Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera hugs Vidya and emotionally says she always misunderstood her till now. Dharam locks himself in a room and reminisces Naiya’s words that she is jealous of Vidya that she did not give her child, so she wants to make Vidya and Meera’s life hell. Meera with Vidya and Shravan comes and knocks door. Dharam does not open door. Meera says if he does not open before she counts 3, she will leave his house. He opens door. She enters room and picks her suitcase. He says she told she will not go. She says she will go. He holds her hand and pleads not to go and promises that he will never doubt her again in life. She says even she will never fight with him. They both hug emotionally. Vidya and Shravan smile for them. Vidya then goes to temple and thanks god

for reuniting Meera and Dharam. Shravan joins her.

Meera wraps diwali gift boxes egrasped in a thought. Kokila asks if she is thinking about Meera and Vidya. Gopi says yes, lot happened in Meera and Vidya’s lives, we did not attend even Naiya’s marriage, so she is thinking of going to Meera and Vidya’s house and giving them diwali gifts personally. Kokila says it is a good idea. Jaggi comes and says he has planned for a family picnic tomorrow and even invited Dharam and his family. Gopi says it is a good idea, he did right. Kokila warns Jaggi that he must be planning to lure Gopi, but she will not let him succeed. Jaggi jokes she is moutach less hitler. Kokila in her usual style shouts bas…..Urvashi hears their conversation and thinks she will not let Jaggi break his heart again.

At Dharam’s house, Dharam asks Vidya to get some coffee for him. Meera says brings sugarless cafe for everyone. Dharam sips and says it is very sweet as Meera prepared it Vidya says Jaggi had called and invited them for picnic tomorrow. Dharam says he will prepare gilli danda for tomorrow and leaves. Meera tells Vidya that she will go to gynecologist and get herself checked.

Jaggi during dinner asks family that today they have having food on dining table and tomorrow they will in picnic. Urvashi looks dull. Jaggi asks what happened to her, checks her forehead and feels her having high fever. He gets concerned. Onion drops down from Urvashi’s armpit and Urvashi thinks she kept it to increase body temperature and hopes Jaggi did not see it. Jaggi takes Urvashi to her room. Kokila comes and says she should rest. Urvashi says because of her their picnic plan is canceled. Kokila says her health is more important and asks her to rest. Parag says Kokila is right, Jaggi is there to take care of Urvashi thought, Jaggi can call him if he needs his help. Jaggi fumes.

Gopi brings fruit for Urvashi and feeds her. Jaggi sits and stares at her. Tujhme rab dikhta hai yaara mai kya karun….song…plays in the background.

Meera returns home from gynecologist’s office and cries loudly. Vidya consoles her. Meera says that doc told she cannot become mother. Vidya consoles her.

Precap: Gopi prays god that tomorrow is Kokila and Parag’s 50th marriage anniversary and they should forget their differences tomorrow. She touches Kokila and Parag’s feet next day and wishes them. Jaggi says even he is 50.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I thought that the pregnancy report that naiya had made was false so why did meera’s say she can’t become mother?

    1. Hi,
      Yeah Naiya made up the false report therefore Meera should be able to conceive..

      Meera’s womb might be weak so it might be difficult for her to conceive or sHe cud try IVF as they seemed to be rich and can afford. Moral of the story is Meera should become a mum it will be very nice.

      1. Meets dosen’t have to prengnat to become a mother.She could adopted a child.

  2. hi all sunshiners how are u ???? sid nandi akshay mahi nisha aisha saba geetu shreestee raven

    today’s episode is good

  3. meera cannot become mother ???i guess may be doctor said she is weak to carry a baby

  4. John

    I am not a good guy. I am not a bad guy. I am the guy who just loves Ahem’s acting.


  5. kokila and parag’s wedding anniversary and jaggi’s birthday high voltage drama is awaiting tomorrow

    1. Hi what are you doing now? how was the exams?good to see you here also.comment more here chotti behn
      You are from andhra na? I am also from one of the south indian states.can you guess in which state i am belongs to?

