Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya tries free herself. She sees knife on table, pulls mat with her leg, picks knife and frees herself. She runs down to inform Gopi and sees there is no battery in her mobile. She sees even landline is dead and thinks baaji/Gaura must have done it. She prays god to not send Gaura to Modi bhavan until she reaches there.

Kokila in jail reminisces Gaura’s words if she taes her name even by mistake, she will kill her whole family. Constable sees her food plate intact and scolds to have food, else she will not get food. Kokila says okay and thinks something is wrong, if Gaura came to know that Vidya knows her secret. Vidya traveling in auto towards Modi bhavan and asks driver to give his mobile. He says he does not have. She asks to stop near a PCO. Kokila keeps food aside

and prays god that help Vidya get bomb remote and save family.

Jaggi takes Jai and Veeru to kitchen and asks why they get so hungry, just 5 min ago they had food. Gopi enters and says she will prepare juice for them. Veeru asks where is Seeta. Gopi says she has gone out and will be back. Seeta takes bomb fixed box to backyard and keep it with wood logs. Gaura standing near balcony thinks which bomb to burst, one is in kitchen and one is in temple, thinks of bursting kitchen one. Jai and Veeru drop water on kitchen bomb trying to snatch water bottle and bomb diffuses. Gaura presses remote, but bomb does not explode. Seeta walks away keeping temple box among wooden logs and stands praying. Gaura thinks her puppet told he fixed bomb in temple. Vidya reaches and tries to stop Gaura, but Gaura presses remote and bomb explodes in backyard Whole Modi bhavan shakes due to bomb explosion. They all walk out to check. Vidya tries to shout, but Gaura shuts her mouth and boasts she saw what she can do. She tought bomb will explode inside home, but it exploded outside. She can explode many bombs at home. Whole modi walks out calling Seeta. Gopi sees Seeta on floor, runs and picks her and sees her severely injured and unconscious. She asks Jaggi to do something, call doctor. Jaggi says let us take her in first. They all walk in. Gaura does not let Vidya speak. Urmila walks towards burning wood and sees Gaua’s earring on floor, picks it and walks in. Gaur realizes her earring is missing.

Gopi nurses Seeta’s injuries and shakes her asking to wake up and speak. Veeru and Jai discuss why didi is not speaking. Pari yells since Seeta came to his house, only bad is happening. Mona says this is bomb and they could have died. Jaggi scolds that they are so shameless. Sona says who must hae done this Urmila walks in and says she knows who did it and shows earring. Jaggi says it is Bahvani’s. Urmila says only Bhavani can do this. Gopi says Bhavani wants to kill Seeta.

Gaura holds Vidya and says her grip is stronger than python grip, she cannot escape. Vidya resist unsuccessfully. Gaura leaves her and says she can to and inform Modi family, but then she will lose her Meera di. Vidya asks where is di. Gaura says she is not a fool like her. She implanted bomb with great difficulty and it did not explode at all, she is very disappointed. Not to worry, she will explode Meera now. Vidya pleads not to harm Meera. Gaura laughs what happened now. Vidya holds her legs and pleads to spare her sister, she will not inform anyone. Gaura says if she had done this, they would not have wasted so much time, she should not open her mouth in front of Dharam and Shravan. She gets into car and pushes Vidya and asks to come walking. Vidya thinks she has to find out about Meera somehow, Daadi may know the clue.

Precap: Gopi tells Jaggi they will go to police station. Seeta comes. Gopi asks if someone was around when bomb exploded. Seeta says no one was there, temple box had exploded.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Riana

    Superb episode….Gaura will be catched soon…I saw on Instagram that Devoleena n Nazim are leaving for Singapore trip…Today they arrived there…Waiting for the new twists☺☺☺☺

    1. Chithu

      Oh tats great so by 10 days next track may start.

  2. Today episode was thrilling, thank god the bomb didn,t explode on the kichen or temple, feeling bad for sita, but she unknowingly saved the whole family, but this pari mona were taunting because of seeta they were in danger, this saas bahu should have been thankful to seeta, because of seeta the whole family is alive, but no pari mona don,t have no humanity, that pari mona both deserve tight slaps .vidya be strong now and show gaura her real place.

