her sleeping and says she is incomplete without her and says they both will have to unite their shattered family. She promises that she will fulfill both son and grandchildren’s responsibility, though Ahem comes or not. She just wants her to get well soon. Ahem hears her conversation. Nurse comes and sends her out to check up Kokila. She sees Ahem asleep on bench and gets pillow for him. She tries to make him sleep on pillow, but he sleeps on her shoulder. She gets emotional and starts looking at him… Saath nibhana….songs plays in the background. She then holds his hand, but reminisces him insulting her and Kokila, gets irked and leaves angrily. Ahem wakes up and sees her going.

Precap: Meera says Gopi because of her, her papa’s engagement stopped. Gopi asks if her papa’s second engagement is important that her daadi’s health. She says she knows what is best for her daadi and doe snot need anyone’s advice.

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    Director wants to prolong the story as much as possible and finally Ahem and Gopi will stay together with their family and mansi will go away from their house.

  2. Jo-Ann

    Stupid if you known what best for your daadi why haven’t you pick up the phone in 10 years to say hole daadi how are you, and then you would have find out how she is living, but gopi come home to find your daadi ill treated badly and you know what best right. Now they blaming gopi what the hell ahem it your mistake not gopi she is your mother and now you want to put the blame on someone else be a man,and stop always putting the blame on gopi.

  3. Indi

    People that want to watch Shastri Sisters, go watch it. These comments are for Saath Nibhana Saathiya viewers to vent our likes and disapproval with the show. We are not going to like everything on the serial. I myself wondered if Gopi got out of jail and her and Ahem easily got back together, there would be nowhere for the show to go. Although a lot of us want Gopi/Ahem to get together, it would be boring if it turned back into the Paridhi show. I stopped watching for a while when Paridhi came.

  4. everyone who criticize shastri sister r great fools. Jo-Ann, ur the king of fool. only iam perfect hahahaha……..

  5. Anonymous

    If u are good,u will use good language.Iam not interested in arguing with u and don’t say others are ur will hurt all.

  6. fatima

    Getting intresting by day but more stupider coz of meera really which mother would endure what her daughter says to her. Gopi is patient with what her daughter says.

  7. kokilla is fakeing to have heart attck so ahem and gopi would come together meera ,learns some manneers why vidhya is so quite every serial she have god manners but meera you dont learn something from your sister

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