  6. hey nisha good to see u comment a lot yesterday

  7. Shakaib

    Hi sunshiners,sid,nandhini,nisha,isaaq,akshay,sowmya and all sunshiners, sorry for missing someone’s name! I love jago forever! Guys,when urvashi thinks she will not let jaggi”s heart break,it seems that jaggi try to propose other girl but she dump him. Just random guess! I think guys from MODIS and suryavanshis going for picnic will make gaur a comeback, maybe something happen picnic!
    naagin is really of 50!!!! Because urvashi was pregnant before korag’s marriage, so jaggi must be of 50 na!!!! Just think yaar!!!! Guys I’m thinking that if CVS can brought ahem back as ahem’s stepbrother then why gopi’s stepsister which really similar to. Gopi, right guys, and then they can bring ahem back,random guess.

    1. Jasminerahul

      With this idea why don’t u write a story?or a write a story that Jaggi turms out to be Ahem

      1. Shakaib

        Hi jasmine,nice to see you in this page, I wish that I can write a story on sns, but due to my exams my ffs will too end and will try to write after exams.

  8. Shakaib

    Sorry guys, 4 spelling mistakes , jaggi instead of naagin and yes Karag=k okila and p arag.

  9. gopi wears the saree gifted by jaggi . jaggi gets glad seeing gopi . gopi looks stunning in the green saree.

    jaggi gets mesmerized seeing her . jaggi did not expect gopi to accept his gift and gets surprised.

    there is diwali preparations in modi house . kokila is seeing the arrangements and asks gopi to help her .

    jaggi gifted everyone on diwali . kokila too felt strange seeing gopi wearing the saree gifted by jaggi

  10. friends did u remember
    at the start of sns when ahem used to hate gopi during some festival hetal tells gopi to wear green colour saree as ahem likes green colour and that was the first time ahem was mesmerized by gopi

    that time gia manek used to play gopi character

    and now i think history repeats

  11. today’s update was comparitively fast than other days thank u telly

  12. in yesterday’s pracap it was written that gopi sees onion falling from urvashi’s hand but today nothing was given like that did gopi see that or not ????

  13. in yesterday’s pracap it was written that gopi sees onion falling from urvashi’s hand but today nothing was given like that did gopi see that or not ????

    not to forget u mahi u are also commenting good thank u and keep doing and say something about u place job ( if u wish otherwise ignore )

  14. nandi di yesterday ur attendance was cut phir se package katam ho gayi kya

    and lagta hai ki priyanka ji is busy with her son kaha ho aap

    it is really weird to see parag asking urvashi to take care in front of kokila

  15. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Gopi’s heart has started melting for Jaggi.

    Gopi has started falling in love with Jaggi, she wears the saree given by Jaggi as gift.

    Everyone is preparing for doing the pooja of Dhanteras and they will make the arrangements for Diwali.

    Gopi looks beautiful in red and green saree

    Gopi looks very beautiful in red and green saree, Jaggi gets really happy as Gopi wears the saree given by him.

    Jaggi gets mesmerised seeing Gopi, Sona on the other hand makes beautiful rangoli.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist

  16. Boss(Siddarth)

    Yes Shakaib Jaggi is 50 years old . So some SNS fans had doubt about Jaggi’s age and now it is cleared to everyone that Jaggi’s age bcoz he himself told his age is 50.
    And one thing I dont understand why Urvashi want to make Jaagi marry wen he is 50years why she dint get him married wen he is young strange I think even Urvashi have some dark secret .

  17. Yeah todays episode was super and sowmya I am from Andhra pakka Telugu and btech biotechnology 1st year. Hi Sid Nisha shakaib Nandini di Raven di and all sunshiners

  18. Boss(Siddarth)

    And Shakaib your idea is good about bringing gopi’s twin this will be very entertaining to watch but gopi’s parents are dead . But if they bring ahem back they can bring gia manek back as Jaggi’s love and then jaggi may not turn negative. Wt say friends

  19. Good for naiya glad that vidya expose her ass n y meera can’t become a mother

  20. If I’m right, Ahem was said to be 28years old when he was married.
    And Ahem died after his 25th marriage anniversary.
    And 5years passed,
    so… if Ahem was alive now, he would be 58years old.

