Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Paridhi says congrats to Gopi for her first win. Kinjal gets irked. Paridhi says finally you have stop Ahem from going to Mumbai. Baa praises Gopi. Tolu and Molo say Hip Hip Hurray. Gopi says there is still long way to go. Hetal says you will get your destination. Gopi asks about Mansi and Meera. They hear some noise. Molu says it is coming from the room and rush towards their room. They see Meera messing up the room. Gopi asks what is this? Meera holds the vase and breaks the wall photo mirror. Everyone is shocked. Tolu and Molu ask what the hell? Meere says this is just the trailor and the film is still to be shown. She says I have broken your things to settle the scores.

Tolu says we didn’t touch your things, then why did you break ours. Meera says she will stay in the house

with her own terms. She says she will get the rights which she deserves and insults Tolu and Molu. She tells Paridhi that Mansi has the same right on the house as she is her mum. Molu says you are insulting our mum and asking us to behave well with your so called mum. Paridhi asks them to keep quiet. Gopi tells you don’t understand my words. Paridhi asks Gopal not to scold Meera. Meera says she knows well, how to talk to others. She asks her to stop giving her lecture. Mansi looks on. Meera asks Gopi to remember not to give her lecture and not come her way. Meera asks Mansi to come with her. They leave from the room. Gopi is tensed with her daughter’s behavior.

Kokila comes to Ahem and asks shall I help you. Ahem says I will do. Kokila says I will massage your head. Ahem says you are not well. Kokila says parents don’t get tired to work for their children and insists to massage his head. Ahem agrees and sits. Vidya comes and sees them together. She gets teary eyed. Kokila reminds him that he used to be dependent on her before marriage, and then after his marriage, Gopi used to take care of him. She says now you are doing your work yourself. Ahem says time has changed. Vidya is teary eyed. Kokila says we can’t be with you all your life. I can’t live for 100 years. She says daughters have to be married. She says when a person is at his life phase, then real life partner only supports him. Vidya hears and leaves. Kokila explains him about life partner importance and leaves.

Paridhi asks Meethi to make thepla and sheera in the breakfast. Gopi comes and says she will cut the vegetable. She apologizes to Paridhi and asks why did you stop me from scolding Meera. Paridhi says when Meera misbehaved with her, she got angry and scolded her, but then thought to give her space. She says I am afraid that she might go back. Gopi explains that teacher teaches same thing to all the students, but only a few comes first. She asks her to promise to scold Meera whenever she does any mistake. Jigar comes there and asks what is the matter. Gopi asks Jigar to scold meera whenever needed. Jigar says Gopi is saying right and asks Paridhi not to spoil Meera like Tolu and Molu. Gopi says Meera will understand our doings in future. She leaves. Kinjal hears everything and goes to Paridhi. She says I feel pity on you. I never saw Jigar talking to you like this. What happened today that Jigar scolded you. Paridhi says he was explaining to me. Kinjal tries to provoke her against Gopi. She says Jigar gave his mother’s right to Gopi. She says Jigar raised finger on your upbringing. You gave good upbringing to Tolu and Molu, but Jigar scolded you. She asks her to think.

Meera tells Mansi that she got a chance to take revenge from Tolu and Molu. Mansi says she is getting a feeling that Ahem is going away from her. Meera asks Mansi to do something. She asks her to spend quality time with Ahem. Mansi says it is not possible here. Meera asks her to talk to Ahem rather than waiting for a chance. She gives the mobile and goes. Mansi calls Ahem and says she needs to meet him. Ahem says we meet daily. Mansi says I wants to spend quality time with you and asks to come for dinner. Ahem says he is tired now. Mansi gets angry and start complaining him that he doesn’t have time for her since he met his family. Ahem says but what about mom. Mansi says Vidya is with her. Ahem agrees. Meera says she will decide about her dinner date. Vidya gives the clothes to Ahem. She says she will take care of Dadi. Ahem says I was worried about maa and Gopi is also not here now.

Paridhi asks Gopi to leave from her home. Gopi says this family is mine and I will not leave from this house. Paridhi says this house is not yours and throws her out of the house.

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  1. Swarna

    What is Meera’s problem? Tolu & Molu found her as an orphan & she forgotten her childhood? No one forgets their childhood especially her sleeping on the floor and selling flowers!
    Why act so big now ? Forgotten her past suffering as a child? I Mansi only needs as an alley for to get Ahem she doesn’t love Meera when is he going to realise that ?
    Mansi allowed her to run wild and accepted it without putting her on the right path. Mansi pretended to be Meera’s best friend by not telling her what is right – if Meera was Mansi’s daughter she won’t allow her to drink and drive most definitely she would have informed Ahem .
    When is brat Meera going to realise Mansi couldn’t care less for her? Even Vidhya could remember her childhood who is her younger sister!!!
    Producers please write sensible story lines not showing tantrums how Meera turn out be a monster who hates her mother ?
    A child who have devoted her childhood in the temple cannot act in this manner please have
    some psychological input when writing story lines- the audience do remember what you have written in the past !!!

