Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th February 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with the scene of Kokila And Baa relaxing with Baa wondering when would Hetal return. Kokila informs Baa that Hetal and Elder Brother, would return soon.

Just then neighbourhood ladies arrive, Kokila asks them the purpose of the visit, and one of them replies that just to see what is happening in this house they have dropped by. In response Kokila says since the lady in question is so intelligent they could do a few rounds around the house to know the going on the Modi family. Lady then says that she was just joking and in fact had come to invite them for the wedding in the neighbourhood.

Kokila expresses happiness and asks Raashi – who has come over – to get the “Kheer” since the occasion is such that it demands that sweet is

given around.

The ladies speak highly of Kokilaa’s “Kheer “. Raashi brings the “Kheer” and along with Gopi hands the “kheer” to the ladies who taste the “kheer ” to find it tasteless, watery. And they say so.

Kokilaa takes Raashi to the kitchen and Raashi as usual passes the buck on to the milkman, saying the milk was adulterated. Immediately Kokila goes out in to the hall and calls Ramlal, the milkman. She apologizes to the ladies with regard to the “kheer” and Ramalal comes into the picture. He refuses to believe and says he has not in all these years supplied adulterated milk. Raashi is asked to get the vessel and Ramlal checks to find whitened water.

In the ensuing allegations, which are refuted by Ramalal and alleges that Kokila’s daughter in law is a liar. To this charge, Kokila ends all arguments and asks him to stop supplying milk. At the end of it all ; the neighbourhood ladies too asks Ramlal to stop the supply. Ramlal leaves, not before saying that Kokila is being unfair and taking the wrong step.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Gopi is suspicious, but goes about her work. Accidently she finds the spilled milk in the garbage can / bin. Also she finds the clothe stinking of milk. The clothe used by Raashi to stain out the spilt milk. With these facts Gopi reasons out the truth regarding the milk being watery.

When Raashi comes back in to the kitchen, she sees Gopi wiping the floor, later, Raashi asks Gopi what is she doing. Gopi says that Raashi knows what exactly has taken place and asks Raashi to own up to Kokila. But Raashi refuses to do so, also Raashi says Gopi has not got any proof to show Raashi in the wrong.

Outside Kokila is speaking in raised voice, The duo go out to find that Ramlal had brought few of his supporters and he is trying sort things out with Kokila, also to impress upon Kokila the supplied milk was good. But to no avail. Kokila does not buckle, even in the face of threat of boycott. Ramalal leaves. Gopi is silent and Raashi walks off.

Raashi is sleeping in the bed and talking to Urmilaa on the Cellular phone. In the end Raashi dozes off with Urmilaa holding onto the blank line.

Raashi wakes up to the sound of moos – of the cow. She jumps to the conclusion that her mother Urmilaa had come over and making noise of the cow to attract her attention.

Raashi walks over to the window to see Gopi feeding a cow. Raashi goes down and finds out that Gopi had bought the cow from Urmilaa’s nearby place. Kokila asks Gopi if she is fine with milking the cow. Gopi says yes. Meanwhile Raashi says under her breathe that she is aware of Gopi’s intentions and will never reveal the truth. Gopi smiles away.

Baa is also present.

Gopi tries to touch the cow, but the cow makes aggressive moves, likewise Kokila tries; but with the same result. Raashi gets a calm response and Kokila says that Cow is friendly to Raashi and likes her.

At the end of it all Raashi is asked to milk the cow and with no other go Raashi is stuck with the job.

Baa and Kokila leave with Gopi telling Raashi if any help is needed ; She, Gopi, is always around to help her happily.

Update Credit to: Manzz

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