Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells Meer and Vidya that she thought they would unite their parents, but they did not. Meera says she taught her in childhood that one pays for their sins in this world itsels, hence Gopi is paying for her sins.

Hetal and Pari come home from shopping and sees Ahem and Gopi’s big cutouts in whole house. They ask Meethi about it and she says she does not know anything. Hetal comes out of washroom, looks into mirror sees someone behind curtain and gets worried.

Mansi asks Ahem to explain Kokila and make her to allow their engagement. Vidya and Meera tell him to listen to his heart.

Tolu/molu look at cutouts and ask who did it. Pari asks if they did not. They say no. Pappu comes running tensely and tells Urmila is missing.

Kinjal takes stick and

checks behind curtain. Urmila comes out, wraps curtain on her and hits her with stick. Kinjal runs and Urmila follows.

Kokila tells Jigar and Gopi she will not let his engagement happen.

Hetal asks how can Urmila go missing. Urmila comes running behind Kinjal. Pappu asks Urmila what is she doing here. Urmila says Kinjal brought her here. Kinjal says she did not brings this mad woman. Urmila starts acting. Pappu takes her from there. Urmila thinks if Kokila brings Ahem back, she will go back to Modi bhavan, then she will not be able to take advantage of her.

Kinjal says she brought these cutouts. Hetal gets happy. Pari says he knew only she can do this and asks her to stop her drama. Kinjal says whenever she tries to do good, Pari yells at her. Hetal asks Pari to stop.

Vidya asks Ahem to do what his heart says and says Mansi mamma took care of us for 10 years, so she wants him to marry Mansi. Meera says Gopi did not look at them for 10 years and now suddenly came back.

Kokila asks Gopi not to agree to any of Ahem’s demands and say only she can upbringing her children well. Jigar says aunt is telling right. Kokila asks guests to leave as there is no engagement happening here. Ahem comes, asks them to stop and says he has decided he will get engaged to Mansi. Meera gets happy. He tells Kokila for the first time, he got an opportunity to take decision of his life, so he will get engaged to Mansi now and asks Mansi to give ring. She gives him ring. He takes ring in his hand and looks at Kokila and Gopi.

Kokila gets heart attack and falls on ground. Ahem gets afraid seeing this, calls her mom, throws ring on floor and rushes towards her. Mansi says she will call ambulance. He says ambulance will take time to come, so he will take her himself. He and Jigar carry her and take out. Whole guests follow them, leaving Mansi alone holding her ring and crying. Ahem and Jigar make Kokila sit in car. Gopi takes car keys. Meera says she will not let her drive. Gopi asks her not to argue and sit in backseat and drives car. Jigar gets taxi and takes Mansi with him to hospital. They all reach hospital and Kokila is taken to ICU. Doc comes out and says she got a mild heart attack. Everyone are shocked to hear that.

Precap: Gopi says Ahem since he left to set up his business, Kokila went to stay in chawl and he did not care checking how his mom is, so he is responsible for Kokila’s illness.

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  1. chicki

    The actress who is playing gopi should be replaced she lacks acting skills … and the clothes of the gopi and paridhi should be changed …paridhi looks older than kokila and ugly.. and please why is kokila shouting so loud everytime doesn’t she know how to talk ??

  2. Indi

    Why is Jigar taking Mansi to the hospital? She is not a part of the family. I agree Chicki, Gopi is wearing some terrible clothes. And, not only is Paridhi looking/dressing old, she never does anything! No housework, no duties of a wife, etc.

  3. Gsingh

    It is Gopi’s fault she didn’t let family members see her in jail. The sage did say about sacrifice. I hope to see Gopi reunite with Ahem.

  4. jelly

    Ahem/Jigar/Modi Pappas,in logon ki apni koi life/decisions/responsibilities nahi hai..bas jis disha ki aur Modi ladies (Kokila mata/Gopi mata/Radhe ma/Paridhi ji/Urmila ji etc.)mod denge,us disha chal padenge…Serial k itihaas mein pehli baar,Ahem apni zindagi apne decision se kuch ukhaadne wale the…lekin hua kya??Hua yeh,ki unke gale ki rassi dheere dheere,haule haule,phir ek baar,Modi ladies k hathon ki taraf jaa rahi hai.Aur humein mila thoda sanskar,thoda parivaar se bhari hui khichdi..

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