  2. Bhavya mishra

    This is not fair that a child who was so calm and good girl could become so selfish and naughty after being grow

  3. bharti

    What wrong with Meera. She been with her mum until 12 or 13 years old. how she forget how her mum take care, Why she like mans . Writer shold think public is not stupid

  4. Laura

    Jack pleaseeeeeeee help us come to kyy tell john to go away my last comment here Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. Elizabeth. Asare Boateng

    Paridhi don’t have right to sent Gopi from the house because Gopi have done a lot for Paridhi,before she got married ,she is ungrateful,any way i can see that Gopi will win because Ahem still love Gopi and they are love,are still strong.

    • janu (john ka beta)

      actually director hv lack of commonsense he could not differentiate between naughty n misbehave so in sns serial instead of naughty u r lookin mannerless girl its not ur fault

  6. Rashi Modi

    Janu jiju…..tum meera didi ki disgusting kyu kaha…..aur tum kaha chale gaya…..kal rath say dikhaye nahi dey raha hai…aur DHAWAL uncle kaha hai…jigar kaka mujhe bhi thepla aur shira chahiye…mujhe parcel lao na.

  7. राशि मोदी

    Iam very happy bcoz 2day is sunday.i have holiday 2day waise anyone saw the film holiday?

  8. jaya

    interesting precap……………..Is anybody know that SNS is being telecasted in tamil?.But in tamil the actors & actors were different, anyways the story is same.

  9. ലിയ

    Papu bhai isnt playing with me and vidhya didi isnt talking with me.meera didi is scolding me.grandmaa isnt staying with me.ahem papa is angry at me.nji….nji..,

  10. ലിയ

    Dhawal uncle Dhawal uncle.nowadays papu bhai is very romantic.he is always thinking about vidhya di.

  11. ലിയ

    Ohho m gng drs.i think this mobile too have some problem.i tried to change my username into raashi but it isnt changing so all raashi’s cømments r loading as ലിയ’s.

  12. Liya

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  13. Liya

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  15. Raashi modi

    Hai and ok dhawal uncle but u r always dreaming kinjal na then how ll u get time 2 play with me?

  16. Athira

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    or parayu engananu malyalathil type cheyandathu.Angananangil njan malayalathil email id tharam

  17. Liya

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  18. Liya

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  19. Athira

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  20. Hannah

    Actualy hw cn tis pari kick out gopi? I ws lykng pari’s nature 2wrds gopi. Bt tis one disapointd me! N i dnt lyk tis kinjal. She s 2 irritatng frm d first itself! Pari could hv kikd out tis kinjal!

    • Heyaaa people nd btw its pariz plan to throw gopi out so she has gts closr to ahem meanin she will have no where to stay exepct from chawl where ahem is stayin.

  21. jaya

    Guys i am kindly requesting you peoples to spend 15 mins in ur precious time by praying to the god(mouna anjali) for the peoples who died in the great tragedy(Nepal earthquake).

  22. janu (john ka beta)

    i felt earthquake in jaipur but nothing to be worry i m safe n pray for others be safe n request to all of u plz help others

    • janu (john ka beta)

      yes i know sara tomorrow i vl go to bihar with a ngo for help of peoples so take care of urself n ur family, neighbour n help of others i don’t know how many days i vl stay there so no contact on this forum

  23. janu (john ka beta)

    so till nxt meeting take care, prayer, help others ok bye love u, miss u sweet, liya, athira, achu dhawal uncle, jigs uncle, pari aunty, rajna aunty, kinjal aunty, john dad, my lovely sali sahiba rashi, real meera, fake meera, take care bye bye

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  25. Liya

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    • Athira

      suriya el fav valsalyam(uttran),pranayavarnangal(rangrasiya), and bhagyalakshmi
      manjurukum kalam ethu seriala?
      Ashianetel ethoke kannum?

  26. Liya

    Manjurukum kaalam-mazhavil manorama(7:30 i think). Asianet pandu kaanumaayirunnu but now i dont like any serial of asianet.

  27. Athira

    Njan shastri sisters ,ye hai mohabbatein ,sns ,nauc and sometimes udaan.
    Oru karyam parayam ende veetil eppol ee channels oka poyi.athu konda wu vayikunne.allangil netil episode nokkum liya kutty.

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  32. Athira

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