Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kinjal continues shouting at Pari to open door, but she ignores her and continues playing loud music. Dhaval comes and asks her to stop banging door. She yells at him. Urmila says let her yell her, they should go and watch TV.

Baa calls Pari, Kinjal, Meera, Vidya to help her get out of bed, but everyone are busy listening to music. She herself gets out of bed and sits on her chair, but its battery is out. She then operates it manually and tries to open door, bends to unlock and falls down on floor.

Gopi wipes floor in temple and establishes shivling with family’s help.

Rashi hears Baa pleading for help and tries to open door, but could not. Kinjal enjoys juice sitting outside Pari’s room, waiting for her. She sees Rashi outside baa’s door and starts

scolding that she must have done something to Baa. She is about to slap her when Pari comes and holds her hand and asks how dare she is to touch Rashi. Kinjal yells that her daughter thew baa on floor. Pari checks door locked from inside and tells kinjal that door is locked from inside. Tolu/molu, vidya/meera and dhaval/urmila come hearing their shout. Pari asks tolu/molu to break door. Rashi says she read in physics book iron lock can be opened with magnet. Kinjal yells that she read physics book and troubled family. Pari asks her to mind her tongue and asks tolu/molu to bring magnet. Meera uses magnet and opens lock. They all enter and help baa sleep on bed. Urmila says with Rashi’s intelligence, they could save baa on time. Kinjal tries to touch baa, but Pari asks her to back off and asks tolu to bring first-aid box.

While performing pooja, Kokila sees 2 masks on her side and tells Gopi looks like these masks are staring at them. Gopi says it is her perception. She performs pooja with Ahem. Kokila thinks she feels something is missing.

Pari nurses Baa’s wounds. Baa thanks Rashi for saving her on time and scolds Kinjal that she was shouting so loudly that nobody could hear her pleas. Pari tells Kinjal she was unnecessarily scolding Rashi and should mend her ways. Urmila says it is waste explaining her.

After pooja, Kokila says they should go home now as she feels something is wrong. Hetal hears a lady performing natak/drama and says they got invitation of this drama. Pandit comes and apologizes Hetal and Kokila for not performing pooja. Hetal says they got a chance to establish shivling today. Pandit tells them about maha aarti after drama. Hetal tells Kokila that they will not get a chance to watch maha aarti easily, so they should wait.

Drama starts and a lady removes mask from her face. Kokila shockingly widens her eyes seeing her.

Precap: Drama lady pushes Kokila on floor and smears her face black.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice one. Paridhi is supporting Rashi

    1. paridhi jiger modi

      yes ayush today i support rashi i realised my mistake and want to make a good impression on modizzzzzzzz so soon i will accept rashi as my daughter

      1. thank god!you realized your mistake.rashi is so cute girl!

  2. Paridhi good job for supporting rashiv

    1. paridhi jiger modi

      thnx wii happy to hear u like my act today

      1. i also like your character and you also!

  3. Wow episode was nice

  4. Awesome episode..enjoyed

  5. really amazing episode

  6. Nice,pari is taking care of rashi

  7. Fantastic show,very suspence episode of that masked lady

    1. paridhi jiger modi

      masked lady is gaura kokila kakiji’s mummer cms 2 take revenge

  8. Intresting show,finally something nice story on todays episode

  9. what a story line,more than fantastic

  10. Great episode,sns u totally rock in todays show

    1. paridhi jiger modi

      our show is superb aise hi humare sns show ko pyar krte rahiye

  11. nice episode

  12. paridhi jiger modi

    love sns dhaval bhai plz contol ur wife kinjal how she is becoming so irritated person now n look viewers i will won heart of all members of modi family

  13. paridhi jiger modi

    loveeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu jigs………………..

    1. Pari u r so cute ….I luv to watch u in the show..u r acting mindblowing

  14. wow show is going on awesome track but still missing Rucha.

  15. Marvalleous show,keep in up sns

  16. Vandana pathak is looking old

    1. Yeah u r right missing Rucha

  17. Yeah u r right missing Rucha

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