Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera pushes Gopi and she slips and falls down from the building on car, breaking glass. She gets severely injured and falls unconscious. Ahem is shocked to see that. He picks Gopi and pleads cars to stop, but no one stops. Jigar reaches there with Pari and they are shocked to see injured Gopi in a pool of blood. Ahem sits in their car and rushes to hospital. Vidya shouts at Meera that she pushed mom. Meera says she did not do it purposefully.

Kokila serves food to Dhaval and Urmila and says she will have food later with Gopi. Rashi asks where is mamma as she is not getting sleep. Kokila says even she is waiting for Gopi, calls her and Ahem, but their phone are unanswered.

Ahem rushes Gopi to hospital. Doc says he has to do her CT scan, MRI, etc. Ahem holds Gopi’s

hand and says he willn not leave it. Vidya consoles her and lets doc take Gopi in. Doc comes out and says her condition is very critical, so needs surgery. Ahem panics. Doc says he cannot give her guarantee though. Dhaval calls Vidya and asks where is Gopi. She says she is fine and is talking to Meera. She then tells Ahem that Kokila cannot tolerate seeing Gopi in this condition, so she told lie to Dhaval that Gopi is fine.

Mansi calls Meera, but is not reachable. Meera calls her next and asks her to come out of chawl. Mansi runs and asks what happened. Meera says Gopi came to club and slapped her friend, so in a fit of rage she pushed her, and due to wet floor, gopi slipped and fell from building. Mansi is shocked. Urmila who is present there is shocked to hear that. She beats them both with stick and they run from chawl. She murmurs that she has to inform Kokila about this. Jigar comes there and requests her not to tell Kokila, else she will fall ill. Kokila comes and asks what are they talking. Urmila says she saw a bad dream about Gopi. Kokila says she is worried about Gopi as she is not picking call. Jigar says not to worry as Pari spoke to her some time back.

Ahem standing outside OT looks at Gopi’s protection thread and thinks he always insulted gopi and risked her life, but he loves her a lot and cannot live without her.

Precap: During surgery, power goes off. Peon says even generator is not working and may need 3-4 hours. Vidya asks him to get it repaired soon.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Liya

    Oh poor gopi.ahem is out of his sense nd showing concern 2 gopi but he was telling that he hates gopi.oh god,meera is really mad.

  2. Liya

    Khanikar is a flirt larasen.he comments bad abt girls.he used 2 cum with the name liya’s fan.

  3. kokila modi

    Meera! *slaps meera tightly* tumhari himmmat kese hui meri gopi bahu pr hath uthane ki, sharam ani chahye tumhe, apni sagi ma ko beizzat kia apne us laffangay dost k liye, ahem ye SB tumhari galti hai tumhri vja se hua h ye SB, meri gopi bahu ko kuch bhi hua na to sirf tum zimedaar ho sirf tum.

    • anju

      patientless is not even a word ; you mean impatient

      don’t try to write or speak english if you dont make sense

  4. kokila modi

    Jao ab mansi k pas, jao, sun rahey ho? Jao! Jao or ja kr kro apni adhuri sagai us k sath

  5. anju

    liya and larasen why are you having a conversation on a website where you are supposed to comment on the episode but instead you guys are just having a normal conversation


  6. Liya

    Anju,m not new hr.v used 2 do so nd ll do that.v can be frnds.if u dont need 2 chatt then ignore our comments.luk other sites too.

  7. Liya

    Dp means dont u see?m different frm others by a profile [email protected]

  8. Liya

    Hey larasen.dont be angry at kokila.v r a group of frnds.v takes the characters of this serial nd plays drama hr.

  9. Liya

    U can comment hr as larasen itself dr.many r there in our group who dont have characters to act…kokila aunty…i ll mail them.dunno they ll cum or not

  10. Liya

    R u new hr?u r my fan or some1 else named [email protected]’s fan.y u r liya’s fan?

    • kokila modi

      I want sum private place where v can chat, idhar bht dhundna prta h k reply kahan h

  11. Liya

    Then tell me who is seen in my pro [email protected] fan

  12. kokila modi

    Mai tumhari badtamizion ko bht brdaasht krchuki meera, BT agar tameez nh krni to nikal jao yahan se

  13. Liya

    K swthrt,luk u fooled me but i accepted ur frnd [email protected]

  14. Liya

    Ohho swthrt then why did u fool me as kokila?v r frnds then y u asked me can v be frnds.what 2 call this act otherthan fooling?

