Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th February 2014 Written Update

Sahir Samar and Vidya manage to take suitcase down by the help of stool. Sahir says to Samar go and check either Pari Miss nor come… Samar go outside the room for looking her. In room Sahir and Vidya tries to open suitcase which was locked… Sahir says we have search the keys Vidya says but Mumma hide the keys or she does not know where she hides. Sahir says when He and Samar hides anything frm their parents so they choose to hides in under bed maters else in cupboard lets search in cupboard first.. both start searching keys in cupboard!

Gopi takes Prateek in rooom but he make excuses that he scared frm drakness of room.. Gopi says wht she scared frm his own room, also Sahir and Samar sleeping there too. Prateek says no they not sleeping she should check

it.. Gopi switch on the lights and ask Prateek go and sleep but he again says no there must has some ghost.. Gopi say him ok then he come with her in her room and sleepy there Prateek replied how come i asleep in ur room where two girls sleeping along me now become grown up. Gopi says ok naughty boy i tries to sleep u.. Samar watch outside window!! after Prateek asleep Gopi leave to her room. Samar runs faster to alert Vidya Sahit.

Vidya Sahir suceed in finding keys they open suitcase and found Koki pic Sahir shocked to see pic how come my choti dadi pic come to ur mother. at tym Samar enter n tell them Pari Miss coming three of them hides behind door Gopi just open door when Prateek comes again.. He says to her why she leave him alone in room he get scared badly.. Gopi says him now you sleep with them Prateek again tell her now he grown up boy so cant asleep with girls! Gopi again take him at his room.

In room kids says now how we get to know choti dadi and pari miss connection. Vidya says if we pray to kanhnji so they will diffenately help us. Sahir ask Vidya either she search in mandir.. go and search there too. she stand up on stool and search then found gita in drow coz of distance gita falls down.. Vidya says to Samar and check mumma again whether she comes.. Samar saw outside Gopi comes towards room.. Vidya found Ahem Gopi pic in gita and shocked to see also she shows Sahir also. but at time Gopi come in room or boys hide under bed and Vidya pretend asleepy. Gopi saw suitcase on floor and suspect how suitcase place in floor then she felt maybe she left bimistakely.. she took and place again top of the cupboard. and sleeps.

Ahem working on laptop Koki come in room and say him get take some rest he just came frn office and he again start working if he not take rest then how will be get him well.. Ahem says hence coz of illness his work is pending he need to cover up.. Koki say him plz take rest although frm tomorror all preparation will be started.. Ahem suspectedly says preparation for wht?? Koki says preparation for ur and Radha wedding.. Ahem get upset to hear and says he will resting after finish work. and Koki leaves.. Ahem took his wallet and start looking Meera pic lovingly then he slowly tries to come out another pic frm wallet which is his and Gopi marrriage pic but before he took full pic out he remove the pic inside the wallet again angerily.

Kids sitted ouside and looking Gopi Ahem wedding picture.. Prateek says why Pari Miss and Ahem Mamma (uncle) disguised as bride and groom.. Sahir Samar says this pic itseems Bade Papa marriage pic but when was Bade papa marriage happened and why we not attend his marriage.. Prateek says daffar thus not only Ahem Mamma this Pari Miss pic also.Vidya says ppl only click such kind of pics when they get in marry.. and My Mother marry was happened with ur Bade Pappa only.. Prateek says that means ur mumma is my badi mami.. Sahir Samar says No she is us Badi Mumma. Vidya start cry and says it means i have my Papa and you 3 my elder brothers Awww and They lovingly hugged each other.. Vidya says but if my mumma and ur Bade Papa are being married so then why they not living together like other parents supposed to lives.. all kids thoughtful !!

Rashi searching her banch of keys in kitchen which seems she misplace some where.. she ask Meethi whether she sees her keys but says No.. then Radh comes and give banch of keys to Rashi also she taunt her too.. Rashi say her dont ever thought ti grab this keys thats only for “”Ghar Ki Malkin”” at same time Hetal come and ask wht going on?? Radha replied her that Rashi forget her keys some where she found so thus only come to give her.. Hetal happly says good frm onwards only you both manage this house so its good if t you msnage understandingly. After Hetal leves Rashi says to Radha not need to be so happy that not sure whether ur marriage really happened or not./

Radha selecting sares for her wedding and Baa says its her wedding so she choose sare for herself first then for others. Madhu ben comes and yells louder this wedding would not been possible.

Update Credit to: NazimKiDeewani

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