  3. Siddharth

    Kokila runs away from prison. She reaches the temple and tries to run away before Sita stops her. The goons come there to take Kokila. Gaura and Bhavani have sent the goons to kidnap Kokila and Sita. Kokila rescues Sita and asks them not to follow. She warns the goons, but she falls vulnerable. Kokila is much worried as Gaura has caged Vidya at home. She wants to reach home soon.

    Sita knows about Kokila and tries saving her as Kokila means a lot for Gopi. Police and goons are after Kokila and Sita. Jaggi comes there and beats the goons. The show will have action sequence after long drama. When the goons catch Jaggi, Gopi makes an entry and beats the goons with a stick. Gopi and Jaggi protect Kokila and Sita. A goon hits on Kokila’s head. Kokila gets injured. Sita and Gopi worry for Kokila. Kokila finds Sita’s nature like Gopi. Jaggi and Gopi take Kokila and Sita home. Kokila’s re-entry gets more drama. Gaura and Bhavani would have a tough time now.

    1. Chithu

      Thanks for update Sid. Kokila is again going to get injured? As kokila is back it will b a good fight between kokila& Gopi vs Gaura & Bhavani

      1. Chithu, kokila and gopi is the strongest womens in sns,u are 100 por cent right. U no about Sowmya? Long time she didn’t comment. Some one no about her?I miss her a lot.

      2. Siddharth

        Saba di Soumya her 2nd pu exams so she is not commenting regularly

    2. Boss tanks for de update and member you are the best and GOD bless u always.

      1. Siddharth

        Tnks Saba di ?

  4. The bomb should have exploded. It would have been more thrilling.

    1. Riana

      That would be a waste of time…Though you’re right…It will be more thrilling if the bomb blast…but it didnt!!

    2. Amalina

      Yeah Riana!

  5. Siddharth

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show high voltage drama.

    Kokila runaway from jail after knowing that Gaura has trapped Vidya in her bitter game which Kokila can’t let happen.

    Kokila thus runaway from jail, reaches a role where police is after her while Gaura also sends her goons to kill Kokila.

    Sita helps Kokila hide from police when Gaura’s goons attacks Kokila and tries to kill her, while Jaggi reaches on time and shows his rowdy avatar.

    Jaggi saves Kokila from goon attack

    Jaggi fights against goons saving his mother Kokila from goons attack, one of the goon points gun at Jaggi to kill him but Gopi reaches on time.

    Gopi hits the goon with stick thus saving Kokila and Jaggi from goons, let’s wait and watch for more drama amid Gaura and Kokila.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    1. Nandhini

      It will be more action-packed drama..i wonder even if ahem was alive,, he will not do like what jaggi did…ahem will scold gopi for she is helping sita..infact he wont let sita to stay in his house…but this jaggi is entirely different..even though his mom is in coma, he is not giving second thought to help others in distress.

      1. Siddharth

        Ya If Ahem is in Jaggi’s place he may not hv supported gopi for helping Sita.

  6. Chithu

    # bounding

  7. Chithu


  8. Chithu

    So modis will think Bhavani has planted the bomb to kill Seeta. Hope soon Gaura’s evilness be unveiled in front of modis. She should be severely punish for her cruelty. How can this lady sleep heartedly after committing murders

    1. Amalina

      I know right! I would die with guilt!

  9. Riana

    Guys i want to clear it…Its humble request to everyone…pls dont reply any negative to negative commentator…we should first read the comment of that commentator…after that we have to decide that whether should we reply or not…listen i am not all supporting any one…but pls dont lose your sense guys…then there will be no difference between us n negative commentators…

    1. Riana

      By these we r giving them the chance to talk bad about ourselves…am i right or wrong…say??

      1. Riana u are right, we are beautiful family and we love every one. Sunshines live in my heart and member we are the best

    2. Amalina

      Yeah riana! U r right!?

    3. Siddharth

      Sure Raina?sory ysdy seeing Adithya’s comment I lost my cool so I replied him in bad words

  10. Siddharth

    Hi Sunshine friends
    Hw many of them miss Jigar .

