Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera pampers Priyal and says even aunt is like mother. Vidya emotionally with teary eyes says yes, she is also Priyal’s mother. Meera says let us celebrate birthday now and gets Priyal ready in angel’s dress. She calls neighbor children and parents. Parents praises that Priyal got a caring aunty/Meera. Naiya fumes seeing this. Dr. Krishna dances with children. Meera records it and sends it to Pari. Dharam says doctor saheb has become child with children.

Pari watches birthday video with Monica and says Gopi is enjoying birthday party. She always forces her decisions on everyone, she will not let her ruin her family’s life again, she will make Gopi’s life hell. Monica says she is with her.

Vidya gets her prepared cake. Meera says

she brought a special cake for Priyal. Vidya says why did she take so much trouble. Shravan looks at Vidya’s face. Vidya signals him it is okay. Meera asks servant to bring cake and cuts it with Priyal. She then asks servant to serve it to everyone. Dr. Krishna tries to mingle again, but Meera asks him to stay away as he is not her family member. Gopi asks Krishna what was Meera telling him. He says nothing. Gopi says Meera she will leave now and says she happy to see her changing for good and wants her to stay like this forever. Naiya continues fuming in jealousy.

Urmila teaches Jai and Veeru. Sona asks why is she teaching wrongly and scolds her children for locking Hindi teacher in bathroom. They say teacher hit them, so they locked him in bathroom. Urmila says they did right. Sona says it is wrong. Urmila says gandhigiri will not work where one should show another cheek, one should confront. Children tie their dupatta and sari together. They both walk and retract back and hit their head. Urmila scolds children and shouts to run from there.

Pari sees Kokila busy in prayers and loudly says she is not feeling well, so will prepare juice. She gets up and acts as hitting her leg to a table and shouts in pain. Monica acts as consoling her. Kokila hears that and says she will prepare juice. Pari asks her to add apple, cucumber, beetroot, carrot, etc., and silently smirks.

Precap: Gopi sees Kokila taking juice for Pari. Kokila says Pari injured her leg, so she is taking her juice. Gopi sees Pari laughing with Monica and warns her to do her work herself.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Even aunt is like mum??????????????????????

  2. oh guys why u r overreacting everybody has right to comment here.i said 1000 time pari is best what we wil do noting na dont overreact

  3. oh guys why u r overreacting everybody has right to comment here.i said 1000 time pari is best what we wil do noting na so dont overreact

  4. paridhi deserve a slap

  5. Sns is a gooood serial….i like it…..??

  6. wat’s d meera’s plan

    1. I think meera will pamper priyal and give her all luxuries which her parents r not able to give her….and make her away from Vidya …this will be her plan

      1. I agree with you AnjalI. That’s what I also thought

      2. Ha ha best concept

    2. Even I am thinking of the same Anjali

  7. Upcoming episodes…Gopi will put lizard in paridhi’s juice and also she will make fun of her….??????

  8. If that naiya wants to be with priyal dosen’t have to so jellsous of everything

  9. Good episode i like it

  10. Nice episode ?. In between wer is our commentator raven who was challenging me . Boss se darkar bhag gaya kya raven beta?

  11. its not hindi teacher and the kids did it to thier class mate bcoz they were taking food from thier tiffin

  12. Mansi to return!!! She is Krishna”s sister. This means Meera will become a vamp again and join Mansi. Meera had good bond with Mansi and I’m sure Mansi will brainwash Meera to ruin Gopi”s life.

    1. Too many vamps after the leap?

    2. Really???,???

      1. Yep Mansi is behind everything

  13. I think paridhi deserves to be in such pain good and she is also with monika and when meera sends the birthday video they enjoy watching it it is just that gopi will leave the house

  14. why paridhi being so ru…de…?

  15. I think this serial is on fire…I love to watch this serial

  16. Yah Meera will get priyal custody by making vidya and shravan to sign some papers

  17. who is mansi now?

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