Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th February 2014 Written Update

Well, the show begins in what looked like the computer laboratory of the school with Pratiek holding the forte. He is at the computer desk with other three cousins watching. He first shows his family photograph, he with Dhawal and Kinjal. Then he shows Jigar, Raashi with the twins.

Simultaneously ; scenes do keep oscillating between school and Mod Home :- Raashi is doing a reality check for Ahem and asks pertinent questions. Whether he feels Radha is the right girl for him as he does not like her, they do not jell with each other and almost brings Gopi’s name with ” Go .. ” and stops, corrects herself and says whatever has happened is wrong but one would have to move on despite suffer rings and so on. Lastly she reminds how Radha misbehaved by pulling

his hair – flashback is shown, Radha supposedly pulling his wig, as told to Radha by Raashi herself.

Ahem leaves, followed by Raashi.

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At the school, Vidya recognizes Ahem as the man whom she crashed into – flashback is shown.

Ahem meets his mother, Aunt and Grandmother in the hall, Raashi too comes over. Ahem asks whether Radha is the right girl for him to marry. Kokila says since eight years Radha is conversant with the Modi Family and home and know well to keep the home and family going. Hetal too endorses Kokila’s views.

Hereabout, Urmilaa gate crashes calling for her grand children, knowing fully well that the twins are not present. During the small talk, neighborhood ladies arrive and question the remarriage move by the Modi family without getting a divorce. Jigar who is also present, says that divorce could be easily got as there is dissertation period of seven years which is legally accepted. The ladies accept the explanation and they leave,

Both Urmilaa and Raashi are disappointed. And ladies were brought in by Urmilaa’s prodding’s which is implied by her whispered talk with Raashi.

Ahem asks his family to reconsider the move for his marriage with Radha ; meanwhile Ahem and Jigar’s Fathers arrive. Hetal says Radha knows how to manage the household work and the family and in fact had taken care of Ahem when he was ill. So all of them feel Radha is the right girl, much to the happiness of Radha who is in the background.

Raashi leaves in a huff. Ahem once more requests for reconsideration, whereas Hetal says Raashi will take time to accept the changes, which is not easy for her, Raashi.

At the school; Vidya recognizes Kokila and says she / Gopi has the copy of same photograph. The Children wonder about the connection and plan to find the answers. One of the twins justifies that they need to find answers in a careful and without letting Gopi know that they are trying to find more about her and their, boys, family.

Later at night Pratiek comes to Gopi and says he has stomach ache, so Gopi takes him to the Doctor leaving Vidya.

While they cross, unknown to Gopi, The twins and Pratiek exchange thumbs up sign.

In the room of Gopi and Vidya, the cousins begin searching for some lead. They locate the key of the cupboard, search it but find not a thing.

At the other side, Pratiek gets examined by a lady doctor and pill is given. Smartly he diverts the ladies – Gopi and the Doctor’s – attention throws away the pill, drinks the water.

Back in the room, Children see a bag at the top of the cupboard.

The Episode Ends On The Bag ! ! !

Precap :- The Cousins – Twins and Vidya – find the marriage photograph of Vidya’s Parents. The Twins wonder, in confusion, while Vidya clarifies that that it is Marriage Photograph ; when two persons get married to each other, I mean man and woman.

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