Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi prepares tea hurriedly for Premila’s friends. Someone from behind mixes something, which Gopi does not notice. She brings tea out and drops whole tray. Premila’s friends taunt Premila that her bahu must have not spent much time in kitchen that she cannot even hold tray properly. Premila starts joking to lighten the environment. Kokila and Urmila select sari samples to send them to Belji and think they should get Gopi’s approval before sending. Gopi reprepares tea and brings them in different cups. Friends yell at Premila that she does not even have proper cups. Gopi says cup set broke, so she brought them in different cups. One of them tastes tea and shouts it has dalchini and not mulethi. Premila shouts at Gopi to bring mulethi. Gopi runs

into kitchen and brings mulethi. Pari and Mona watch the drama sitting on dining chairs and smirk. Friends ask Premila if she called them to just serve tea. Permila calls Gopi and asks to prepare bhajiya/snacks and samosas.

Belji calls Kokila and Kokila says she has packed all saris and will send soon. Kokila tells Urmila how to call Gopi to finalize saris. Urmila says she wll bring Gopi an goes enters kitchen via window. Gopi says she has to perpare bhajiya. Urmila says she will serve them and asks her go via window and finalize saris. She then takes bhajiya and samosas out and serves Premila’s friends. Friends yell that Urmila brought snacks instead of Gopi. Urmila says Gopi prepared it. Friends yell that Gopi is a big businesswoman and does not have time to sit with them, warns Premila that soon Gopi will ingore even her and walk out continuing their yelling.

Gopi gets Bejli’s call who says since she did not send sample saris yet, client left and he is afraid she may lose orders, warns not to repeat the mistake again and disconnnects call. Gopi gets sad. Premila enters and starts yelling if she did not want to serve her friends, why did she agree first, she was insulted because of Gopi. She shouts Gopi failed in her eyes.

Vidya is busy talking to Shravan over phone when Priyal comes crying and says Meera locked her toy room and told she will never open it. Vidya thinks how can Meera do this.

Premila angrily chants mantras in her room. Gopi opens door and Premila throws phone on her. just when phone is about to hit Gopi, Dr. Krishna catches it and asks why is she throwing phone on Gopi. Premila says he can check her mobile, her friends have changed their kitty party group’s name to unchi dukan pheeke pakwan. Urmila says they did not serve them food. Kokila signals her to stop joking. Premila yells because of Gopi she is feeling insult. Dr. Krishna asks her why is she giving so much importance to her friends. Premila says however they are, they are her friends. Gopi apologizes and says she will prepare good food and serve her friends next time. Premila says no need and leves yelling. Dr. Krishna apologizes Urmila, Kokila, and Gopi on his mom’s behalf.

Kokila takes food to Premila’s room and asks her to have it, else Krishna will feel bad. Premila says her son will also not have food if she does not. Kokila starts praising Gopi. Premila asks her not to praise Gopi as she is her bahu now. Kokila remembers her past scolding Urmila not to interfere between her and Rashi. Premila repeats same not to interfere between her and her bahu and asks her to leave if she has kept food.

Precap: Meera tells Vidya that Priyal is going to boarding school. Vidya asks how can she take any decision. Meera says Priyal is her daughter. Vidya says Priyal is her daughter and will not go to boarding school.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. can rash I come back again?

  2. When is Sona to deliver her babies is there going to be any twist with that? Please answer I am dying to know!

  3. Pramila aunty is headache for gopi n viewer like me.

  4. I think premila is behind all of these things.

    1. I don’t think pramila is too clever. I guess mansi will behind all.

  5. I think premila is behind all of these things.

    1. When will baa n hetal aunty join again sns?? Will choti rashi play negative role?? Sns team stop this sari track. It is pathetic now

    2. Hi angel sns k alawa aur serial life OK pe savdhan India n horrid Henry on cartoon network, telefilm on dd Bharti I used to watch. Recently I have watched Anandi gopal serial she was first lady doctor of India nw tell me about ur choice!!

      1. Mein b saavdhan india dektha hoo. Leking college ke chutti ke dinoo pe bass mein tho roze sns hi dekthi hoo.
        And kabi kabi film awards b dekthi hoo .
        My choice always goes to family films.because iam giving more importance to family rather than action films

  6. All these women probably have sore throats for the amount of screaming they do everyday, 7 days a week, in their interpretation of acting…such a waste of air time…more yelling and no progress in the story.

  7. Vidya let shravan knows wat meera is doing to their daugther n premila needs to leave modi house

  8. Dr. Krishna is mansi’s brother

  9. It’s strange really Dr Krishna have family?? In mansi ahem engagement Krishna n pramila were absent, in Krishna gopi marriage mansi n pramila were absent n nobody have problem even kokila too. Wat kind of family is this?? For twist again new cartoon will take entry. Why did Prakash wait for 5 years of nayya?? Really on the name of twist do whatever but use some sense

    1. Only now You have realised about it ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Very funny Dr Krishna ne kavel gopi se revenge k liye ab tk shadi nahi ki thi agr gopi 45 k hogi to bhi 45 ka to hoga hi to ab mansi bhi 40 ki to ho gyi hogi n pramila ko koi farak nahi pda?? Coz she is playing orthodox character in serial. Pathetic crap crap crap

  11. Sarayumane

    Guys, I don’t think mansi is krishna’s sister as mansi’s full name is mansi runwal abd krishna-s is Raheja. So you people remember after the 10 years leap, police arrested tolu and molu as they tried to find out ahem’s address by hacking

  12. I think naiuya is responsible for neera’s miscarage. When vidya cleaned tiles then may b naiyya again put oil so that meet get slip

  13. *meera

  14. Watch it

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