Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari goes to Kokila’s room and says temple lamp needs oil refill and Gopi used to fill it. Kokila says she will refill oil. Urmila speaks to Jaggi over phone and tells Gopi that she spoke to Jagi and even she should. Gopi says what if someone sees Jaggi coming in. Gopi says she has to do it for Jai and Veeru;. Gopi speaks to Jaggi over phone and says to enter home, she is coming near door. Kokila walks towards temple. Pari and Mona smirk seeing that. Gopi gets Jaggi in. Pari and Mona switch on lights and smirk. Kokila is shocked to see Jaggi in front of her. Whole family comes out. Gopi tries to speak, but Kokila in her usual style from the core of herlungs shouts to shut up….she does not want to hear a word from her. She always trusted her and believes

she cannot lie, but she broke her trust with a lie. Gopi says she wants to gain her trust and not break it, she will regain it when she finds Ahem’s murderer. Kokila shouts her Ahem’s murderer is standing in front of her and holds Jaggi’s collar and pushes him down. She shouts until she gets punishment to culprit Jaggi, she will not wear slippers, until she gets justice to her son Ahem, she will walk bare footed. Whole family watches her drama silently.

At night, Chanda wakes up from bed and thinks everyone must be asleep, this is the right time to escape from home. Gaura moves her wheelchair in passage thinking why Vidya and Meera don’t keep light on. Chanda opens door, but hearing Gaura’s voice runs and acts as asleep. Gaura sees her asleep and closes door.

Gopi sadly tells Urmila that she is trying hard to explain Kokila, but she does not want to. Urmila tells time will heal Kokila’s wounds. Jaggi enters tells same. Gopi says these wounds hae be healed with love, else it will be very dificult. She walks out from there. Jaggi says Gopi is weird. Urmila asks him to leave it on god, even his relationship with Gopi will sort out.

Sona brings her crying babies to kitchen for milk, but Pari stops her and says Kokila has warned not to let enemies in. Sona says Seet and Geeta are very hungry. Pari says then she should join her party and leave enemy party. Jaggi hears their conversation and asks Jai and Veeru to do something.

Chanda silently walks out off her room and tires to escape, but stops seeing Gaura. Mona tells Pari that she will open kitchen door and get her face pack. Jai and Veeru come holding Mona and Pari’s saris. Pari yells what are they doing with their saris. Jai and Veeru say they have charity at school, so they will give these clothes in chartiy. Pari yells more. They both throw clothes on foor and while Pari picks it, they steal key bunch from her waist. Jaggi comes and asks Sona to give babies to him. Pari sees keys missing. Mona says face pack will burn. Pari tries to break lock with hammer. Jaggi says it will not break like this and he can help her, but after that she has to let Sona into kitchen. Pari agrees. Jaggi breaks lock with his one punch.

Gaura claps and asks Chanda if she is trying to escape. Chanda asks if she can dare to catch her and laughs. Gaura asks if she wants to know how she will catch her. Chanda laughs and asks to try. Gaura stands up on her feet. Chanda is shocked to see this and reminisces Gaura’s acting. She tries to run, slips from stairs and falls down shouting for help. She then holds her stomach and shouts in pain. Gaura tries to help, but thinks if her family sees her on her feet, her game will end. Chand writhes in pain.

Precap: Gopi asks advocate how can he get Jaggi’s bail cancellation orders when court proved Jaggi innocent and granted bail. Kokila says she applied for bail cancellation. Gopi challenges Kokila that she will fight Jaggi’s case now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This is the reason why SNS will never be in the no.1 position of TRP. Because of illogical and dumb ideas that the directors are thinking.

    1. ae chutiya JOHN tu kitna beshram insaan hai tuje akal hai kya nahi tuje to jhoto se marna chahiye itna manna karne ke baad bhi yaha comment karne athe ho akal ke dushman tumare jaise log ko to 10 chappad lagana chahiye badameez aur besharam .
      Mana mujhe sunshine group se nikal diya gaya lekin kisi ne bhi sunshine group se batameez karne ki koshish ki uska bahut bura hal kar do ga mai yaad rakho.

