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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya is about tell Meera about Sanskar’s truth when Kokila enters. She asks Meera to control herself, gives Vidya bedsheets and asks her to change bedsheets and leaves. Meera fumes that Kokila stopped Vidya from telling truth, now she has to use some other way to know Sanskar’s truth.

Kinjal checks sarees in her bags and yells that she does not have even 1 proper sari. Urmila sees that, calls Kokila and asks what did she eat and bear Kinjal. Kokila asks what happened. Urmila says she does not have money but still is arrogant as before. Kokila says she is her daughter, but has opposite characteristics of her. Urmila says she will take care now, not to worry.

Pari happily calls Jigar and asks if she can come now for dinner date. He says she can, till then

he will finish bank file. He gets call from Rashi’s school about her parent’s meeting. Pari reaches on time and asks if he is going to Rashi’s school. He says yes as he is her guardian. She feels dejected and starts crying.

Meera thinks how to find out truth when she hears Ahem giving 50 lakhs bank deposit receipt to Gopi. She shouts he lied to her and this is Sanskar’s money. He says he wound up his Mumbai business and this is that money. She continues yelling and he asks her to get back to her room. She angrily leaves to her room.

Meera gets call on landline, asks why did he call on landline and says they will meet at 10 a.m. and this time their plan will not fail. Ahem and Gopi hear that and think she is going to meet Sanskar again. He says he will confront Meera. Kokila comes and asks what happened. Gopi asks her to stop Ahem as he is going confront Meera. Just when Ahem is about to knock door, Kokila holds his hand and asks him to calm down. Gopi says we should understand what Meera is thinking to know her better.

Jigar picks Rashi from school and asks what would she like to have. She says Chinese. Pari says she does not like chinese and asks Ahem to drop her home as she is feeling headache. Rashi says even she does not want to have outside food and Kokila does not like it.

Kinjal sees Pappu having food and says if he had told her, she would have heated food and would also given him company. He asks if she has any work as she is so selfish that she dont’t even talk to anyone without her benefit. Kinjal yells that he has gone on his papa.

Kokila, Ahem, and Gopi silently watch Meera walking out of house and meeting a man. They see her talking that they will elope now and nobody can stop them. Ahem is about to catch man when he sees it is just a dummy doll. Meera shouts that her doubt was right, they all got her Sanskar arrested. Ahem says it is waste talking to her and take whole family in.

Meera comes in and starts shouting that they are the first family who betrayed and cheated their daughter. She starts calling Ahem as cheater. Kokila asks her to behave with her family. Meera asks Ahem when he loved her so much since childhood, why did he cheat her today. She continues crying and telling that proved that he is world’s worst dad. Ahem silently sees her misbehavior.

Precap: Meera tries to slap Gopi when Meera holds her hand, asks how dare she is to touch her mom and pushes her on ground.

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