    1. Amalina

      I do! But I miss the old sweet jigar who was nice to his bhaiya and bhabhi

      1. Amalina,I like jigar also and I want to he coming back in about ba and old actors coming back or not?some one possible tell me?

    2. Nandhini

      I miss jigar more..he was my favorite character who loved his family…

  11. Amalina

    Gaura is ok but i can’t tolerate this bhavani!

  12. Shakaib

    Trump Throws A Spanner In Saath Nibhana Saathiya’s American Travel Plans?

    The Modi family of the popular TV show Saath Nibhana Saathiya were set to take a trip to the US. But it looks like they are not exactly welcome there.

    The cast was ready and the American trip had been written into the script too but then American President Donald Trump intervened in their well laid out plans.

    The Saath Nibhana Saathiya team applied for visas and some team members, including leading man Mohammad Nazim, did not get the green signal from the American embassy.

    We can all guess what the problem was…

    When we contacted Nazim, the TV heartthrob did not elaborate on his visa troubles but confirmed that he will not be travelling to the US.

    “Yes, we had visa problems,” said Nazim.

    The show’s creative producer, Akhilesh Sathiy also told us that Saath Nibhana Saathiya’s US schedule has been called off.

    When we prodded him for the reason and asked him about the rumours that Trump’s Muslim ban had caused the trouble, he snapped back, saying, “Why are you asking me all this?”

    So, will the Modi family remain in India? The answer is No. has found out that the cast including Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Vishal Singh, Rupal Patel and Rucha Hasabnis will shoot in Singapore instead

    According to reports, the foreign trip will come with a twist in the story when it will be revealed that Gopi  Modi (Devoleena) has a long-lost son.

    We hope that the shoot does not run into visa trouble this time around.

    1. Amalina

      Wow! So rashi has is coming back!!!!! Thank you Shakaib for the news! I’m glad that rucha is back.??

    2. Let’s hope they do so that we can take a break from this nonsense show.

    3. Chithu

      Guys I think Rucha might have brought up Gopi’s son. Wt say guys wont it be cool

      1. Siddharth

        Ya if makers make this idea it wl be cool. But i think even if rucha is coming back she may enter the show a bit late

  13. Shakaib


    Naagin 2′ continues its invincible run this week too, as it is still the number one show. However, it sure has witnessed a substantial drop in the ratings.

    And as usual, the ‘Top 2’ spots see no change, as ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ continues to be at the 2nd spot and has also seen a rise in TRPs to 3.1 points from 2.9 points last week.

    And the reason for the drop for ‘Shakti..’ has happened due to the sudden rise in viewership for Zee TV’s ‘Kumkum Bhagya’. The show jumps up to the 3rd spot with 2.9 points.

    Things do not look good for ‘Shakti… Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii’ as the show continues to keep dropping and loosing viewership. Once a TRP topper, the show has seen a drastic drop this week as it comes down to the 4th position with 2.6 points.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ fans can party as the show has managed to make its entry into the ‘Top 5′ this week. Star Plus’ flagship’ shows have been in and out of Top 10, but have been missing the mark when it comes to Top 5. However, ‘Yeh Rishta..’ makes a much-awaited comeback to this elite list at the 5th position with 2.6 points.

    Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ continues to stay put this week as well. Not only has the show maintained its 6th position, but the viewership has also been consistent with 2.5 points.

    Star Plus has not only regained its Top position this week, but also witnessed its leading shows jumping positions and ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ is no different. The show rises to the 7th spot with 2.5 points, after a rather mellow last week.

    The downfall saga for ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ comes to a halt, with the show climbing the charts from its last week spot at No.10 to the 8th position this week, with 2.4 points.

    Its a massive drop for Colors’ show, ‘Shani’ which was enjoying a 5th spot last week. The show currently scrapes through to maintain its existence in the list at 9th position with 2.4 points.

    Yes! The ‘Ishqbaaaz’ fans have a reason to celebrate. And it isn’t just the encouraging ‘Dil Bole Oberoi’ opening TRPs, but also the comeback of ‘Ishqbaaaz’ into the Top 10 list with 2.4 points. With two shows ruling the 10-11 pm slot, things are only about to get better.

