Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th March 2014 Written Update

Ahem subconsciously aks Gopi to give him greea tea. every one shoked Gopi abt to go to make tea happily Ahem realised wht he was has saying, He stop Gopi said he dont want to take tea made by her. Radha smirks then ask to Ahem she will made tea for him.. Ahem said NoThanks!! Koki ask him than he should eat food if today he at home that time.. Ahem refused and abt to leave his room.
Gopi tell Baa to stop him and insist for having food.. Baa ask Ahem to have food, Koki also insist him than Ahemji agreed and along Baa sat on dinning table.

Meeth serve food Koki suspect to see food and look at Gopi face and Ahem start eating having with very first bite he had flashback abt Goopi cooked food. Baa asked him how’s the food it is good? Ahemji nods with thoughtful

mind, than he have another bite and understood that this food diffinately cooked by Gopi only, and get stand up frm dinning table while glaring Gopi. Koki Baa everyone following him and says why he left his food like that go and have it complete. Ahem again seeing at Gopi with angry eyes and said he had done with food. Ahem asked Meethi to give him his red file which he asked her to keep it out. Meethi comes near side table where she keep the file and shocked to see file is dissapeared.. She says Ahem that she kept file there only when right after his phone. wonder where the file gone though. Ahem getting annoyed and scolded Meethi badly.. Koki tries to cool down him and every body start searching file in hall. Sahir had remember that they seen Radha stoodup nean file abd ge tell Samar abt it Vidya says thats mean this Radha did something with file.

Kids tell to the all that file must keep there but this Radha also stoodup near file.. Ahem Koki suspectedly looking Radha, Radha Shocked and lies that She didnt see any file place there.. than Hetal asked kids go inside but they refused Gopi said them to go inside so they go.

Ahem again start yells where than file gone.. Radha says when she come in hall so everything place on there right place but only Gopi clothes place on table so maybe?! Ahem quickly go in Gopi’s room and bring out her suitcase he got his file there.

Ahemji come in hall and show his file and says this file he found into Gopi’s suitcase. now tell how this file going into there. thats must did by Gopi only.. Gopi shockingly says why she hide his file and wht she got doing that.. she not doing this Ahem says she hide file delibratedly as she wonna show him that she is still his wife. Koki ask same frm Gopi, Gopi give explanation but no one believes.. Ahem said first she laid and than top she giving explanations also.. he dont want to listen her any explanations. Gopi is helpness to make them understood.. Gopi says they pls believe me i didnt do this.. and why shoukd i lie!! Ahem shoutedly says exactly like she cooked food today.. Koki Radha everyone Gopi quiet.. Radha ask her did she cooked food today?? Koki she woukd also understand just seeing food that Gopi cooked it but she keeps quiet to thought she dont want Ahem left food or disrepect it. Baa tell Ahem dont they had different things.. Ahem says whtever but she cooked after warned by Mom. Ahem says that they dont need Gopi, without her they sepent their life in more better way.. nor she is his wife anymore Ahem says to Koki that He want to marry with Radha only. as soon as possible she start all the preparations.. Gopi broken to hear that her Ahemji is marrying with her sister.. Ahem says he want to show Gopi that without he sepend his life more better than before.

Hetal says Ahem wht you saying?? Ahem replied yes Kaki i dont want Gopi anymore in his life he want marry with Radha. Baa comes near Ahem scold him that wht he had say Gopi is not his wife nor she is DIL of Modi’s Baa says Gopi is still part of this parivaar and she is the elder bahu of our family her name is GOPI AHEM MODI and no one take this right frm her. Ahem says fine so he give her divorce and get married with Radha. hear this Gopi boken more and cried.. Baa Hetal Chirag Parag shocked Gopi tearfull Radha happy and Koki proudly looked at his son as she seems agreed with Ahem decision..

Hetal yells on Ahem that he want to give divorce to this Gopi whom is his daughter’s mother, whom single handedly growup his child since 8years.. This Gopi he want to give dirovce Ahem stand there angrily.

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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  1. insertnamehere;

    This show is going so stupid! Like why isn’t the truth about Radha coming true?! Ahem ji is being so horrible to Gopi about nothing and Koki is thinking everything is right. Radha should be the one being tormented and not Gopi. The writers of this show has really prolonged the whole idea and writing of this script. They really should just let the truth come out now or they will start loosing a lot of people. It’s not going the way people want and we lose interest after seeing the same show everyday. Nothing changes; the same yelling, the same hatred and nothing going anywhere. Why?! C’mon writers, show us that this show can get better because we all love Gopi and Ahem and we all stand by the truth coming out. Not a good role model here.

  2. I too agree.. Stupid show and have lost interest. How can kokila , whom we have seen as intelligent and smart, think that Gopi has deliberately done with Meera. She is a mother, and feeling more guilty that it has happens from her hand, completely shattered. This shows kokila doesn’t have any sense. How this show achieved no. 1 position last week in TRP rating. Writers should change this sooner otherwise people will stop watching as it gets prolonged.

  3. the story is dragging, lost interest in it but with the coming back of gopi into modi house at thought now atleast radha will be exposed but nothing of sort is happening. What is a saathiya? A person who loves and respects his/her partner, but here partner means one who keeps crying and the other one who has a big ego and does not have brain to see things. Kokila has lost the track, so what is the use of her brains. Gopi bought up her daughter single handedly for 8 yrs then why is taking this bullshit from the family. Sacrifice is necessary but not this much and that also from one person. The elder men in the family are really dumb. As fathers they dont have a say in the family. Lot of loose end, it is time they exposed all the loose ends or they will loose the viewers. The story till now has not given any good message to the viewers, women are the viewers of such show, so pls bring some respectablity to the women characters.

  4. this show is becoming worst day by day . …..plz bring smthing new…it’s to boring to watch ..plz do smthing wid radha….y reality is not cming infrnt of modi family…

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