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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura thinks she will change Dharam’s love into hatred. Tolu lifts Sona’s ghunghat. She drinks the milk and asks why he is shying, asks him to tell what he wants to say. He says I will be back adn goes. Gopi apologizes to Kokila as her phone is broken, and asks why you are awake till now. Kokila says she couldn’t sleep. Gopi says I want to talk to you. Kokila asks what? Gopi apologizes to her on Ahem’s behalf. She says Ahem is worried for her. Kokila says she is equally worried for Meera. Gopi says Meera is sceptical about your behavior. Kokila says she always supports the truth. Gopi says did we do anything wrong? She asks her to show the right way. Kokila says Ahem’s papa went somewhere, and asks her to go as she needs to rest. Gopi says we couldn’t

bear your indifferent behavior and asks her not to leave her support. She says you have given me love as a mother, and asks her to help her. Kokila asks what help do you need? Gopi says I feel that Meera loves Dharam in her heart.

She says Dharam is married and 20 years elder to Meera. She says I hope I am wrong, else what will happen to my daughter. She says I need your help Maa ji and asks her to show the right path. Kokila says I can understand your dilemma, and says she will think and tell her what to do. She says I have always supported you and will always support you. Gopi goes to her room. She sees Ahem awake and asks why you are awake till now. Ahem says his blood is boiling and couldn’t sleep. He says Dharam said that Meera loves him and asks us to know her heart. He says illiterate Dharam, why will our Meera love an illiterate man. Gopi thinks it can be right also.

Next morning, Gopi goes to call Kokila. Kokila says I am opening the door, and opens door. Gopi is shocked to see her in night gown. Kokila asks you people have woken up so early, although there was a big drama yesterday. Gopi says I came to call you for breakfast. Kokila comes out of room in the night gown and sits on the dining table. Everyone is shocked to see her in gown. She says she couldn’t sleep in night, and Gopi disturbed her sleep. Baa asks about her attire. Kokila makes an excuse that she was feeling suffocated and that’s why worn Parag’s gown. She says you are getting fashionista. Sona comes and serves her parathas. Kokila is about to eat it. Gopi stops her and says it has onion in it. Kokila stops and says she didn’t see onion in it. Hetal says Kokila doesn’t eat onion and garlic. Gopi says Sona didn’t know this. Kokila says she will have breakfast in her room and goes. Sona likes her modern look and tells Tolu to buy gown for her. Ahem tells Gopi that they have to go to meet lawyer.

Gaura thinks of Dharam’s love for Meera. She sees Shravan coming home and calls Vidya there. She asks what did you do to my grand son. Urmila asks you can’t talk to Vidya like this? Gaura says it is our personal matter, and asks Vidya what problem she has with them. Shravan asks her to stop and says he went to help his friend take his mom to hospital. Gaura says but. Shravan says it is enough of the drama and asks her to stop it. Gaura says this Vidya and Meera. Dharam asks why she is taking Meera’s name. Gaura thinks Meera have made Dharam mad. Vidya asks Shravan to tell her truth. Shravan makes an excuse and goes. Vidya decides to know the truth.

Dharam comes to Modi house. Everyone is shocked to see him. Dharam greets them. Jigar asks him to leave, and says thank god Ahem is not there else…..He asks him to go. Kokila asks Jigar not to insult guest like this and reminds him of their values. She says if enemies come on our door, then we do welcome them, and says Dharam is our damad. Jigar says Ahem said…..Kokila says I am Ahem’s mum and says she has invited Dharam to come home. She says we shall welcome him. Dharam greets everyone. Kokila asks him to get inside the house. Dharam comes inside and sits on sofa. Kokila asks Meethi to take care of him. She thanks him and sasy I have understood your truth. I have realized that you loves my grand daughter, and also I have read Meera’s eyes, she also loves you. She says my family have done wrong with you and apologizes. She says I am sure that you will keep my grand daughter Meera happy all her life. Hetal says you are doing wrong Kokila. Kokila stops her and shows hand. Everyone is shocked.

Gopi tells Kokila that her decision is wrong. She says I have seen you as God. She says I doesn’t know that my God is of stone. Kokila raises her hand to slap her, but Gopi holds her hand. Ahem is shocked.

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  1. Now they will have to accept dharam n gaura will have to accept meera too

  2. Pairing Meera with that old man
    is not good.

  3. I think dharam (mihir) has still charming look ..Infact looks far better dan his son Shravan n look good with Meera…Moreover,his love is true for meera n true love has no boundaries

    1. totally agree with you.

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