    1. Tanks shakaib now we no sns in 8 position. U are beautiful boy and GOD bless u.

    2. Riana

      Saathiya is falling down…I think after the new track the trp will increase!!

  14. Only kokila can revenge this gaura. She needs to be cleverer than gaura and bhavani to win over them. Vidhya needs to be a bit stronger to tackle gaura or tell Dharam and shravan in some way that gaura doesn’t see.

    1. Tufty, I think kokila be very strong and finish gaura. Are u right oly kokila is the one to revenge gaura.

  15. Shakaib

    When this ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ actor took a STAND against ‘Offenders’ Who were Stalking Girls

    The state of women has always been a concern in India, where rapes, eve-teasing, stalking and even murders, unfortunately, happen on a large scale.

    The situation keeps getting horrific with every passing day and it is a serious problem to be looked into. However, while there are disgusting men who do such acts, some men also take a stand and make things count when needed. 

    And such a thing happened only recently. According to a leading news daily, actor Amar Upadhyay aka Dharam from ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ took a stand and did something rather ‘heroic.’ It so happened that the actor was shooting in Madh Island recently when he witnessed a bunch of guys roaming on the beach and clicking pictures. What seemed like a perfectly normal thing, where Amar thought that the boys were practicing photography was actually something extremely disturbing. 

    The actor realized soon enough that the guys were actually trying to take photographs of some girls who were on the same beach. No sooner did Amar confront the trio and asked them to delete the images. Fortunately, the matter did not elevate into a physical spat following a verbal spat and Amar snatched the camera to delete the images himself. Amar mentioned how, as responsible citizens, it is everyone’s duty to raise voice against such occurrences. 

    We applaud Amar for the fantastic deed..!

    1. Nandhini

      Woww dharam is a hero in reel life and real life too?

  16. Shakaib

    Gopi’s then ‘Husband’ to now enter Colors’ ‘Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan’..!

    The recently launched Colors’ drama ‘Ek Shringaar -Swabhimaan’ has managed to sustain its position amidst several television juggernauts on rival channels.

    The family drama, which proposes a social message too, has been the favorite of a range of people. And now, to spice things up and increase the viewership, the show has been planning a lot of twists and turns in the form of a new entry, to begin with.

    According to a leading news portal, actor Khalid Siddiqui, who was last seen playing Gopi’s (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) husband in ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’, will now be seen entering ‘..Swabhimaan’ in a pivotal role.

    According to sources, Khalid will be playing a chief minister who loves the power he has and will, in fact, be flirty and awkwardly over-friendly. His entry will bring in several changes in the lives of the leads.

  17. Hi sunshines, boss,shakaib, mahi akshay, sowmya, nisha,nandhini, pratiyusha, ramona, rose, chithu, average girl, isaaq,tufty, amalina, riana, amirul, chinu, raven, gettu, s.p and all sns family, today episode is nice I hop meera come back soon.

    1. Amalina

      Hi Saba! Yeah me too, I hope meera comes back soon. Only she can tackle gaura properly! Vidya is too innocent…..

    2. Chithu

      Hi Saba di
      I too hope Meera gets back soon

  18. i am very happy to see you commenting shakaib really i meant no harm i am never mean to kids keep writing ff too you have a very long way to go kiddo and isaaq i am not 50 i am 21 and if you ever write nonsense again i will pick on you again i can see your writing is clean so keep it up and nandini i am happy to see that you yourself was getting fed up but i am glad everything is alright now no more slangs now truce okay and umeir and rishi give them all a break now no more negative comments just write things base on this serial and you can share some of your happy moments and sad too no one will mind just keep it strictly professional

    1. OK Leila. Since you believe in this group now, I will not comment negative either. But what about all the other negative comments like Aditya HP and John. But I can assure you that I will not do negative comments and you are right. Lets give the sunshine group a break.

    2. Isaaq

      ok leila truce

      1. Nandhini

        Isaaq i am waiting for ur gopi destiny’s next update…

    3. Shakaib

      Nice to see your positive side. Don’t think ever that teenagers can’t do anything. If all are positive then we have no problem.people can share about serials but accusing others is not good.right?

  19. Ugh i am displeased that sits lives

  20. Hello everyone… finally I am back again…

    Good morning..!!

