Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode Starts with Kokila saying that getting back Meera safe is of primary importance ; Goal is to get back Meera and that is unwavering. And getting Dharam or finding and getting him to court is very important and need of the hour, to prove Meera innocent, says Kokila. Much more is said by Kokila. And mostly endorsed by Gopi.

Then Kokila and Gopi in an analytical way discuss that so far they – Modis – thought from their perspective but now they would have to approach differently and think as Gaura would ; So Kokila and Gopi discuss that Gaura and Dharam cannot be far away from each other, conclude that Dharam is nearer to Gaura, wherever Gaura would be, so would Dharam be, nearby. Hetal does not make head or tail of Kokila – Gopi talk ; says so ; and Kokila and Gopi explain everything to Hetal.

In between ; at Gaura’s home, few armed men enter her home, apparently called by her. Later, Shravan, Durga and Naya are advised to shift to farm house ; inner voice of Gaura says, she can shift Dharam out of the house. Shravan refuses and then Durga is asked to stay back while Shravan and Naya leave the house to a farm house.

Meera is hopeful of Dharam’s arrival and express her desire to be decked up as a bride. The two lady officials, talk amongst themselves that Meera could not be a killer because she loves her husband.

Modi Home :- the Modis are dressed in black, anoint each one of themselves ; weird get up ; take a vow, do some weird rituals ; Baa give some piece of her thoughts, to come back victorious, with Meera. Else not to step inside the Modi Home ; Kokila takes a vow in the name of Lord Sri Krishna ; Baa says if they have a Criteria / Objective so does the other person or God, but they would have to come back victorious.

Later, on the way Hetal feels sweaty and develops cold feet or is scared. Others lift Hetal’s spirits. ! !


The Episode Ends On Gopi’s Pensive Face ! ! !

Preview :- The Modi Impromptu War Brigade fight with Gaura’s Goons ; In the ensuing fight, Kokila Is confronted by a strongman of Gaura ; Out of the blue Ahem appears on the scene and fights with all of the Goons, leaving the Modi Clan looking in disbelief ! !

Update Credit to: Manzz

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  1. LOL nice written episode love it- it is so funny.

  2. This is getting boring but the episode was good?

  3. Very very funny. Just hope it ends soon. Meanwhile, is this serial ever going to end * wondering*

  4. shut up ayoola if u don,t like the serial nobody forcing you to watch it but don,t say it should end and by the yrkkh is more boring and long running why don,t lt end yhm don,t have any story copying balh why don,t those show end so saathiya is best ok.

    1. Oh pls amirul if u don’t Lyk yrkkh it doesn’t mean you can insult it here no offensce but it’s my best series and I love it more than dis stupid show everytiime it has to be gopi ko kill gopi urggh I will just turn mad watching it

      1. True…there is no point of comparison between and and yrkkh..yrkkh is the best show of star plus ever, this and always encourage cruel people, evil people always win, no question of unity between family, backbiting on one another, making plans to kick family members out of home, trying to kill people always, n that shameless meera n dharams relationship, elder sister getting status of mother in-law, omg…intolerable, I love yrkkh for is always be the best show to me..

    2. Don’t you dare insult yhm

  5. nice episode

  6. Hey amirul.dude have u lost it? I totally agree with ayoola.. Such a dumb serial.. Lol.
    How cud they evn think of showing dharam and meera together who is of his son’s age.. Crap

    1. Yh yeh hai mohabattein is better- I love that show now.

  7. By watching dis serial ,definetly one day we become mad ,i hate dis serial …..

  8. Ya meera is doing wrong yar its not co4ect thing tha she loves dharam aa he os not yet diversed this is stupid thing yar this relation is not correct

  9. In the serials negative charactors get easy money from no where and goons are at their disposal at call.

  10. After gaura is arrested then what is the new chapter??

    1. I cant wait to see what is the new chapter. I wish it is exciting.

    2. When radha track was going on, it was so annoying because it kept going on for 2 years. Finally Gaura’s chapter is over as well! I hope she does not come back for revenge!

  11. East or best dheera best

  12. I actually enjoyed the Radha track even tho she was ugly and annoying when she wanted to marry her sister’s husband ?????? but honestly speaking Saathiya should have ended when after Rashi died cos its been going now like forever ???

    1. Radha was so ugly omg LOL even Hetal called her ugly once- Pari called her ugly once when Radha was applying oil to her hair. Yh I miss radha she has been the best vamp so far in SNS.

    2. Should of ended with Radha tbh. How can you top Gopi’s evil sister? Gopi is pure and good. Radha was evil. They should of ended it there and then because that story was interesting- a concept of a evil sister.
      Madhu is also dead now as well. How can you do more than a evil sister- That’s why story has gone boring now because they have used up all the interesting stories-
      we’ve had too many vamps and there is no story anymore.

      1. Gopi saving Rashi junior and killing Radha would of been a good ending.

      2. Actually u r right bcoz most of the shows had kill their main characters…but saathiya is the only show were vamp has been by main lead…its a good turn

  13. Actually the woman that plays Gaura is a really good actress, she has so many different emotions on her face and voice. if u ask me she is better than kokila. Kokila always looks the same. just like giving orders. lo. I did not know Gaura will come to an end. so sad, but I guess her time is up. Only the women are strong in this serial, men are like girls. all of the men are useless,,, lol

    1. She has been in previous shows that’s why she is a really good actress but she’s been on sns for really long now either she goes to jail or becomes positive

      Oh yh Naiya track is left now!

    2. Jigar cried like a girl gopi shouts at him to man up LOOOL

  14. Love u saathiya….where is today’s episode waiting very eagerly

    1. That is what I am wondering. I want to know what happens today

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