Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi asks Rashi to tell what did she see in Gaura’s room. She hears Pari shouting and rushes towards room. Pari hears Ahem and Jigar’s talk that Ahem sent Jigar to US to stay away from Pari some days. She starts crying and asks Jigar why did he broke her trust and why did Ahem help Jigar. Whole family gathers. Pari continues crying and tells that Jigar deprived her of her right and does not want to give her own child. She wants to distance from him now. Kokila consoles her. Gaura smirks seeing her plan succeeding.

Pari says even Gopi must be involved in Jigar and Ahem’s plan. Ahem says Gopi is not involved in it. Hetal says Ahem and Jigar did wrong, Jigar cannot keep a distance from Pari. Pari asks if does not have right to have her own children. Kokila

says she cannot discuss personal issue in front of guests and says though she has right to have children, even Ahem should agree for it.

Hetal asks everyone to leave and let Jigar and Pari spend some time together. She asks Jigar to console Pari calmly. Jigar starts cries. Ahem consoles him.

Urmila comes to Gaura’s room and thinks before Gaura comes, she should check what is in her trunk/suticase and thinks it must be having kilos of gold and if she takes some, Gaura will not know it. She sees trunk locked and thinks key must be under bed. She puts hand under bed and gets her hand trapped in a rat trap. She then touches suitcase and gets electric shock. She runs from there thinking Gaura’s room is more dangerous than her. Gaura sees everything from washroom, comes out, removes electric wire from her suitcase and thinks if Urmila tries to s steal, she will be punished like this.

Vidya’s marriage shopping starts with sari shopping. Whole family select saris. Vidya signals Shravan if she should select particular sari. Gaura interferes and orders him to say no. He nods no. She then shows different saris and gaura orders him to nod no. He does same. She finally shows one sari and Gaura orders him to nod yes. Shravan nods yes. Gopi watches this carefully and thinks why is Shravan obeying Gaura’s orders. Gaura calls her chatanki as usual and asks if she did not like saris. Gopi says they are good.

Hetal asks Gopi if Pari is fine now. Gopi says yes. Urmila joins them wearing bandage on her hand. Rashi also comes. Kokila asks if she also wants to select clothes for her. Rashi gets afraid seeing Gaura. Rashi says she came to take Gopi to help in her maths homework. Gopi says let us go. Gaura stops Rashi and asks cloth merchant to show best ghagra choli for Rashi. Kokila says let Rashi do home work afterwards. Gaura asks Meera also to select clothes for herself and taunts that she cannot attend engagement ceremony in mini skirt.

Precap: Gaura sees Meera wearing Rashi’s engagement dress and jewelry and says she burnt engagement veil, now she wants to tell in front of everyone that she is unit for that veil, so she did not get it.

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  1. Best serial ever

  2. This serial should stop… Why is this serial going on for so long and not ending and good serials like Manmarziyaan have to end..?

    1. what can we do!some people watch this manipulating serials and for that starplus end serials like manmarziyan but continue this typ of serials for years 🙁 I won’t even watch this channel after manmarziyan go off screen.. hate starplus

  3. Abhay Mohanty

    The bst serial ever a long gap after Kyunki Saas V Kabhi Bahu thii Nd Kahani ghar ghar kiii

  4. Ednil picardo

    Boarding; hate this serial

  5. Nie episode.

  6. Y is gaura still there n wat in her trunk I want to no

  7. I want to know what’s in her trunck

    1. might be gaura’s brothers corpse preserved in ice….. LOL. anything can happen in this absurd serial

  8. its vidhya’s engagement not rashi’s. please correct your mistake . thank you for uploading written update of this drama

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