    I missed u guys very badly…how r u all ?

    Guyzz…I hv a great news our saathiya team reached Singapore yesterday..nazim ji posted many pics with d director with a caption #Singapore_times even with devoleena mam..

    I’m very happy and excited

    1. Siddharth

      I am fine chanu Singapore track is starting soon.

    2. Nandhini

      Hii chanu! Glad that finally u r free?only yesterday they reached singapore?? So the singapore track will start only after 10 or 20 days…

  21. I swear that Kokila is an idiot. Does she not realize Gaura’s evil intention. Uplift ideas are being presented.

  22. Stupid concepts. I good relationship serial is turning into an revenge story. It is always about revenge.

  23. Devoleena should quit this show if she wants to save her acting career.
    Boring episoes. What is happening. Come on directors be a little realistic. We are not living in the dark age.

  24. Debasmita Sinha

    I saw on facebook saathiya team has reached Singapore.Waiting for some twists.

  25. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends. How are you all? Epsiode was nice. I’m reckoning that Meera is soon going to re enter. What you say?

    I was thinking that vidya will be caught at start but show it later. Now, bomb drama has end, so I guess, they will focus on bring Tanya sharma back. I think in precap , might Gopi get to know truth.

    Guys, I’m so happy, ADI’s negative comment got deleted. From now onwards, I’ll not reply to any negative comment. As tu removes after 2-3 hours,If I reply it will be waste of time.

    Hi Sid bhai….I’m sorry to say but you shouldn’t have called john rascal or etc. Because I think when he is talking about serial then who are us to insult or interrupt him or in his matter. Hope you don’t get hurted by words.

    Hi isaaq di… You said well….Raman always blame Ishita for any conspiracy. Well, I love their jodi.

    Hey Raina di… Yeah..I also think news are fake because someone must been so busy in his/her life that he/she hardly gets time to do other works. Let’s imagine rucha doing household works. We can imagine what’s responsibilities rucha have on her head..??

    Hi nandi di..I’m also sad that there is no option for medha. Wish they have given this.

    Hi amalina…you’re Muslim..I don’t know this…thank god I got to know this.

    BTW..Sid bhai and amalina..I want to tell you that my last three cooments were copied-paste. In last comment, I write that credit to:isaaq then it means the article was written by isaaq di. Even I miss Jigar. I think if rucha come back then in my opinion if vishal come back the she can come back as rashi because we are fond of raji..right?

    Hi chithu di, saba di,priyanka di…how are you and your kids or our bro sissies..??

    Hey riana di….tu sometimes reply sometime late to our gmail. If articale don’t get submit by “sumbit-your-article” then you can send it using “contact-us” page. Even I think tu should change their page design though, it’ s also design but they can add more beautifulness in the page. I don’t know how page was before because I registered here in July 2016, I start reading fan fiction,the first ff which I read was GOPI’S DESTINY. IT IMPRESS ME AND I ALSO WRITE A FAN FICTION, NAME “SNS-AHEM IS ALIVE”. YOU ASK ME TO LOOK ON YOUR FF AN FROM THERE I BECOME FAN OF YOUR FICTION. THEN I COME TO KNOW ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE HERE LIKE YOU, SID BHAI, NANDI DI, JASMINE DI, AKSHAY BHAI, MANSI, AND ALL OTHERS.

    I THINK IN TODAY EPISODE , MODIS will go mandir, when Sita will tell Gopi that bomb was in temple box. Gopi will get worried and say” hey Krishna Bhagwan…. Yeh sab kya ho raha hai..!!” Urmila will say “Gopi….tum fikar mat karo….. Mai pundit ji se baat karti hoon….him mandir mein pooja ka ayojan karte hain..?? Lol…. My reckoning is totally funny I think.

    1. Riana

      Ofcourse Shakaib…Though gopi says “Hey kanha ji”…not “Hey krishna bhagwan”…its koki’s dialogue…

      1. Shakaib

        Oh yeah…its kokila dialogue… Hey Krishna Bhagwan…thanks for reminding…. Gopi dialogue… Hey kanha ji…. I got confused there writing..!!

