Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naiya carries gloves and bullets hurriedly thinking of hiding them before anyone sees it. Meera clashes with her and asks where is she going so hurriedly. Naiya gets nervous. Meera says she is going to prepare coffee, if she needs it. Naiya says no.

Urmila tells Kokila she cannot understand Premila’s weird behaves, sometimes she shows so much affection towards Gopi and sometimes she yells at her, she is sure Premila hates Gopi. Kokila asks her not to think much.

Meera sees gloves on floor and asks what is she up to. Naiya nervously says she bought them for gardening. Meera says she is not intelligent than she thinks and says these are cloth gloves, rubber gloves are used for gardening. Naiya says she will order different gloves then. Meera leaves. Naiya

picks bullets and gloves and thanks god that Meera did not see bullets.

Pari and Mona leave scorpion near Gopi and wait for it to bite her. Gopi is busy looking at laptop. Premila sees scorpion and tries to throw it away gets stunk by it and shouts in pain. Gopi sees scorpion and gets worried. Whole family gathers. Pari asks Mona to check on internet if a person dies after scorpion bite. Mona checks and says no.. Gopi calls Krishna and says scorpion bit mummyji and asks him to come home soon.

Naiya goes to store room and fills bullet in gun. Her driver boyfriend Prakash enters. Naiya says Meera and Vidya are big menace in her life and reminisces Dharam getting all weapons out out house. She says she will kill Vidya and put blame on Meera, both her problems will be solved. They both hugs and it gets recorded in CCTV camera.

Dr. Krishna comes home and treats Premila. Gopi asks him if she can apply warm compress on scorpion bite. Krishna says not now, maybe after Premila’s pain increases. Gopi goes ot Premila’s room and thanks her for risking her life and saving her. She asks her to rest and leaves. Urmila comes and asks her not to sleep, else she will sleep forever. Their comedic drama continues.

Belji bhai calls Gopi and asks her to send 20 sari samples to him as clients are coming and if they like it, she will get big orders. He then tells someone in car that he did as he/she said. Gloved hand from car shows thumbs up. Kokila asks Gopi what did Belji say. Gopi says he asked for 20 samples to show them to guests. Premila comes. Gopi asks why she came out instead of resting. Premila says her Gujrati friends are coming to meet Gopi and she wants he to dress well. Premila’s Gujrati friends come and seeing Gopi in Punjabi attire yell why is she wearing this being a gujrati. Gopi apologizes. One of them orders tea with mulethi, another with ginger, third lemon juice. Gopi goes to prepare all 3. Kokila picks saris to send it to Belji. Urmila comes and after asking what she is doing, helps her.

Precap: Premila’s friends start drama. Gopi gets Belji’s call who yells that clients went and she lost order. Premila scolds Gopi if she did not want to serve her friends, she would have told directly.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. High time this serial closed down..bring new series more relevant in today’s times

    1. U r right Neha

  2. Nayya’s evil plan!!!! Again murder attempt?? stranger is not Dr Krishna. Meera will send priyal to boarding school

    1. From where you get these ideas baai??????????
      The present version is boring na?????????

      1. Hihihi I guess it angel ??? ahem k aane k bad Jyada bor ho jayga kyunki fir gopi ahem kon h kya h etc etc k Alta lgane uske piche pd jaygi is se better h ki sns team gopi Krishna ko ek kr k serial end kr de

      2. Ye only serial h jo main dekhta Hu ye band ho jayga to uske bad yaha mere comments bhi band ho jaygenge

    2. John was a single viewer who always appreciate this serial whatever how much story is bored but John is really unique so I miss him but now he is not commenting here.

      1. Don’t worry baai. Me bhi tho yahi ek hi serial dekthi hoo .lekin baai aap ye serial kadham ho jane ke baad comment karna bandh karoogi ????????
        I really wish aap thuranth tho dhoosi serial dekna suroo kare.
        John uncle kaha h????
        Aap kah rah he baai ki ye serial ruk javoo??????????? Unexpected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Veise mausam kese he?
        I think ahem ki aane ke baad ye serial bahuth interesting hoga.

      2. Angel ye serial khatam nahi hoga jab tk iski trp bahut km na ho Jaye n abhi ye top 5 me h so don’t worry abhi bahut time h tb tk to comment krta rahunga

      3. N waise bhi yaha pe mostly mere n aapke comments hi hote h to aise hi piche nahi chodenge jab tk ye serial chlta rehega

  3. Can someone tell me the scene when Gopi and Ahem first met in SNS?
    Please I need to know for my ff.

    1. I think it was lyk,,,,Ahem was going in his car and Gopi walking on the road wid her friend ( a little girl) girl talking abt smthng lyk “when will ur raajkumar come?”,,, and Ahem’s car passes by (where ahem is not shown),,bt I think they saw each other thru the mirror,,Gopi smiles and replies shyly,,,.bt at that tym Ahem was actly in a relationship wid other girl….Kokila is the one who brought Ahem’s alliance for Gopi

      1. Thank you so much! I needed to know this as it is for my FF soon.

  4. I think gopi should tell her to shut her mouth wen she talk to her like that

  5. Shakaib

    Show will hit when ahem will back

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