Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

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Gopi sadly tells Kokila that her own family is against her now. She continues crying. Kokila consoles her and says she has to become Arjun who was in a delimma how to fight with her own relatives. She should get Jigar and Pari back on track and reunite whole family.

Vidya prepares cake for Priyal’s birthday and thinks Priyal will like it. Meera sees cake and fumes reminiscing Naiya’s words that Vidya killed Meera’s child and wants to celebrate birthday of her daughter.

Kokila lights temple lamp and prays for her family and success for Gopi. Gopi gets ready to attend Priyal’s birthday birthday. Kokila asks if she will not take her blessings. Gopi touches her feet. Dr. Krishna comes and Kokila prays for Krisha and Gopi’s

jodi. Krishna asks if he can accompany Gopi. Gopi walks silently. Kokila says Krishna it is a green signal and asks to go. He walks behind Gopi.

Sona asks Urmila if she wants to have kashmiri pulao today and sees her in kashmiri attire with room decorated as Kashmiri boat. Jai/veeru run around wearing kashimiri girl’s attire. Sona asks Urmila why did she make her children veera and Jaya from veer/jai. Urmila says jai/veeru’s friends have gone on vacation, so she thought of vacating at home itself. Sona gives her apple and asks her to eat. Urmila bites and says it is fake apple. Sona says exactly, fake cannot be real, asks if she is not happy that they are all together and asks if she wished Priyal. Urmila says she wished in the morning itself and even this time Meera is not letting Vidya perform her birthday.

Vidya gets Priyal ready in birthday dress. Dharam says she is looking very pretty today. Priyal converses with her. They all are surprised to see house decorated with gifts kept on table. Vidya asks Shravan if he arranged this. He says no. Dharam says no. Vidya gives prasad to Priyal and she drops it. Gopi enters with Krishna and holds prasad and says she should not throw prasad. Vidya asks if she made this arrangement. Krishna says they came just now. Meera says she did all this arrangement. She hugs and wishes Priyal happy birthday and starts pampering her. Everyone are shocked seeing this.

Precap: Pari jealously looks at video of Gopi enjoying in Priyal’s birthday party and tells Monica that she will not let Gopi and Kokila live in peace.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. My episode analysis has still not published, I posted it when sns telecast got over on TV. This site should post our articles ASAP

  2. Is Meera playing a game again????
    yaa sachhi mein sudhar gyi hai?

    1. I think she’s playing a game. She can’t change easily. Naiya will brainwash her again.

    2. Cvs will drag it- Meera won’t change as long as Gopi has defeated Naiya.

  3. Radha should of killed Paridhi on that Ferris Wheel. At least we wouldn’t have to see her evil like this.

  4. Paridhi has always been a vamp and I wish Rashi could come back and kick Pari out. Pari has been the vamp ever since Rashi died.
    Pari brought Radha. Pari never stopped Ahem and Kokila from leaving. Pari came back and start troubling Sona. Now she’s taken over the Modis.
    Shes never been good and I don’t why Gopi and Kokila accepted her.

    1. They accepted her because of a misunderstanding(( which led them to destroy and to split the family )

  5. I can’t understand one thing. How can Vidya or Dharam support remarriage for 50 years old grandma but never think to get Naiya who is a victim of child marriage and quite young remarried, esp.Dharam

    1. U r right.. Even i thought the same.. If naiya was married then there would be no misunderstandings between meera n vidya..

  6. Tishlemplemple

    Bakwas serial

    1. Don’t say bakwaz serial bz it’s a good&good serial .you should know that

  7. you are bakwas tishlemp if u don,t like don,t watch it but don,t maje bad comment about saathiya

  8. Cause this is India

  9. i like pari and hate gopi pari is more beatiful than gopi continue pls trouble gopi

    1. It’s disgusting that you judge people by their beauty not by their hearts and character….it can be clearly understood by ur comment.

    2. “Varsh you should understand one thing that we have to use the knowledge & wisdom simultaneously .u use your wisdom then u can see beauty in every person…………….”

      Meaning of beauty doesn’t mean beauty but it’s some qualities .

  10. yes varsh i agree with reem u are giving advice to trouble gopi, but let me tell you one thing for 5 years pari already torture gopi now it,s pari,s turn to get tortute, not gopi,s.

  11. reem i totally agree with you one should not be judge by one’s beauty its one character that counts and how can people be so vain to say things like ‘pari is more beautiful than gopi’ utter rubbish beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder hun and amirul i totally agree with you its gopi turn now but as we know gopi will not torture any body she will try to bring them on the right track keep commenting guys but try to be positive where i came from there is a saying it goes like this ‘the expression a woman wears on her face is far more important than the clothes she wears on her back’ and its not right to assassinate one’s character know what i mean?

  12. yes reem amanda i agree with both of u now pari should get torture with mona bandhariya i wish gopi give them servant clothe.

    1. Ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      agree with you amirul

  13. hahaha amirul you naughty girl you want gopi to give pari and monica servant clothes? she should really do that it will make the serial more interesting and amirul what is the meaning of bandhariya? you see i dont understand hindi that much sorry

  14. amanda sona call monica bandhariya in the serial that,s mean lady monkey. but for me monica is a stupid old monkey she even look older than gopi lol.

  15. Garima Singh Rajput

    I think achcha hai yeh serial.. jaisa chal raha chalne do.. yeh Mere mom dad dekhte hai.. ab mujjko bhi pasand hai.. kabhi kabhi over ho jata hai but it’s ok story is awesome..


  16. Who are u to say gopi is not beautiful, varsh ?

  17. Yes meera is playing another game

  18. Yes issaq she cannot easily change

  19. Really Mona bandariya looks older than pari and Gopi

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