Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode kick starts with the scene of Raashi mumbling to herself, upset with Kokila. Kokila who is nearby observes this and questions Raashi and Kokila herself answers. That saree was gifted to Gopi alone, hence Raashi is sad. Kokila reminds Raashi of the occasion of Jigar’s birthday she had gifted Raashi a saree.

Gopi shows the gifted saree to her mom ; Madhu then gives money and asks Gopi to buy another saree and wear it, to keep her – Madhu’s – honour and prestige. Gopi is caught in two minds. Kokila, comes over and tells Gopi to wear Madhu’s saree and wear Hers, Kokila’s on another occasion.

Further Kokila instructs Gopi to cut fresh, as Ahem likes them with custard made by her – Kokila.

Raashi notices Gopi and enquires, Gopi does

summary of what transpired with flashbacks. Raashi further confuses Gopi.

Shah home and Urmilaa is trying to see what could be done about her allergy. Cellular phone ring, Raashi and Urmilaa are up to no good, as Raashi says there I some tension in the air between Kokila and Madhu. Urmilaa is happy and says that they can now plan to create a new drama to trouble Gopi. That this is an opportunity they cannot miss.

Kokila and Radha. Kokila asks Radha why she is keeping away from Gopi. As Radha replies that her star forecasts something ; the telephone rings, Kokila attends, as she turns, Radha is nowhere to be seen. Meethi says Radha had gone to apply oil to her father’s mustache.

Kinjal and then Urmilaa arrive, Urmilaa hides her face, goes upstairs. Kinjal tells the Modi ladies of the allergy striking Urmilaa, much to their amusement.

Urmilaa and Raashi converse with each other as Gopi comes over, deep in thought. Urmilaa says that Kokila’s saree is good and Gopi should wear the same saree instead of the saree given by Madhu. Then she turns and pretends to see Gopi just then.

Kitchen : Gopi cuts fruits and keeps it in the fridge. She then leaves the kitchen. The duo of Raashi and Urmilaa comes in. Raashi tries to put chilli powder on some food stuff, Urmilaa says that Gopi is so good at cooking and she can cook without much effort, hence cannot commit mistakes. So the suspicion would directly be on Raashi.

They notice the freshly cut fruits in the fridge, Urmilaa sprinkles leachy powder on the fruits. Urmilaa says it makes the fruits go dry, loses its freshness – I do not know much about it.

Just then Kokila comes and Raashi shows the fruits to her. Says that its gone dark and looks stale, I mean not fresh. Kokila takes the bowls of fruits and goes over to Gopi, asks if she had cut it, Gopi answers in the affirmative.

Kokila then instructs to pick good fruits and cut them ; Madhu says that how is that Gopi has to do most of the work while others sit doing nothing. Gopi is about to protest and say something but is stopped by her father, Jayanthilal.

The Episode ends on Kokila’s face ! ! !

Update Credit to: Manzz

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