Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sona’s children call her jhansi ki rani and she scolds them not to call jhansi ki rani. Mother and children nok jhok starts. Dr. Krishna comes to check Kokila and Kokila expresses her concern for Gopi’s condition and says Gopi has lost hope in life and she wants her to be back to normal. Man promises that he will give a new life to Gopi.

Sona and her children’s nok jhok continues. She interferes between Jigar and Tolu and sorts their fight.

Dr. Krishna continues assuring Kokila that Gopi will be back to normal soon. Monica comes and asks doc if his treatment is done, can she take Kokila with her. Kokila walks with Mona to Pari’s room. Pari starts crying that because of Kokila and continues yelling. Monica yells that because of Kokila, momji is crying always. Pari says she is getting money food and treatment, everything, then why she is interfering in everything.

Dr. Krishna enters and to lighten the moment asks Pari her yoga teacher’s number. Pari asks why he needs it. He says one of her patient has put on weight and he has given her example how fit she is, so patient also wants to hire her yoga teacher. Pari smiles and asks to stop buttering her and gives number.

Kokila enters Gopi’s room and sees earphone and music player in her ears and asks who played this prank. Dr. Krishna enters behind her and says he did it as he feels Gopi’s condition will get better with music. Kokila says his therapy will not work. Dr. Krishna continues taking care of Gopi and Kokila continues worrying for Gopi.

Precap: Dr. Krishna braids Gopi’s hair and applies kajal into her eyes and says Kokila that he does it for special patient.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Happiness personified

    Plz stop naming him as man/doctor call him Dr. Krishna or Krishna

  2. I wanted Meera and Vidya to appear in the episode. I waited for nothing today!

  3. Who is this mona

    1. Its monica

    2. ya it is monica molu’s wife

    3. It’s pairdhi s daughter

      1. Daughter in law

  4. Kids called sona…Tsunami not Jhansi ki rani???????

  5. jigars mom,dad n kokila’s husband all are dead???….jus 4years leap n so much changes!!!!….now waiting to see suryavansi family members!!…specially #Dheera

    1. I hope Meera and Vidya are not negative. Why aren’t they looking after Gopi and Kokila? Did you see how that Monika dragged Kokila?

  6. Ise playboy batana zaruri he kya
    Usne glti se ahem ka accident kiya
    Gopi normal hone ke baad use badle lene ke liye shaadi kregi

  7. Urmilla was looking old like she if 100 years….sad i miss her hairstyle…..but where is Meera…vidya…shravan…dharam….

    1. Yh. I wonder what happened to Naiya?

  8. When Gopi left during the first leap, Rashi was never evil. This shows Rashi will always be better than Paridhi.

  9. This serial only giving us sadness.
    Loves this serial but not enjoying it .

  10. True na??????????

    1. Happiness personified

      No nisha have patience good times come

  11. I want it to go off air.

  12. Where is Mota bhabi, chirag, parag, baa and all

  13. Arey yeh kya hogaya mera gopi behen ko..?pehle mera pappu phir may ab meri pyaari kinjal ji ????kaha ghayab ho gaya koi tho hume bhi dekho..ab humko population list say bahar kar diya kya..Jigar bhai tum kyu ithna kadoos ho gaya i can’t see u this way tum pehle hi bestum best hai ab tum rude hogaya kyuuu….aur ab may tho grand pa bangaya hai?

  14. Arey yeh kya hogaya mera gopi behen ko..?pehle mera pappu phir may ab meri pyaari kinjal ji ????kaha ghayab ho gaya koi tho hume bhi dekho..ab humko population list say bahar kar diya kya..Jigar bhai tum kyu ithna kadoos ho gaya i can’t see u this way tum pehle hi bestum best hai ab tum rude hogaya kyuuu….aur ab may tho grand pa bangaya hai? meri vidya aur meera kaha hai Ahem bhai rest in AC o kya hai ki tum tho ab modi parivaar say door chali gaya ..iska matlab tum tho peace may hi hoga..garmi jyada hai na isliye rest in AC

  15. Where is Dharam… my only reason to watch this show? bring him back.

    1. S. Me too watching this show only for dheera
      But where r they

    2. All suryavansi family members will be shown tomorrow or day after tomorrow…me too waiting to see Dheera!!!

  16. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    guys can anyone knows about tolu why did he seperated from his family?he loves paridhi very much then why he left his mom?did he hate paridi ?

