Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A marwari veiled woman comes to Modi bahavan to sell steel utensils and insists Meethi to buy it. Kokila and Gopi come and ask what is happening. Meethi tells the problem. Gopi gives money and asks her to think that she bought her utensils. She keeps money in and tells she worn reverse blouse, if they permit, she will come in and correct it. Kokila asks Meethi to show store room to her. Meethi sends woman to store room and walks out.

Woman climbs pipe and reaches Meera’s room and holds her mouth from behind. Meera shouts. Woman removes veil and reveals that she is Sanskar instead. Meera asks why did he come after betraying her. He says he wanted to marry her, but her family stopped him and reminisces Kokila and whole family beating him and getting him arrested.


says she does not believe him. He says she has to and she can meet inspector who arrested him and ask him. Meera says her family cannot lie. He says she has to. She says she will asks family. He says he does not want to be beaten by them and asks her to either believe him or her family. He then goes back via window and Meera closes window. Vidya comes there and asks what is she doing at window. Meera gets tensed.

Kokila walks in the lawn with Meethi explaining her household chores when she sees woman/Sanskar still in store room and asks what is she doing. He says he did not know how to open door and thanks her for help. Kokila asks Meethi to drop woman till door. She sees her leaving utensils and asks her to pick and go. Sanskar acts a bit and leaves. Kokila thinks she was weird.

Kinjal opens her cupboard to get her sari and sees all saris torn, thinks rat must have torn them. Urmila comes with agarbathi and says she was giving agarbati smoke to cupboard but her sari came in between. Kinjal gets irked that she burnt her saris.

Pari comes to kitchen getting ready and asks Gopi if she can go out on a dinner date with Jigar. Gopi smiles and says she did not shy when she got married but is shying now and says it is good she is going on a dinner date with Jigar. Kokila says she can spend time with Jigar and sends her. She then tells Gopi it would be good Pari accepts Rashi soon.

Meera thinks how to know if Sanskar betrayed her or not and gets an idea. She starts crying in front of Vidya that Sanskar betrayed her and she does not have anywhere to go. Vidya thinks of telling her the truth.

Precap: Vidya finds 50 lakhs in Ahem’s account and asks if it is money which he took back from Sanskar. Ahem says it is his business money. Vidya shouts that he lied her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. nice name kallu<3 bu anu what abt u?

  2. Plz bring rashi back and meera is really a superb actor I just luv her she is my idol in case of beauty

  3. hhhh…… i’m girl?? cz no boy can be named adelyce.

    1. Yup…we r neighbour….im from TVM.

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  14. Boring serial. Saathiya shows only murders, first Umang murder next raashi. MUrder, next radha murder, for all these murders one and only reason is gopi, she killed Radha. And her lover killed raashi. Very soon paridhi also going to die because of over involvement of gopi in raashi’s issue. MAIN CULPRIT IN THE SHOW IS GOPI

  15. an average serial! still not much boring. its impatient to suffer meera .paridhi& urmila.

  16. paridhi is just showing nonsense with rashi.. she loves meera although being a disgusting
    fellow. still hate a loyal good girl like rashi.oh! she is cold blooded! she could even love here even after all rashi is jigar’s daughter!**

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