Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode Starts off with Baa and Hetal being happy with children playing around the house. They are also happy that children will stay back, not go to the residential school.

Urmilaa is in a bit of agitated mood and wonders where Raashi is and why Raashi’s Cellular phone is switched off. At this point Radha puts in her appearance.

Hereabouts, scenes keep switching back and forth ; from Modi Home to Shah Home.

Radha asks Urmilaa if Urmilaa is surprised to see her. That Radha came to talk to Urmilaa and cut a deal. Deal is that Urmilaa help Radha in getting Gopi out of Modi Home. Radha tells Urmilaa that nobody likes her but Urmilaa needs to think of the future wherein the cash inflow from Modi Home may stop if Kokila becomes the same old person,

that she was about eight years back.

Radha then puts a fear in Urmilaa that Radha would tell all to Kokila of the cash flowing out of Modi Cash treasure box. Of course Radha has no proof but One small hint to Kokila is enough. Funnily, Urmilaa has a flash of holding a begging bowl.

It is a done deal between the two women, Urmilaa and Radha. Radha arm twisted Urmilaa into the deal. Urmilaa also says to Radha that Raashi must not know.

Baa sees Gopi in pensive mood. Gopi tells Baa that everyone wants her to get the good old times back but she is facing an uphill task and does not know how to do it. Baa instills confidence in Gopi and says that Gopi’s hands have Midas Touch ; simply put, Magic. Then Baa says to win Ahem’s heart is through stomach. Baa also says she has solution to the kitchen problem. That Gopi cannot step inside the Modi Kitchen.

Later, children are playing, Radha is asked by Hetal as to where she was and before Radha could answer Meethi steps over with something.

Hereabouts ; Radha sees the red file and hides between clothes stealthily, away from children’s and Meethi’s eyes. Meethi was supposed to take away the clothes, but was called away.

In between Raashi is shown struggling inside the box, looked like a coffin.

Gopi arrives in Shah Home. Both Madhu and Kinjal happy to see her, express their happiness. Madhu and Gopi hug. Pratiek comes over with his say of Angel Miss . And is correct by Madhu that Gopi is his Aunt from Mother’s side as well as father’s side.

Gopi tells Madhu and Kinjal that she wants to cook food for Ahem over at Shah Kitchen because of problems at Modi Home and Kitchen.

Urmilaa overhears, mouth open in astonishment. She wants to play the spoilsport.

Gopi , Madhu and Kinjal, preparing food. Urmilaa offers to help, Madhu says that it is surprising that Urmilaa who hates kitchen work has come forward to help. Urmilaa puts a face and says that she cares for Gopi and would like to help. Finally Urmilaa ends up kneading the dough.

In between, Hetal and Kokila miss Raashi and wonder why she is late, say that Raashi is irresponsible. Also the twins miss their mother, wants to call her but something else diverts their attention.

Gopi arrive back in Modi Home with a huge Tiffin Carrier. She sees her clothes and takes those clothes too. So the file reaches the right person.

Gopi keeps her clothes in a bag, file is inside those clothes. Gopi searches for Baa, finally Baa comes to Gopi.

Baa asks Meethi – in the kitchen – to get the Tiffin Carrier from Gopi, who is just outside and serve the food in the Tiffin Carrier to Ahem, without anyone’s knowledge. Meethi agrees to do the secret mission. Radha comes in for drink of water, scaring the two.

Ahem comes in and asks Gopi to give green tea.

The Episode Ends On Surprised But Happy Face Of Gopi ! ! !

Precap:- Ahem eating the food prepared by Gopi – Unknown to Ahem that it is indeed prepared by Gopi. Ahem has a look of wonder or surprise. Baa asks how the food is ; And Gopi has smile.

Update Credit to:Manzz

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  2. get rid of radha such a nuisance and lets go back to the past and see how radha give away meera when will the story come out hope its asap or we have to see that stupid radha all the time

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