Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera hsets jealous seeing Vidya’s engagement dress and jewelry and wears it. Gopi asks Rashi to tell what she saw in Gaura’s room. Gaura peeps from behind and warns her to keep her mouth shut. Rashi keeps quiet. Gopi asks if she will hide things from mom now. Gaura enters calling her chatanki and drags her holding her hands. Gopi asks where is she taking Gopi. Gaura asks her also to follow her and takes whole family to Meera’s room and shows her wearing Vidya’s engagement dress ad jewelry. Meera grins seeing them all.

Gaura says Meera that she burnt chunri/veil other day, but today she will tell in front of everyone that she is unfit for this chunri and she should stop dreaming of becoming her bahu, only Vidya is her bahu. Meera shouts just shutup

and says she wore to show that she can also look beautiful in Indian clothes. Shravan asks her to behave with baaji. Meera says she will not. Kokila asks her to behave with elders. Meera says she always shared clothes with Vidya and it is not a big deal. Gaura says she knows she is jealous of Vidya and eyeing on Shravan. Meera says she is not interested in her grandson. Gaura says she went to restaurant during Vidya and Shravan’s date and tried to break their alliance. Vidya will not wear this dress and jewelry now and she will get more costly dress and jewelry for Vidya now. Once she leaves, Meera shouts at family that nobody supported her and dared to confront Gaura.

Gopi tells Gaura that she should not have scolded Meera like this being an elder and says Meera and Vidya love each other and Meera is never jealous of Vidya. Sisters usually wear each other’s clothes. Gaura calls her chatanki again and asks to shut up. Kokila also asks her to shut up as Meera did a mistake. Gopi says it is a small mistake. Gaura says mistake is a mistake and asks her to explain her daughter. Gopi apologizes on Meera’s behalf and asks her to forgive Meera. She says never, walks a few steps and smirks thinking everyone’s attention is away from Rashi now. Kokila tells Gaura is her childhood friend and she does not want anyone misbehave with her.

Gopi goes back to Meera’s room. Meera says she did not mean to hurt Vidya or anyone.

Tolu/molu try to cheer up Rashi. Gaura enters and sends them to Shravan’s room and starts frightening Rashi.

Meera continues buttering Gopi that she always took care of her, though she misbehaved with her and says she cannot think of harming Vidya. She asks her to stop engagement as Shravan is unfit for Vidya.

Precap: Kokila asks Gaura if she will not tie rakhi to her brother Karunesh. Gaura gets tensed and says no as he is in jamnagar. Kokila says Jamnagar is very near to Rajkot and she will call Karunesh. Gaura says no.

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  1. Melodrama!! God!

  2. Meera is such a terrific actresses.

    1. Really pisssing me off this meera is ?

  3. Too boring epi

  4. I want to no wat dat ugly vamp gaura is hiding n y she don’t want to call her brother


      1. I’m so exited to know futher story,
        vidya u look so much beauiful & pritty

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