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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi tells Kokila that she didn’t ask Rashi to handle her kids and she will handle hers. Kokila says, I have full trust on you. Gopi says, I will talk to Rashi and will try to explain my point. Kokila asks her about Tuitor. Gopi tells her that he is resting in the guest room. Kinnari talks rudely to Madhuben and taunts her for speaking badly with Pooja. Madhuben asks her to open the eyes and says she wants to break your home. Kinjal is shocked and taunts Madhuben. Urmila comes and taunts Madhuben and Gopi. Kinjal tells that Madhuben will not stay in their home. Urmila supports Kinjal’s decision and asks Madhuben to leave her home. Kinjal asks her to leave. Madhuben is shocked. Kinjal and Urmila push her. Dhawal comes to her rescue. Madhuben pushes them and says she won’t

go anywhere as this house is of her brother. She tells Kinjal that she always took her side and think of her betterment, but not anymore. She won’t interfere in her family issues. Dhawal asks Kinjal, what is happening.

Tuitor thinks to do something to Rashi and thinks she is making Gopi hurt. Kokila comes to tuitor and asks about his sprain. He says, he is better now. Kokila asks him to rest and have dinner. Then he can go home in their car. Tuitor says, he will manage. He thinks to do something to stay at Modi house.

Gopi comes to Rashi and asks her to talk to her for 2 mins. Rashi sends Tolu and Molu outside. Gopi tells her that she doesn’t want to hurt her and thought of kids betterment. Rashi asks her to go and not to give lecture to her. Gopi asks, why do you want to do separate the kids. Rashi says, you are accusing me. Gopi says, she is not saying like this and can’t think to say anything. She accepts her mistakes and apologizes to Rashi. Rashi says, it is good that you are taking advantage and wants to proofs that you are great. I made a big mistake by bringing you home. Gopi is shocked and goes. Tuitor gets annoyed and thinks Rashi is crying my Gopi again and again and says lets see how I will make Rashi cry.

Kinjal tells Dhawal that the mistake is always hers. Dhawal gets Pooja’s call and she tells her that she is calling Kinjal since long but her phone is not connecting. Dhawal gives the call to Kinjal. Kinjal refuses to talk to Pooja and says she will go from his house. Pooja thinks Kinjal is not happy with her married life. Dhawal tells Pooja that Kinjal will talk to her later. Pooja starts thinking.

Gopi thinks about Rashi’s words and gets sad. Kokila comes and asks did you talk to Rashi. Gopi thinks Rashi is not understanding anything. Kokila says, I am happy that you tried to resolve the problem. Servant comes and asks Rashi to keep manure in the rose plant. Rashi says, you can do this work. Servant says, I have other work. Rashi says ok. Urmila calls Rashi and tells her that they was about to throw Madhuben out. Madhuben said that she won’t go until her brother asks her to go. Rashi tells Urmila about Gopi. She says, I said a wrong thing that I did a mistake by bringing her here. Urmila says, you did tit for tat. Rashi cuts the call.

Tuitor ties the threads in Rashi’s room to make her fall down and gets hurt. Rashi comes towards her room. He hears the the foot steps and hides. Rashi falls and wonders who is behind the thread trap. Tuitor goes to Gopi’s room and the thread bundle falls in her room. Rashi looks for the thread and thinks Gopi is behind it. Rashi hears Gopi and Kokila’s conversation about the work. Gopi says, work is done and I am doing this to make her understand that she is wrong. Rashi thinks they are behind it. They are taking revenge from me. Tuitor thinks what he had done. His plan was flopped. He thinks to proof Gopi innocent. Rashi calls Urmila and tells her that Gopi and Kokila tried to make her fall. Urmila asks her to be careful.

Rashi thinks what is her mistake if her kids failed at the exams. Teacher says, he can bring her sons on the right path. Rashi asks what? He says, I can teach them.

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  1. If rucha is gonna leave the show.. they should end the serial

  2. it is boring. too much overacting by kokila nd gopi. What is the need to bring people from outside to create problem they have there own people who are a big problem, Is Rashi and Urmila less that you bought masterji. Why dont a positive character make a guest apperance, always negative characters come,

  3. Kokila should give a thought to her dressing style. too much jewelry and heavy makeup. Gopi dont give that tensed look, and always crying, if the character has turned strong, then behave like a strong women, have a smile on your face

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