  17. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    iam the new one to this site but daily iam reading your comments .realy i can’t understand tolu always respected his parents then why he shouted on jigar?

    1. Happiness personified

      Bhavya pari hates Sona so Tolu n family left modi bhawan as pari kicked Sona out . Also she brought Monika who is a high class girl as molu s wife to make Sona jealous

      1. Happiness personified


    2. It’s because jigar has changed and is like ahem but much more worse and I never thought that was possible.

  18. Well,’ the characters named by Baa ,hetal ,meera,vidya,srava n,dharam,naya, etc are vanished?

    Monica is not good. She is well educated but she does not know how to behave to the elders . So sona is better.

    Both the children are nice.ABSOLUTELY

    1. Actually monica is not good….she is a vamp bahu

  19. If Meera and Vidya have moved abroad or something and left the show I’m going to stop watching this show

    1. No, they will be shown in upcoming episodes

  20. Please explain what happen in saathiya where is little rashi did she died or what happen to her

  21. What have they done to Jigar? ????????????????????

  22. Who is mona n i think if gopi sees meera n vidya she will be good

    1. I think that Monica and sona are sisters. I think Monica is such a show off

  23. I think dr krishna is ahem coz he is do much attached to be comfirmd later.

    1. Its impossible bcoz ahem dead body is shown with his face….i have a doubt that dr.Krishna had accidentaly hit ahem’s car….it will be revealed later….

  24. Who the hell is this paridhi to tell that kokila will stay modi house or not…..did she forgot that kokila and gopi had accepted paridhi else she would be shown in the house….such a selfish….i am shocked that within 4 years everything changed so badly……but were is meera n vidya

    1. Not shown actually

    2. Metre and Vidya are living in their in laws house

  25. What of jigar’s father and mother? What of meera, vidya, Dharam, shravan and naira?

  26. I thought naiya would be molu pair and this Monica is also good as villan and she is looking like a dog in that saree

    1. Me too. Since it’s a new track during these 4 years what happened to everybody

  27. Please bring everyone back again

  28. This show is becoming boring

  29. Why did tolu and sona leave the house? Where is shravan and vidya and dheera and everyone else

  30. Poor Gopi! Always in sad times…no happy moments or even little peace for her…frst she faced cruelty frm rashi and urmila and rashi,, then torture and insults frm kokila and ahem,, then aftr radha’s entry, she lost meera and her family,, then after getting back evryone she lost rashi,, then under circumstances she killed radha and went to jail,, then again hatred frm ahem and meera,, then again many misunderstandings btwn her and ahem…thr was only few happier moments for her…it would have been better if she didnt marry ahem and still been an illiterate woman staying wit her urmila maami’s house as a servant she wud be at peace in her own world…i know dat we woudnt hav got this saathiya story after gopi and ahem’s marriage….just thought and said in gopi’s point of view…..

  31. And now after ahem’s death gopi lost herself…its only because of kokila,, gopi lost all her happiness since her marriage wit ahem…

  32. plz gopi ji jaldi thik ho jao

  33. Saathiya is going well…new track is interesting..

  34. GALATH ,…

  35. oh how can it explain kajal.? Just leave it .that will be best
    Iam crying for approx 6 years because of SNS still i love the serial but not enjoying it recently .

    it is paradox na??????????

  36. Is sona pregnant again??..dat Monica is such a cruel one..kokila is now of negligible value n evry1 jst insults her..I had seen dat meera will become a cruel mom in law for vidya..tolu n molu will b giving angry glares to each other..all n all evry1 hates each other..all dis was shown in news..

  37. i am so sad about gopi she helped everyone in their hard times and now when she needs their help everyone behaves rudely to them i didn’t understand one thing in the show and that is after ahem’s death paridhi and jigar behave rudely to kokila and insults her and even they don’t see gopi whether she is fine or not before i was crying by seeing gopi in the bathtub but then i was happy seeing dr.krishna helped gopi i think he is ahem bcz when kokila was saying to kana jee to help gopi then it was shown that kana jee brought dr.krishna for gopi’s help. yarrr plzz gopi ko theek kar do mujhse uski yeh halat dekhi nahin jati actually i am a big fan of her so whenever i see her in difficulty and crying i start crying i cant see her in any kind of difficulty i want her to be happy always.

  38. Meera to turn negative again towards Vidya

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