      2. Nandhini


    2. Chithu

      Hi Shakaib how r u? My daughter is doing good. U r right we must totally ignore negative commentators. I am glad that TU is taking strict action n deleting those comments. Its the best way to tackle them. Thank u TU

  26. Shakaib

    Hi raven di….my sunshine family has encouraged me a lot. How can I do this again..hmm..?? Yes…even I wonder… Why actors and actresses resign from their characters for been presenting old. I they have also to become old. But I think they we’re young and even will be young after 50 years from now onwards. Lol..!! Hope our indian actors/actresses understand fans’ feelings also and son do this.

  27. Shakaib

    Hi raven di….my sunshine family has encouraged me a lot. How can I do this again..hmm..?? Yes…even I wonder… Why actors and actresses resign from their characters for been presenting old. I they have also to become old. But I think they we’re young and even will be young after 50 years from now onwards. Lol..!! Hope our indian actors/actresses understand fans’ feelings also and no do this.

    1. Siddharth

      Hi Shakaib ysdy I used harsh words against john and adi bcoz they keep on taunting us and telling bad words to Sunshine group. So I also replied them in bad words . And Adithya is troubling us without any reason reality is he cheated us but he wants to take revenge lol.
      And Shakaib its k ?. From today let us avoid the negative commentators ?

      1. Shakaib

        Yeah..I can understand of adithya…but I’m talking of commenter who talk negative about show…. If we repl to people like will be waste of time because tu remove these type of comments after sometime. People who talk ill. About show..let them say…they’ve also right about sharing their opinion. BTW.. Can I know which serials you like to watch..??

    2. Siddharth

      Shakaib my favourite shows are SNS,YHM and tarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah . On weekend I used to watch brahmarskshas which ended last week.

    3. Riana

      Really sid…your favourite show is Ooltah chashmah too…Its my only favourite show..i love it???

      1. Siddharth

        Ya raina I love tarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah a lot it makes our Mind fresh and tension free.?

  28. Nandhini

    I wonder how these crimes are all happening just like that…i mean gaura directly comes to police station and threatens kokila..noone(police men/women) is watching that…now gaura is making use of meera to shut vidya’s mouth? disgusting…this lady gaura should not be imprisoned or hanged to death,, she must be kicked out of the city and be made to beg on streets! And bhavani is sarpanch- she must be made to do all household come gaura has lots of money to do these schemes??she must give money to her puppets and so on…waiting for the episode where gaura is gonna be caught…anyways again she will escape by bhavani’s help…hey shakaib! Ur dialogues of gopi and urmila about that bomb is so funny!??

    1. Shakaib

      Hi nandi di…. Tq for liking that dialogue. Son forget gaura has lived in jail for 5 years. And she must have done all scheming there. What say..?? I love bhavani role in pavitra rishta. Sunshiners, have someone watch PR.

      1. Siddharth

        Ya pavitra rishta Ws my favourite serial in the year 2012-13and. Bhavani played as varsha beginning her character was postive later she turned negative wen she stole her sister Archana ‘s baby but once again she became positive after generation leap.

      2. Siddharth

        But pavitra rishta floped after 2nd generation leap was introduced.

      3. Nandhini

        Shakaib if gaura is plotting everything from jail,, how did she get access to outside world?? If she plotted by meeting her goons and making plans during visiting hours,then her goons must be very faithful puppets to her who visits her everytime and helping her.??

    2. Isaaq

      It’s worth the wait Nandi for my next update. Heer and Jigar will get married in the next update and Jaya will also get involved in the pheras and she will also get married to Jigar.

      When they welcome the bride, Jaya will kick the rice bowl and claim that she is Heer sautan. Radha will break all ties with Jaya. Gopi and Rashi kick out Jaya.

      Jaya will return on Diwali. The Modis will go to a Diwali festival of the burning of Raavan statue. There will be an archer who shoots the fire arrow at the statue and burns it. The archer will be Jaya who burns the statue to represent the new birth of Ravaan and death of the old Raavan.

      We never saw Rashi vs Radha so now we will see Rashi vs Jaya. Jaya will torture the Modis and will use her baby to manipulate them.

