Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th June 2016 Analysis

The episode starts with Gopi saying that I don’t feel good when jigar calls me gopi and I have to call him Mr. Modi. She continues that even Pari has forgotten our relationship. Koki explains her that u have to fight like Arjun and collect all ur strength to unite the family once again. Gopi agrees.

Vidya is doing preparations for Priyal ‘s birthday. She says today priyal will get happy and continues decorating the cake. Meera comes and recalls Naiya ‘s word that because of Vidya we could not become mothers.

Koki asks lord Krishna to bless the child priyal and Gopi. Gopi says that I am going to meet workers and after that I will go to Meera and Vidya house. Koki asks Gopi to take blessings. Gopi touches koki ‘s. feet and is about to leave when Dr. Krishna comes and says that u must have Curd and Shakkar. Koki feeds it to Gopi. Gopi says that I might be late, I am going to Chowk side. Dr. Krishna says I am also going there, I can drop u. Gopi says no need, I will manage. But koki convinces Gopi and they finally leave. Koki says to herself that I will mend Gopi ‘s relationship with Lord Krishna and Dr. Krishna.

Dharam says that today my priyal is looking very nice. Priyal says this dress and the cake is made by my mumma. Sona comes to the room and sees Urmi and her kids dressed as Kashmiri people. She is shocked. Sona says it’s good that we are together then what is the need to do all this?She finally explains then dreams and realities are different. The kids are still in masti mode. Sona asks Urmi whether she wished priyal or not?Urmi says yes.,but I think because of Meera,Priyal ‘s birthday will not be celebrated. Sona says when will Mera change?

Suryavanshi family sees house decorated with balloons. Meera comes and says this type of preparations were not done in my birthday also. Vidya asks who did this? Both Dharam and Shravan says no. Priyal gets scared seeing Meera. Gopi comes and hugs priyal and wishes her a happy birthday and says that now I have come and u don’t need to get scared of anyone.Naiya says to herself that what is happening here?

Vidya asks Gopi whether she did the arrangements? Dr. Krishna says we came just now how can we?All are shocked when Meera says that she did the arrangements. She asks priyal not to get scared of her and we are friends now. The screen freezes on Gopi ‘s happy face.

Precap:Pari and Mona seen the video in which Gopi is enjoying Priyal ‘s birthday party. She says that I will create circumstances where Gopi will have to leave the house.

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  1. how can pari change a lot how can she forget her gopi behen who always support her

    1. My opinion is same as that of amirul

  2. because pari is selfish, she can,t never make the bond with gopi rashi have with gopi.

  3. Naiya is so selfish. She was never pregnat. If she wants to becomega a mum so badly then get remarried and pregnant.

    1. Oh is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

  4. why is vidya allowing herself to be intimidated, isn’t she a part of the family? she is educated so can’t she fend for herself? pari has been selfish so she doesn’t surprise me at all, I am only bothered about why jigar changed so much

  5. M&b ,’ vidya is a fool
    u know what she is not such strong – And soorua vanshi mansion is her own house too
    but she always want to be innocent and to being as moral lady that makes her more cheap in front of meera and she take the advantage of that .

  6. Grown up rashi will enter to help her gopimassi in her saadi business

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