  2. Most boring episodes. Advice that the play be terminated asap

  3. I swear Kokila is an Idiot, first listen to Gopi when she says he is innocent, does she want to feel guilty and embarrassed when she finds out Jaggi is innocent from the judge. Swear down. Now it is gonna be funny, Gopi turned into a Lawyer while Kokila is fighting on her side. I hate it when she don’t listen to anyone just keeps on shouting and shouting like can you shut up for once and listen when someone is tryna tell u an important fact, which is the truth that Jaggi is innocent. Stupid writers love to drag their story. I love the show but today was a boring episode, and don’t get why Pari is negative for? Like the family looked after her, got her married to Jigar yet she’s negative, let Jigar come back from America, only he can sort her out. With the house and wealth, got to her head, became greedy and acts like she owns the house. Not like you brought the house. Oh and Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Have awesome 2017 and hope by next year good things come your way. 🙂

    1. iagree withyou average

  4. pari is selfish she just care for herself, how can she not let sona get milk for sita gita , pari is so selfish, i wish rashi come back, and modi parivaar kick paridhi out of the house.

  5. Nandhini

    Hii Sunshiners! Again they are showing like an horrible accident! Chanda falling from stairs! Same way meera fell when she was pregnant…so gaura is not paralyzed?..hope this time the twin babies will survive and they will be fine…pari is a disgusting girl…Hi shakaib! Oh yeah its also kokila’s fault for not identifying jaggi as her son ahem…whatever it is,, a mother will always find out her son anywhere and anyhow…after she gets to know this she will swear to God that she will not forgive herself…and also she will do some crazy swearings like blindfolding her eyes forever (for being blind enough to identify her son),, etc…it will be good to see if she swears to shut her mouth forever!

    1. But is he really Ahem?
      not na? Then what will be the benefit from proving Jaggi as Ahem?If gopi succeed in it , then when Kokila will realize the fact that it was a cheat (because Jaggi is not Ahem) it will be more complex one than the present condition..
      So it is not a solution .Gopi have find out the real culprit t, ie,Gaura is behind the murder. That will be the good story line .Then both of them will be united .
      But Gaura is the back bore of the story now.
      Pari is the selfish character in the show.
      She was a good character.But when Sona entered the show ,she has changed more.
      Vidhya was more clever but now she is fool ,anyone can make her fool at any time.

      1. **Gopi ave to find 0ut**
        Hi my sun shine fz how are you all??

      2. Boss(Siddarth)

        Nisha Jaggi is only Ahem dint u see spoilers b4 3 days . Gopi is proving Jaggi as ahem bcoz to dismiss the case as he is innocent but kokila does not believe it and again she is trying to prove jaggi guilty . But while making Jaggi as Ahem Gopi wl realize that he is not Jaggi he is her Ahem who is acting as Jaggi bcoz there is a big secret behind it.

    2. Shakaib

      Hi nandi di, agree with your words.

  6. Love the precap , bravo Gopiii !
    Omg poor Chanda , i feel sorry for her and how she slip from stairs ! hope she’ll manage to show the true colours of Gaura to meera & vidya !

  7. Isaaq

    Tbh I kind of agree with some people on here. They need to stop dragging this track. I just want the leap to start straight away with the new entry of Gopi son.

    SNS has always dragged everything. They never get to the point. Cvs don’t realise that if they carry on dragging, they will lose viewers.

    Like even me, I’ve started watching other shows now and SNS isn’t my favourite show anymore. I’m just hoping the next track will be interesting.