      Mandira will also become another big enemy for the Modis. Pari will become infatuated with a boy from the Kapoor family. Pari will marry this boy and Durga will marry the boys cousin to save her cousin sister. Mandira will torture both cousins. Mandira will be like Gaura.

      Sanjana will marry Adi and will trouble Gopi. Gopi will fight against Sanjana.

      The end of season 5 will be very unique. It’ll be something I’ve never done before. Jaya will throw her baby in the river in Omkareshwar and Gopi will jump in the river and she will go missing. The Modis will think Gopi died but she will go missing.

      Gopi will be absent in season 6. Her character won’t be shown she will be missing. Gopi will return after the generation leap in season 7 with a new storyline. Jaya will still be the main vamp in season 6 and this time her sister Daya will become her biggest enemy. Heer and Daya will join forces in season 6 and will try and defeat the evil Jaya.

  29. Nandhini

    Guys i opened this page today morning..i have no idea what happened here yesterday evening but everything is ended for good..lets focus on the show and ignore the negative comments..i didnt see the episodes for the last 2 days so gotta know whats happening only through the written updates..missing many people like mahi,pratheek,etc for a long time…i dont think rucha will come back,, its a rumour regarding her return but lets see…in singapore track gopi and jaggi will go there for sure…vishal may return the upcoming episodes meera might come back…i think the producers are diverting us by introducing new characters like sita and gopi’s son to make us not to miss the old characters who have quit the show. Meera’s absence is being covered by sita’s presence all these days.

    1. Siddharth

      Nandini Vishal singh may not return but Jigar’s character wl b played by some other actor as makers are thinking abt this.

  30. Nandhini

    Like we used to like ahem’s character..then after his exit,,gopi was in problem and jaggi came back after some days..everyone hoped for jaggi to be ahem but now everyone loves jaggi character more…they dont want ahem back??

    1. Siddharth

      Nandini b4 some months I read news wch Mohammad Nazim told that he is not interested to play ahem’s character as ahem used to talk very less and he is not daring like Jaggi . Nazim loves to play Jaggi’s character only .

  31. Riana

    I wish there should be a forum for Sab tv’s shows too…What say guy??…Bcoz there are many serials in Sab tv which needs Written updates…

    1. Siddharth

      As sab tv airs only comedy shows viewers WL not enjoy written updates.
      If we watch comedy shows in tv itself we wil enjoy so I think sab tv dnt hv written updates forum

      1. Riana


  32. Siddharth

    Hi Sunshine friends anyone has watching Fear files which Ws airing from 2012to2014 on Saturdays&Sunday’s it Ws best supernatural serial wch is based on real stories.

    1. Nandhini

      Hey sid! Fear files also dubbed and telecasted in tamil..i watched few episodes in was the best super natural show? lol nazim himself likes only jaggi character..he is fed up of playing ahem? oh yeah jigar will be played by other actor..but missing vishal singh so badly..his screen presence will be good among the modi members even if he negative or positive…

    2. Nandhini

      By the way,, what is the concept of ooltah chashma?? Can you tell so that i see that serial too??

      1. Siddharth

        Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chashmah is a comedy serial its story is based on Mumbai like hw people live in flats of Mumbai with each other and the story focuses on 7 individuals who hails from different parts of India and their relationship among neighbours.
        If u watch for a few days I am sure u WL be completely addicted to it ?. From last 9 years it is successfully running ?and viewers wl never get bored abt storyline ?

      2. Siddharth

        I am watching it from last 3 years.
        In sab tv whole day tarak Mehta ka ooltah chashmah old episodes wl ne airing .
        Current episode wl air at 8.30pm and 3.00pm

    3. Riana

      I am watching tmkoc since 8 years…and Saathiya,yhm from first episode

  33. Siddharth

    Raina are u from Kolkata. What are you studying.

    1. Riana

      No i am not from kolkata…I am from Siliguri…which is near Darjeeling…I am in 12th class..

    2. Siddharth

      K r u in science or commerce

    3. Riana


  34. Siddharth

    Hi Akshay wer r u everything is fine now we were all acting that day . Come

  35. Riana

    Guys Who will play the role of Gopi’s son…I think its Rohit Suchanti…

    1. Siddharth

      Ya Rohit suchanti wl play as Gopi’s son.

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