  15. DHAWAL


  16. DHAWAL


  17. Liya

    Sara r u real?u didnt know that v r frnds?haha what a joke.when u think me as ur frnd na then talk 2 me k.

  18. kokila modi

    Meera yahan tk k tumne unpe ye ilzam tk lagaya k gopi ne tmhe talaab me chor dia, ye usi radha k kartoot they jispe tmhe bht taras h

  19. Liya

    Oh k pranav.sorry fan…to be honest m to tell u my fan.i like frnds but it doesnt mean that any of my frnd make fun of my feelings.u can stay hr as my fan but if u turn out to be any of my frnds.i ll never talk 2 u.if u r new m sorry.if u r any of my frnd reveal it now.

  20. Liya

    Oh sorry kokila..i mean sara.i have a bestie hr named sara who often plays the role of meera nd sometimes kokila,mansi etc…when u told m sara i thought u fooled me.m really sorry sara.

  21. pranav

    Now the talk came to feelings i requested u liya fan please reveal ur identity bcoz hurting friend is not the part of friendship

  22. Liya

    I told u the reasons 4 misunderstanding.i believe,not only me if u were liya u would also have reacted like me.its up to u to accept or ignore my sorry.

  23. kokila modi

    Beech me Hosp ki light chali gai or generator wale ne kaha ek ghanta lagega Dr be kaha itna tym nh unki Jan ko or khatra hoga

  24. Liya

    What’s not [email protected]

  25. sunnyside

    I think now gopi will lose her memory…. Lol and all, Modi gang trying hard to get her self back… ROFL

    • Kaushal

      mujhe lagta hai ki gopi ko maar dega aur is show me the end ka sign board lag jayega.

  26. Liya

    But now v r [email protected]

  27. Liya

    Oh k pranav…wow hny..i was getting mad hr.i didnt get chance to be a part of the last [email protected]

  28. Liya

    [email protected]

  29. Liya

    What 2 tell by day ur bestie is scoring enemies nd fans tÃļo.haha m getting mad.

  30. pranav

    how much time will u take to became full [email protected]

  31. Liya

    R u a girl or [email protected]

  32. pranav

    If u choose truth we can ask anything from u and u should tell us truth.
    And if u choose dare we ask u to do some type of act and any other thing nd u have to do it

  33. Liya

    Is it u [email protected]

  34. pranav

    My most embrassing moment when i m in 12th standard my brother is superior than me and he used to show me low and i cannot do anything

  35. pranav

    Soory guys i have to go i have to study.
    Have a good time wid all of u thanks for that .good night guys

  36. Fyn lucky……….who is ur role model…….[email protected]…..anyways bye study study study……

  37. janu (john ka beta)

    yupieeeeeeeeeee orion u know very well i m ur dieheart fan singer orion ur song was superb but i dont like one line ” i m ur dirt””

  38. Liya

    Ok dr.abt liya of tu or real [email protected] nd u too tell me sth abt u.

  39. Liya

    Do u have [email protected] nd rammu

  40. kajol

    Hi evryone…
    today its sorry day… 26th may
    Here i ask sorry to everyone… jisko bhi bura laga ho meri baat ka usko sorry…

    Nd u… ro Q rhe ho mera name leke
    Mene kya kiya????

  41. kajol

    Kya h?? Pehle apna name batao

    Hmm hi vidiya gud tmhe hindi aati h
    Tell me smthng abt urslf

  42. kajol

    Am kajol frm Maharashtra…. me too in 12th
    so do u watch sns??

    Rotu r u der??
    Pehle thnx ab sorry kyahua yaar??
    Or tum sara ho kya

  43. kajol

    I think rotu u r confused…
    wht favour n sorry fr wht n thnx???
    Bina name me kaise kuch jawab du tmhe

  44. kajol

    Wht d hell
    do u think am mad to wait fr u lyk a mad.. tmhe kuch bolna nhi tha to mera tympass Q karwaya?? Really..
    a/w bye evryone
    gud night

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