Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells Dharam that Meera would be happy seeing him. She calls Meera and says special guest has come to meet her. Meera sees Dharam and gets emotional. Kokila gives her aarti thali and asks gto welcome Dharam. Ahem comes and throws thali and asks Dharam how dare he is to come here and says he will not send his daughter with her.

Kokila shouts he cannot insult Dharam and Meera loves Dharam, it is even Gopi’s thinking and she also wants Meera to go back with Dharam. Meera tells Gopi she did not know her mom wants her to go.

Gopi says Meera she is thinking wrong, she wants her betterment and even she is confused now. Kokila says Gopi came yesterday night to her room and told she thinks Meera loves Dharam. Gopi says she did not mean that and Kokila is misinterpreting her.

Kokila starts shouting and says Gopi was an illiterate poor woman and she was not worth at all, but she brought made her her bahu, she is dare to confront her now. Hetal asks her to stop. Kokila continues insulting Gopi. Gopi says she is not her maaji and someone else. She prays her maaji and maaji never insults her in public. Kokila tries to slap her, but Gopi holds her hand. Kokila shouts even more.

Precap: Kokila says Ahem his wife insulted her and he did not stop her. Ahem says this time, Gopi is right and she is wrong.

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  1. Amazing episode

  2. Such a short epi

  3. I would like to see Meera and Dharam happy together. I have 2 relatives who have married older men and are extremely happy together. Their marriages work very well.

    1. i agree… i would love that.

    2. i also like dheera chemistry love them a lot.

    3. so that vidya becomes meera’s daughter-in-law? what about that

    4. what about dharam’s first wife whom meera used to insult badly?

  4. chandrashekar

    i think kokila athma exchanged with gaura soon it will be shown i expect

  5. may b yeh kokila ki haam sakal he

    1. Right✅✅

  6. This episode was so short!! How?? Anyway nice episode!

  7. main kokila modi

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kal k episode me meri gopi bahu mere thapad maregi eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. jabardast acting of kokila aunty. i guess something going wrong with sharavan. may be sharavan real father (not dharam) will be seen in upcoming episode.

    1. yes i think so too. that would clear way for Meera and Dharam.

  9. hi akshay is there another new twist in this serial ? like to see “real father”

  10. where is die heart fan of sns serial “JOHN” ??

  11. I think meera will tell her true feeling to her dad n dharam

  12. kokila has gone insane. It is good that gopi is going to slap her in episode of jan 51 206

  13. rubbish rubbish if you watch this you are low on intellgence

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