    Btw guys, I’ve decided Gopi Destiny Finale will happen today as I want to start my new fan fiction tomorrow

  8. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends
    hw many times kokila takes oath .
    And Gopi is going to prove Jaggi is ahem and case wl be dismissed i think Jaggi wl answer all the questions from Ahem’s childhood and about Modi industries. So he wl proved as ahem in court.

  9. Shakaib

    Hi Sunshine friends Akshay bhai,Aisha di,Nisha di,Raven di,Nandini di,Soumya di,Issaq di,Sid bhai,Gettu di,
    Sheebarathyusha,Ragini di,Shreestee,Saba di,Riana di,Priyanka di SP,Mahi di,Chanu,Rithika di,Ramona,Swastika,Chithu di,Fiza di,KP,Rani,
    Ashu,Arvind S,Ann simona, rose, average girl. How are you all? Episode was good.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      I am good Shakaib hw r u .

      1. Shakaib

        I’m too fine.

    2. Nandhini

      I am fine too shakaib.?

    3. Chithu

      I felt so terrible watching Chanda fall. That was no nasty. Hope she n the babies are well. I think they might go for emergency caesarean and save the babies. Meera will be completely broken else.

    4. Chithu

      Hi Shakaib how r u

  10. You are kiddind again meera children will die

  11. Boss(Siddarth)

    Yes these Mona and Paridhi are turning more negative and selfish day by day . Hope Samar and Jigar both divorce them and at least there wl peace in Modi family inside their house .

  12. Riana

    I know that gaura is acting n showing her in wheel chair was just an act….but chanda’s fall off stairs was unexpected!!!…i think meera could have Premature babies…

  13. Plz save for chanda. please chanda is a pregnant. plz save for her. Meera loveing for her babies .

  14. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends i watch only brahmarakshas serial in zee tv but today i went to Mehek serial forum written updates i am just shocked bcoz in every episodes there is 150+ comments and some times there is 200 comments too . But hw is it possible as it is not in list of Top 10 shows but gets soo much comments.
    But top shows like SNS,YHM,and Shakti astitva Ki ehsaas only gets maximum 50 comments per day .
    But the serial which is not popular hw it gets 150+comments daily .

    1. Nandhini

      Yes Sid…i too noticed that…even in past ekta kapoor serials,, the trps are low but in their written updates there were 100+ comments…there was a serial in zee tv called ‘doli armanon ki’ few years back…its trp was too low but it had 200-300 comments per day…only few people are watching and those few people are only commenting that makes 100+ comments…SNS,,YHM,,Naagin,, Shakti,, etc., more number of people are watching but they are not aware of telly updates forum…i mean these serials all categories of people are watching right from small kids,, school students,, teenagers,, college students,, homemakers,,office goers,, middle-aged people,,senior citizens,,and all but among them only little number people are aware of telly updates and commenting here…and you know what?? Some serials like ‘Shani’ are in top 10 positions of trp but they only have 4 or 5 comments per day or even no comments at all…and sometimes telly updates are used to read the written updates when people missed the episode of a serial…mostly they just read the written episodes and dont comment…because its not necessary to comment after reading the written updates…only few readers who wants to share their opinion will comment…so it does not matter how much comments a serial episode gets…it only matters viewership numbers…

  15. Ofcourse kokila seems to be stupid these days. But I am excited for upcoming episodes when kokila will come to know that the real culprit is gaura. Then really the episodes would be awesome as earlier.

  16. Chithu

    I knew Gaura was acting as invalid. But that was quite scary n nasty fall for Chanda. Hope they r not in danger. I was hoping Meera will catch Chanda sneaking out. But this turned exactly as Meera’s accident.

  17. Chithu

    I liked the way Gopi has challenged kokila. It will be interesting to c them defend their cases in court.when will be Ahem’s complete story be revealed

  18. Chithu

    Pari was disgusting today. How can she deny milk for babies. They were crying in front of her and she was ignoring them. How can someone be so stone hearted. She was saying that for exchange of milk Sona must join them.

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