Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura calls Madhuben, but she does not pick her call. Gaura fumes. Tolu tells Jigar and Gopi that he feels Sona is innocent and truth is something else. Jigar says all the evidences are against Sona. Gopi says if we love someone, we forgo their mistakes. Tolu says his heart does not agree. Gopi says 2 people from same family can be completely different and gives example of her and Radha. She continues consoling and explaining Tolu.

Whole family sits in hall for gupshup. Tolu comes down with Jigar. Meera says she will go back to her in-laws. Gopi says she does not have to as she is not bound by anything and she will protect her now. Meera tells she has to stay in Dharam’s house for 6 months until her divorce proceedings finish. Kokila says as she feels right. Vidya says they will stay back and she will inform Shravan. Urmila says let us sing and sings Gujrati song. Madhuben’s phone rings and she gets tensed. Kokila asks her to pick her phone. Madhuben purposefully drops water on phone and says Sona was calling her repeatedly. Kokila asks why did not she pick phone then and says she will find out who else is behind all this.

Madhuben goes back to her room and yells that Kokila is behind her now. She should inform Gaura, but her phone is off, so she will go to her home and inform directly. She wears shawl and gets out of room and sees Urmila and Kinjal fighting for a box. She gets back in and tries to get down via pipe.

Gaura calls Vidya. Meera picks phone and asks if she remembered her. Gaura says why will she remember her and starts yelling at her. Their argument starts. Premlatha enters and asks her to check where Madhuben is.

Ahem calls Gopi out and tells her inspector asked to give him more evidence to find out Premlatha. Gopi says she gave whatever evidence she had. They continue conversing. Madhuben stops on pipe seeing them down. Her earring falls down, but just then Gopi moves aside and goes back inside home.

Vidya asks Gopi if she should go back or not. Kokila says she has a plan.

Precap: Premlatha asks Gaura to get her out of house via terrace. Gaura says she will get her out via main door and opens it. She is shocked to see Kokila coming with Gopi and Urmila.

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  1. You failed to write Meera was desperate to get back to Suryavanshi house because of Dharam.

  2. Please don’t let Gopi find out the truth about her mom. Continue to drag this story line for about a month.

    1. why a month?? it should be drag till 2017 new eve. right john uncle??

      1. Absolutely right

    2. I am with you, drag it for 2 months show us some hypothetical scenarios, we enjoy it.

    3. I do not agree with you John. I love Saathiya so much but the dragging is uncontrollable, irritating and it will have meaning less episodes.

  3. madhu aunty’s drama will be end on mahashivratri. i guess next twist is reentry of tripti aunty

    1. Yes I hope so. All bad will end on good days! Hari hari nandhini nandhita mohini viswasworoopini vishnumudhe hari mukha vardhini ramyakavardhini moori kudumbini shanti shudhe. …. These lines are thrilling. It will air on as you said Akshay on Mahashivaraathri!

      1. i used to listen to this n jai jai pandurang strotam daily. really like and love to read ur this comment again n again

  4. I wish they could see gaura n madhuben together

  5. What’s wrong with this madhuben. She want to take revenge from her own daughter

    1. Because of Radha’s death. It’s very stupid. She is taking revenge on her good daughter for killing the evil daughter. I understand the mother must be hurt, but she knew Radha was bad.

  6. Nice episode ?

  7. wat happen MA?? where is today’s update??

  8. Plzz update today and yesterday episodes

  9. What the hell…whats wrong with this MA….where r the updates

  10. Pls update yesterday’s and today’s written updates

  11. Very shocking….no update till now

  12. If u dont want to update plz inform us atleast we will not come back to this pg

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