Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Modi kids gets afraid seeing a burq-clad woman. Woman removes veil from her face and they get happy seeing she is Urmila. Kids say she should not have come here. she says she knows, but she wanted to meet them before leaving the city and says she get lots of toys for them. she asks them to take care of themselves, asks Meera to take care of them, then says she herself is afraid or Radha, then asks Vidya to take care of her siblings. Radha comes there and sees burqa-clad lady with kids. Urmila runs from there and gets into auto. Radha asks whom they were talking to. They say if she pesters them, they will complain about her to Kokila.

Radha is shocked to see Urmila in auto who is arguing with auto driver to reduce fair. Auto driver asks her to hire another auto. She hires

another auto and leaves for airport. Radha steals someone’s bicycle and starts following Urmila’s auto (LOL… good joke following speedy auto with bicycle) and sees her entering airport. She comes back home and is irked that Modi’s fooled her and thinks of teaching them a lesson now.

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Kinjal calls Urmila and gets worried that she is not picking her call.

Kokila sees magazine on floor and tries to pick it up. Radha puts magazine back on floor. Kokila asks why she is misbehaving. Radha says her child is kicking from inside, so she pushed her hand. Kokila says 3 month’s baby will not kick. Hetal comes and asks if she wants to go to jail. Radha says she knows they don’t want their grandson to be born in jail. Pari comes and takes Kokila’s side. Kokila scolds her and says she has not yet forgiven her. Hetal consoles Pari and says soon Kokila will accept her and not to lose hope.

Kokila comes to Jigar’s room, sees him busy on laptop and rests her head on his shoulder. He pushes her and asks if she has gone mad. She says she is tired and her child also wants to rest on papa’s shoulder. Jigar asks her to get out of house. Pari comes andsays she will call police. Radha asks her to call whoever she wants. Jigar shouts at both of them and asks them to get out of house.

Pari comes to temple and in leiu of doing pooja starts complaining god that Modis are hating her and says if Modi’s see her praying, they will get impressed. She starts pooja and requests god to help her. Radha sees that and thinks of ruining her plan. Once Pari leaves, she pours ghee on temple floor and burns it. Whole family get panicked seeing fire and set it off. Kokila asks how did fire catch off. Pari says she left aarti thali on floor. Kokila scolds her for being careless and says she cannot change and it is waste to expect anything from her. Hetal says it may be a mistake. Kokila says she makes mistakes repeatedly. Radha thinks today Pari will be kicked out of house. Kokila says Pari that Baa and Bapuji established this temple and for us, it is everything. Pari starts firing back and asks her to shut up. Hetal asks Pari to calm down. Pari says even she is a human and cannot tolerate Kokila’s allegations and says she did not make any mistake today, she burnt thali where everyone does and she does not know how fire catch off. Kokila asks her to shut up and starts her drama again.

Precap: Kokila alleges Gopi that she broke family’s unity and Jigar left house because of her, says she her relationship with her from today.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Kokila rests on jigars shoulder?
    It is radha
    Updater should recheck before posting

    1. u r right


  3. what a nonsense z going on……..a pregnant lady riding bicycle nd wd full of speed ..really funny… after jia manek aka gopi leaves d shw … the soul was d shw z rucha aka rashi… nd the kid nd thier mischief …..but aftr death of rashi nthng left in shw……they shud take a leep nd call back jia nd rucha as vidhya nd meera
    ….it may be a gud decision nd shw cn cm back on its intial position. ….when jia used to act

    1. whats wrong eith gopi she is getting anoyying

      oh i hate pari oh i like pari

  4. boring yaar finish the serial soon

  5. Amazing serial. Radha looked so funny when she was riding the bicycle. Best serial. Good job writer.

  6. This serial is sooo boring.. tired of koki n her ranting like a lunatic. Please end this show ..i dont watch but read updates so thank you to MA

  7. Lookeshwari, be quite

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