Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila and Urmila tie Premila to a chair and ask Mansi to tell where Gopi is if she wants her mom back. Mansi says Gopi is in Savita Devi Mental Assylum. Kokila calls assylum and asks if Gopi Modi is admitted. Receptionist says no. Kokila says Gopi Raheja. Receptionist says she is admitted in the morning. Kokila cries that she gave her daughter to butchers.

Jaggi breaks things in market trying to catch cock. His friends laugh that Jaggi lost 500 rs in gambling and now will lose another 500 rs if he does not catch cock, his mom will make him cock today. They ask Jaggi to catch cock in 10 min, else give 500 rs. He catches cock and boast about himself. He returns his friend’s debt. Shop keepers yell he broke items worth 5000 rs, who will pay. He says why should he. Urvashi comes and twists his ears. Shopkeeper says her son broke 5000 rs worth items. Urvashi scolds Jaggi and leaaves angrily.

Kokil and Urmila ask receptionist to let them meet Gopi. Receptionist says nobody can meet Gopi without her husband’s permission. Kokila says she is Gopi’s mother. Urmila says they cannot stop Gopi’s relatives to meet her. Nurse says nobody can meet Gopi and asks them to leave. They both walk out, peep into Gopi’s room, and cry seeing Gopi’s condition. Kokila says she trusted Krishna like a son, but he betrayed her. Gopi reminisces looking at Ahem’s look-alike and thinks this cannot be.

Mansi calls Krishna and informs him that Kokila is adamant to get Gopi out of mental assylum, he should do something. Kokila and Urmila enter mental assylum in nurse’s attire and try to take Gopi out on wheelchair. Krishna comes and stops them and says Gopi is not cured yet. Kokila says she did not think he is such a criminal. He says she gave her daughter to the same criminal. Gopi says she will divorce him. Premila and Mansi come and says divorce needs both couple’s signature and Krishna will not give divorce.

Precap: Kokila asks Urvashi that she needs something. Urvashi says she did not keep any relationship that she can ask help, what she needs. Kokila says she needs Jaggi for some days and she will give whatever she asks in return.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I have been watching Sathiya for some time now, but now I am finding it really disturbing that it is getting from bad to worse. Finally you think that one bad episode is finished and will see some light at the end of the tunnel then another bad thing happens. Why can’t you have some happiness in the serial, especially when there is so much badness in the world. I hope there will be some happy moments in the Modi family.

    1. gopi ahem modi

      Jyoti ji kanhaji pe vishwas rakhiye jaldi hi sab thik ho jayga

  2. Shakaib

    I think ahem will act to pretend like jaggi andin meanwhile it will shown of mansi and dr.k killing jaggi.
    Thanks to authors to bring ahem back.
    I want to see ahem and gopi coming together again as soon as possible.
    I want to say to people who don’t like sns and please don’t comment then. We love saath nibhana saathiya most. So please don’t say bad for sns. Please.
    Thanks again to all sns creators to bring haem back.thanks a lot. And guys who love sns and kasam read my kasamto complete promise of sns. Thanks to all.

    1. you are right shakib and savvy you don’t worry yaar ,gopi ahem modi keep it up .good the way i missed the episode

  3. Cool. Good thing Krishna did not divorce Gopi. Best serial.

    1. gopi ahem modi

      Mera pati mera devta h

  4. Shakaib

    Andi think urvashi will demand for parag .

    1. gopi ahem modi

      Kya mere sasurji aur maaji ke bich talaq hoga?

  5. Mind blowing episode. Finally Gopi got rescued by Kokila and Urmilla. Happy to have Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) back on the show…

    1. gopi ahem modi

      Ha ab maaji sab sambhal lengi dekhna

  6. gopi ahen modi

    Meri maaji aa gyi hey ab wo mujhe baharnl nikal kar hi dum lengi

  7. gopi ahem modi

    Meri maaji aa gyi ab wo mujhe nikal kar hi dum lengi aur mere sath bura karne walo ko dande se pitegi

  8. Well said shakaib ??. Finally ahem is back on the show . By the way Gopi ahem Modi hw r u commenting here u r in hospital even ur hands are tied . If u have mobile why cant u call kokila?

    1. ROFL!!! They don’t call you boss for a reason lol.

  9. Good dr k looked like a drunk man

    1. gopi ahem modi

      Aisa mat kaho abhi wo mere pati h

  10. Maybe Gopi can write in Engilsh so I can understand . 🙁

    1. gopi ahem modi

      I will try savvy

  11. Nice episode

  12. good one boss

  13. Ann simona gomez

    Hi all…
    I feel too bad for gopi.. Y does she have to suffer so much. That Dr.Krishna,, mandi and premila has yo b punished well.. Somebody has to teach them a lesson.. V r waiting to c gopi n eham back together….

    1. gopi ahem modi

      Nahi main to Krishna ke sath hi rahungi krishna ahemji se jyada smart hai aur doctor bhi hai nahi jana mujhe ahemji k pass nahi nahi nahi

  14. they will bring back twin sister of radha gaura dr and who is remaining .soon they will introduce gopi sister who will come back to take revenge

    1. gopi ahem modi

      Meri bahan bhi h? ????? mujhe us se milna hai

  15. This serial is crazy it needs to
    Mental assignments

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