Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi is traveling in car with Jigar towards Urmila’s house. She asks about Meera and Vidya. He asks if she wants to see their pics. She says she will see them directly. They reach Urmila’s house and Gopi says Urmila’s house has not changed even after 10 years.

Vidya asks Meera to stop drinking alcohol, else she will inform dad. Meera asks what will she inform. Vidya says she has recorded yesterday’s incident and will show it to dad. Meera says she will drink less next time. Vidya asks what does she mean. Meera says she will not drink next days. Vidya gets call from home and says she will come in some time.

Gopi enters Urmila’s chawl and is shocked to see Kokila washing clothes like a maid. Kokila identifies her and they both

hug emotionally. Kokila then kisses Gopi on cheeks and says she spent each day with difficulty without her and asks how did she come before 14 years. Gopi says her punishment is lessened due to her good behavior. Kokila says she wants her gopi bahu to be near her always. Gopi checks her hands and asks why have they become so rough and asks to tell why is she staying in Urmila’s house. Urmila shouts at Kokila and is shocked to see Gopi there.

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Urmila angrily comes down and asks Kokila how dare she is to be so lazy and does not identify Gopi. Gopi says she is her Gopi. Urmila asks her to go and play murli/flute then. She drags Kokila to her home, locks door, and beats her vigorously with broom. Gopi pleads to leave Kokila, but Urmila asks her to go back to her home and continues beating Kokila. Gopi asks Jigar what is happening. She reminisces Kokila slapping and Urmila once. Urmila says Kokila if she lies again, she will beat her with stick. Gopi asks her to open door and tell what is happening. Kokila opens door with great difficulty writhing in pain. Gopi looks at her wounds and cries. Kokila asks her to stop crying, else Urmila will beat her again. Gopi asks why is she beating her. Kokila says she has come after so many years, so she will get her tea. Gopi asks Jigar what are they hiding from her. Jigar stands silently. Gopi goes to kitchen and asks Kokila why is she getting insulted like this and asks her to reply. Urmila says she will serve tea and snacks to Urmila and come back. She asks Jigar and Kokila again what is happening.

Meera and Vidya get down from their car and as Meera slips, calls mom. Gopi happily runs out to see them, but a 10-year-old Rashi comes running. Gopi identifies her and calls Rashi. Kid says yes she is Rashi.

Precap: Rashi says Gopi that in her school every children has mother except her. Gopi asks she has Pari. Rashi says Pari is aunty and she is her mother. Gopi is surprised to hear that.

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  1. koi mujhe asilame jane ka address
    de sakte ho ?

    Director sir,
    If you give me permission,I
    send your show’s story for Nobel
    Prize’s nomination.

  2. nw wt d hell is going on here ??
    i thought after leap they’ll bring some novel ideas!!!!!!!!!!! but same thing continued .. urmila becoming new radha… only hope dat gopi’s character become stronger this time otherwise dis leap & new actors & all ‘l become useless !!

  3. I can’t wait.anyone pls tell me what could be the new twist.

  4. Koi mujhe please batao kya hua?Kaise ?Kyu?All have changed.

    1. meethi kaha hai gopi ben?


  5. Ohhh ho… It is still the same crap saatiya… Director is still a pagal khana admin…

  6. miracle……….kokila turned into my meethi ji

  7. Amazing, just amazing.

  8. Idiotic story n getting more idiotic day by day. They have really spoiled d show.


    1. already my clothes have become ragged ……………u know na after radha ji’s death i have been running in the rajkot’s road lyk a madman……………….so how can i giv my baniyan wic is my nly perfect clothing……………do u want to c me dat way my mistress…………..?

  10. Are Kokila ben itni patli ho gayi???No one warned abt this in the spoilers… 🙁

  11. It was indeed my grave mistake for watching this serial after so many days. I was once in a while reading updates. When I heard about the leap I thought there will be something worthwhile. But I was wrong. For whatever reason , even out of sheer madness Urmila is behaving that way, treating Kokila like a slave , WHAT ARE THE MEN FOLK DOING ? CANT 4 MEN HELP HER OUT? I am really surprised that like Radha, Urmila has become so powerful that even police can’t do anything about it? Gopi is a brainless person with her brain in her ankle. Instead of her emotional hugs and heavy dialogues she should have found out what is happening and where are Ahem and her kids. Jigar is always so helpless …… cannot control Radha nor Urmila. Is a silent spectator. Bye show makers . I should not have watched. I promise will never watch again.

    1. hehe i think all men folk r lyk titu in TU MERA HERO

    2. I definetly agree with u

  12. u r rit Priya Rao

  13. Will see some stupid stories about Kokila..ohh God…serial crew is totally mad 🙁

  14. I Think pari refuses to brought up choti rashi as her mom , and ahem also get angry about rashi’ issue and he went out with his two daughters, and for rashi kokila is in urmila mansion

  15. Meera,vidya kaha rahte ho tum sab?Ahem ji,aap?

  16. Good to c gopi return n more drama at urmila house

  17. What the hell why so much suspense

  18. Princess love

    koi bata ega kya ho ra ha he

  19. Totaly mad director, mad crew, mad actors in the serial , before we become mad we should stop watching this serial,

  20. I think Ahem got angry on gopi… So he did second marriage… He thinks that gopi is not his children mom … So he said rashi is gopi daughter…. So he went away

    1. or maybe Ahem put all blame on family members that because of them Gopi took such a step not thinking about and hm and kids, so he walked out..
      And Rashi maybe Ahem’s daughter not Jigar’s… Radha playd some nasty trick which they know……..

  21. Lol funny Indian series,the tigress turned out to be on cockroaches’ net.hahaha,funny twist.i only like the twist of cool meera and fire vidya,rachi been gopi’s mum as she was in jail cos of her,and tolu molu’s love for gopi,but Koki!!!!na na na,its not acceptable,no matter the reason,don’t spoil the beautiful story ,think deep writer,u will really get what ppl will cherish.

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