Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th July 2013 Written Update

Kokila apologizes to Madhu and says Gopi is sick and she wont take a shower. Madhu says Gopi will . Both argue over it when Gopi feels weak.Gopi says when both her mothers are taking care of her so much how will she be fine . Both of them take her to bed . She lies on bed and before Kokila could do Madhu puts blanket and corrects the pillow position . Kokila feels upset.

Radha panics on hearing a sound from microwave. She splits milk . Hetal comes and tells her that microwave is used to heat objects.

Next morning Ahem wakes up and is pleased to see bouquets and cards all over the room . Meera wishes him happy birthday. Gopi and Ahem share a cute eye lock. Gopi is about to wish him when Radha comes. She comes with a bouquets and wishes him . Ahem gets shocked

but later smiles on . Gopi again tries to wish him but before she could whole family enters and wish him . Kokila gives him a card and wishes . Madhu is annoyed to see this. Kokila tells Ahem to freshen up and Ahem goes to. Gopi feels bad that she couldn’t wish him.

A lady complains to Urmila that she got a pimple on her face due to the cream she gave. Urmila urges that its due to the change in weather. The lady agrees and goes. Urmila thinks is the pimple was really from the cream.

Gopi is running to wish Ahem but before she could everyone comes there. Madhu is doing drum and Radha comes with pooja thali . Ahem is shocked . Madhu says not to be shocked and thats how they celebrate birthdays unlike just giving a card. She does tika . Ahem just smiles on and leaves to office. Kokila is upset.Hetal says to Kokila that as the men left they should start preparations. Kokila asks Gopi if she’s fine. Madhu interrupts and says she can cook whatever she want but rest she will see. Kokila thinks what Madhu wants to prove.

Rashi says Radha to help her so her sins will be forgiven. Radha agrees to do what she says .

Radha is working down the stairs thinking what Rashi said. She thinks how to dry the clothes so soon. She remembers what Hetal said her about the microwave.Kokila tells Rashi to make the cake as Gopi is feeling weak. Rashi does agrees and when she enters the kitchen she sees Radha there. Radha has put the clothes in microwave and thus a pop sound comes from it . The ladies come over there. Kokila asks about it and Radha tells that Rashi told her to do the work. Rashi says she did but she didn’t say to put it in microwave. Madhu says not to blame her child and she knows that Urmila dont know how to work and so does her daughter. Rashi screams not to tell like that. Kokila says Rashi not to speak to elders like that. She tells madhu to go with Radha as she’s terrified.

Kinjal asks money from Urmila and she disagrees to give it. Jitu gives money to Kinjal and Urmila is irked.

Madhu brings some kids type decorations things and says it will look nice. Kokila says since clients are coming they decorate it differently . Madhu is still not trying to leave. Gopi’s dad handle the situation by telling Madhu knows how to make rangoli well.

Kokila is giving Gopi a saree to wear. Madhu sees this and is pissed off.

Precap: Gopi shows the saree to her mom. She gives money and tells her to buy a beautiful saree from shop. Kokila sees this and is angry. Gopi is helpless..

Update Credit to: Muskii

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