Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Modi family returns sadly from court hearing. Baa asks if Meera did not come with them, if Ahem is bringing her. Jigar says nobody is bringing her, she got a death sentence. Baa says no

Meera in jail reminisces Dharam’s words that he will elder than her and will die someday soon, but will wait for the day when she will return to him. She cries and says she loves him a lot. She knows he wants to know if she can stay without him or not, she will die without him. Gaura dances in front of unconscious Dharam. Meera prays god to send her Dharamji to her. Dharam opens eyes. Gaura asks if he is fine and says his mother is in front of her. He says Meera..She yells Meera did a black magic that her son is only seeing her and not his mother. She gives him sedative

and says after 16 hours, Meera will be hanged at 9 a.m. and he will be free forever.

Baa shockingly says this cannot happen. Jigar says tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., Meera will be hanged. Baa asks Hetal if this is a lie. Hetal says they tried a lot, but could not save Meera. Baa says her Ahem will bring Meera. Jigar says Ahem is in jail after holding lawyer’s collar and says everything is finished now. Kokila shouts nobody will get disappointed, it is time to support each other. She knows Meera is given death sentence and Ahem is in jail, she did not lose hope, then how can Jigar lose hope. After darkness, light comes. He should become Bharath in Ahem’s absence and support family. Jigar says saving Meera is impossible. Gopi says with Meera, he should also think her as dead. There is nothing like impossible. Kokila continues her moral gyaan and with her usual loudly high pitched voice says Jigar has to fight.

Shravan,Durga, and Naiya reach home. Naiya asks Shravan who broke gate. Shravan says even he does not know, they should go in and check. They enter home and Shravan asks servant where is baaji/Gaura. Servant says they all came just now as Gaura had given them off. He shockingly says Baaji was alone. He checks Gaura’s room and says baaji is not in her room. Naiya asks Durga togo and check dowstairs while she and Shravan check other rooms. Durga walks and sees store room door open. She silently enters in calling maaji, if you are here. Gaura throws injection and nervously says how did she come here. Gaura comes and stands near door Durga asks what is she doing here. Gaura says she came to take lamp and asks her to clean it, she wants to light it after Meera’s death. Durga sees injection on floor and thinks how did it come here. Gaura shouts to go. Durga leaves. Gaura thinks once Meera is dead, her son can open his eyes.

Kokila continues her moral gyaan and takes oath on god that she will prove Dharam is alive and will bring back Meera home. Gopi says she is with her. Hetal says even she is with her, whole family joins them. Jigar asks what they should do now. Kokila says they should get justice to Meera and should even break law for that. She chants om krishna yanamaha..

Precap: Modi family wears black dress. Kokila applies tilak on each of them and takes oath to defeat Meera.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So much ridiculous episode.Writer mad ho gayi.Police Dharam Ki laash na dekhkar,post mortem report na dekh kar meera Ki verdict de dia??How can it possible???itni jaldi fashi ??Aaj verdict dia kal subah 9 baje fasi??Sab meera ko bachana chahti hain good.But bachaneke liye sab loog e a dress up karna jaruri hain?Totally bakwaas serial.Ess type Ki serial se loog kuch accha nehi Sikh rahi hain.This serial should be banned immediately.?????

  2. I think shravan n naiya will stop meera from getting hand

    1. Naiya is a witch she can’t never save meera instead helps gaura

    2. Dharam will save her

  3. What d hell is dis ,how is possible to hang some one in oneday and especially in india…
    What wrong with dis writter i think he gone screwed……he need some cycatris…..

    1. Baķwaas bakwaas behooda beti ķo phansi hone jaa rai ha daamad ke death ho gai ha aur maan gopi ka singhaar he khatam nai ho raha bakwaas full bakwaas

  4. Brighton Jack

    According to Cornell Law School’s global database on the death penalty, not a single person in India has been executed for crimes in 2016 and only one person for the entire year of 2015. Even though there are 477 people listed as being on death row, India does not carry out a death sentence the very next morning. The writers of Saathiya are out of touch with reality. The writers themselves might well deserve to be put on death row for creating the vomit-inducing character Gaura, a bloated beast who has damaged India’s reputation worldwide as a nation that dances to the tunes of corrupt sociopaths. Even if Gaura is finally taken down, the writers have taught that for the most part sociopaths can live the high life and get away with an unremitting reign of terror and criminality.

  5. As suspected, another precap (yesterday’s) to mislead and lure people to watch this ridiculousness. Durga never saw Dharam. Furthermore, she is stupid and weak. She forgets that it is because of Meera that she got the status she currently has. Dharam doesn’t give two hoots about her. He did what he did because of Meera’s request.

    1. Yes
      But durga is a ditch
      Who ditched meera and gave her testify against without any thankfulness
      I hate her waiting eagerly for durga(siff naam ki vaasi durga) death episode
      So that dhara will always be united

  6. Hey guys meera wil not die. And i saw meera and dharam hugging each on instagram. other in the upxoming episode. Ahem will take daram and fight with gaura modi family will untie gaura into a stool and they will take daram to meera the dharameera’s love will come back nothing to worry.

  7. Nice epiosode.

  8. you guys know this is a tv serial right? gosh it’s not the end of the world that the script does not match the current laws and regulations, lighten up and just enjoy the show

  9. Waiting anxiously for dhram and meera’s union and chemistry
    Pls make it fast
    I can’t see dharam in a helpless condition

  10. Well the upcoming episodes will be funny but them also it will rubbish

  11. What is this who is this idiot writer and i going to file a complaint on him such a good serial it wash now it is very disgusting
    Dont irritate us no one can play with law in india

  12. D updates r posted late. If u can post it early then if would be good

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