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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Durga pleads Meera not to inform Gaura that she told truth against her. Meera gets adamant. Durga holds her feet. Meera says she is trying to create misunderstanding between her and baaji due to jealousy and leaves pushing her hands. Durga cries. Gaura watches evreything from balcony.

Urmila tells Kinjal that she is happy that Madhuben is going to stay with them. Kinjal asks if she forgot how Madhuben used to torture her and used to treat her like a servant. Urmila reminisces Madhuben forcing her to clean kitchen items. Kinjal frightens her that now in season 2, Madhuben will torture her more. Dhaval hears their conversation and asks her not to worry, Madhuben will not do anything. Urmila says she hopes so. Dhaval asks Kinjal what difference it makes if Madhuben stays here.

Kinjal says if guests come and stay here like this, they will be kicked out from here and will have to go back to dirty chawl. Dhaval says we have to go back to chawl some day. Kinjal says she will not go back to that dirty chawl. Urmila says even she will not go.

Gaura fumes that Durga used to shiver in her fear, but today dared to badmouth against her in front of Meera. She is following Vidya and trying to confront her, she has to stop this and break Vidya’s courage first. She hears Vidya speaking to krishna’s photo and telling she is not against anyone, she just wants to stand against injustice. She thinks Vidya is having blind faith on lord Krisha, now she will use her faith to destroy her.

Gopi keeps Madhuben and Sona (readymade sister’s) clothes in cupboard and asks Sona if she needs something to eat. Sona says she will take food from kitchen if she needs anything. Gopi says she can think this house as hers. Sona says she will. Tolu/molu bring blankets for them. Sona says she needs it as AC is high in this room. Madhuben thanks tolu/molu. Sona says she does not have to apologize anyone, especially mad woman Kokila. Gopi asks her to mind her tongue and not behave with anyone here. Molu says she should dare not badmouth about badi maa. Sona says Gop when she cannot hear bad about her saas, how can she hear bad about her mom. Her blood boils when she hears someone scolds her mother. Madhuben assures Gopi that Sona will not misbehave with anyone.

Kokila reminisces Ahem and Gopi bringing Madhuben home. Madhuben brings halwa for her. Kokila says she liked her halwa long ago but not now. Madhuben says she wants to spend quality time with her daughter and grandchildren. Kokila says can stay here but not expect any favor from her, she is allowing her here because of Gopi as she cannot deny her request. She should never try to do anything that she should kick her out, she does not want her harming any of her family members. Madhuben leaves crying. Kokila prays god to protect her family from Madhuben.

Baa asks Kokila if she spoke to Vidya. Kokila says she spoke, but Vidya heard tensed. She wanted to perform navratri pooja with her grandchildren, but both of them are married in a wrong house. Baa asks her not to worry, mata rani will help them. Kokila says we will start aarti now. They hear someone performing aarti and go out to check and are shocked to see Madhuben and Sona performing pooja. Urmila asks what is she doing. Madhuben says she was waiting for them and snatches prasad from Gopi. Kokila says we perform pooja with whole family, then how can she perform pooja alone. Madhuben says she wakes up around 4 a.m. daily and performs pooja as her rule. Kokila says her family’s rule is they perform pooja together even after waking up different times. Urmila says Kokila is right, some wake up around 5, some at 6, some at 7 a.m., so they perform morning aarti at 7 a.m. Kokila says she decided that she performs aarti with Gopi, Baa and Hetal and today Madhuben performed aarti alone. Sona shouts that Kokila that her mother did not do any sin and says she will break Kokila’s head. Madhuben tries to calm her and apologizes Kokila. Sona shouts that she should not apologize anyone here, especially this mad old woman Kokila. Madhuben asks her to shut up and says she will blow off lamp, Kokila can light it again and perform her pooja.

Precap: Madhuben holds Kokila’s hand and repeatedly says when they are staying together, they should forgive each other. Kokila says she heard her and asks her to free her hand. Madhuben purposefully slips and falls from stairs. Gopi runs towards her.

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  1. What a performance by Gopi and Kokila. All those people who commented that these is the worst serial, should stop watching it. All u do is come here and put your pathetic opinions. And then you change your name and come back again to read the updates and comment again.

  2. i like rashi n urmila tacts. it was interesting. urmila m kinjal should play pivot role again n disclose truth of madhubai before modi family to continue their significance in this serial

  3. one of the most pathetic serial on indian tv.rate 2 out of 10.

  4. wow..nice episode…..

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