Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Meera feeling upset after Gaura’s warning , she feels it was useless to go to Urmila naani too , she would have to do something .

In their servant Qtr room Sona is upset and troubling Madhu while they both are sharing the same floor bed. Sona is upset as molu had got a angrezi bolne waali girl for himself she tells Madhu
Madhu thinks if what Sona was saying was true that all her plans will fail . She opens the door of their room to find a huge gift from Molu for Sona .
She is happy to see that Molu felt the same for Sona that she felt for him
She thinks this will help her in her plans and she will surely make him confess

At Rajvanshi house Meera tells Urmila and Vidya that she had locked Dharam in his room
They are


In the morning Sona wakes up and is pleasantly surprised to see a gift for her , it contained a pretty red n Gold suit , she wonders who might have gifted her , she thinks it must be Tolu as he might be regretful for insulting her badly , she thinks of going and asking him
Madhu asks Molu if he sent the gift for Sona , and what was reason behind it , Molu hesitantly tells Madhu that guests were coming and she did not have any nice dresses thats why he gifted it
Sona over hears this and is upset that he commented on her clothes with such disgust
She gets upset and goes to her room n starts to cut up that dress with scissors , Molu who wanted to see her happy , is upset to find her disliking his gift so much
Sona and Molu both are upset , and tearful,and heart broken

Mota bhabhi and Kokila prepare snacks for the guests .
Gopi notices Molu upset and asks him the reason , he is about to tell her but he notices Sona overhearing them , he changes his topic and tells Gopi that he will accept what ever decision they took for him, he was ready to marry Milli
Gopi advises him to wait and select patiently , he himself would select his jeevan saathi

Gaura comes to Dharam’s room and opens the latch of his room , she shouts at him for waiting for her when she was playing games with him, she was making him dance to her tunes !! Could he not see that !! How could he tolerate that girl who locked him up in a room ?? Dharam is seen dreaming about Meera and smilingly tells his mom that Meera was childish and chulbuli .

That moment Meera enters and tells Dharam lovingly that last night she was talking to naani about him and they talked till late night , she did not realise when she fell asleep
Dharam says it was OK one sould go to sleep where ever one felt sleepy
He gives smile to Gaura and she is shocked with Meera’s tactics
Meera tells her pati to get ready as she was preparing his favourite breakfast .
Dharam happily rises from bed , goes to freshen up
Meera confronts Gaura , each declares herself superior to the other , and declares the other one gira huva
Gaura angrily tries to slap her , but she grabs her arm and twists it behind her back, , meera threatens gaura , that she was not a doormat bahu who suffered quietly and she would fight back and bite , she throws Gaura to the floor , she threatens Gaura that this game was started by her , and she wil, finish it. She better understand
Vidya and urmila come to the door and are shocked at the sight they behold , Vidya feels this was not correct , but Urmila is very happy
Gaura is furious and declares Meera will pay for this gustakhi with heavy price

In the kitchen Madhu tries to probe Sona who is very upset, she breaks the platter of food that Madhu offers her , Kokila comes there on hearing the commotion

Precap for tomorrow
Madhu calls up Gaura saying she was Gopi’s mother , she and gaura had the same enemy so they could become friends to fight their common enemy , gaura asks her to shut up !!
Kokila comes there and asks whom was she fighting against ?? Madhu is shocked to see Kokila in her room .

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. All the characters in this serial are fantastic villians. Hail saath nibhana saathiya.

  2. Want 26 december written episodes

  3. Kya bar hay meena ki lolxxx,,,she’s just incredible fool…stop all this nonsense and go to ur home and liv e happy with ur family,,,this all is just caz of u…u r the vamp pf story actually…dragging the story…which makes no sense at al,..stop it guys and let meena go back

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