    As Urvashi was pregnant at the time of Kokila-Parag’s marriage, Jaggi is older than Ahem.

    In that case, Jaggi would be around 60 years old.

    And they are Saying that Jaggi is only 50???

    1. Like to know the secret of looking young at 60 or 80? Do they use Sandalwood soap?

  21. But jaggi birthday was shown few episodes before

  22. Hey guys ! I everyday come here to read all your comments I really enjoy it

    All the best guys..!! 🙂

  23. And mahi even I am from Andhra

    1. Oh which place chanu

      1. Hi Mahi how are you?did you enjoyed the episode?
        The scene in which gopi feeds urvasi and jaggi looks gopi with love it was really funny!

  24. Who write this rubbish when they first introduce Jaggi his mother said it had been 30 years since she last saw Kokila an she was pregnant with jaggi then from 29 he’s suddenly become 50 an he happens to be older than ahem who happen to be in his early 50’s when he died and Gopi was in her late 40’s because they had already mention that in the early episode an now they say kokila been married for 50 years so are they trying to say ahem was born 10 years before Kokila got married to his Parag how stupid is that they can’t even add up in this show no wonder this show makes no sense

  25. It is sad to learn that Meera can’t conceive. Vidya shud take her for 2nd opinion and Ensure that she can be a Mother. It will be nice that Meera too can have a baby. Story line can be made as Meera ‘s womb is weak so if she conceives she shud take bed rest. It will be nice.
    Don’t bring in Naiya’s character as she is as bad as her Grandmother Gaura. Don’t like her character as she portrays as an ungrateful person

  26. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good morning Sunshine friends
    Paras wer did u see that ahem was 28 wen he was married if u see the 1st episodes of SNS Ahem&Jigar were finished their studies and going to office and they both had college GFs and Rashi was Final year student,Gopi was one year elder to her . At that time ahem&Jigar were 21to22 years and Hetal &Kokila was searching bride for them . And as I mentoined in my earlier comments even Tolu,Molu,Meera,Vidya are married after they finished college at the age of 22years . So ahem\Jaggi is age is not more than 50-53years.

  27. Boss(Siddarth)

    Arun wen they first introduced Urvashi kokila slaps her and says that bcoz of u parag never loved me and they dint mention that after how many years kokila&Urvashi meet bcoz I have seen that episode fully.
    And b4 some days wen kokila told gopi about Jaggi she told that Urvashi was pregnant b4 kokila&parag’s marriage and after marriage parag and kokila never seen Urvashi.

  28. Padmalatha Addanki

    Hi, My prediction is….when parag came from US, he wants to tell something to kokila, but she didn’t give chace to talk. He might want to tell that he never had a physical relationship with Urwashi.

    If that is true,Ahem didn’t die in accident , but lost his memory. By chance Urwashi got to be accident seen and saved and cooked some story to Ahem and changed him into Jaggi for her own benefit or to get place in modi bhavan or to get out of her loneliness.

    Maybe. She make overed some anonymous dearbody with Ahem like mask as on this serial its easy to give exact face like mask.

    Just a wild guess, it might be Gauras plan by using urwashi( Parag old lover) to take revenge on Kokila.

  29. Padmalatha Addanki

    Sorry dor my typos,If he is Ahem, on kokila_parag 50 th Anniversary, he might be <=50.

  30. meera and dharam are ok now … really happy

  31. hey ……. dont stop writting …it must have to continue till i die……

  32. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Gud evening Sunshiners Nandini wer r u no comments frm u .
    Padmalatha u r ryt wen parag cme from U.S he was not able to beleive that Urvashi has son he tried to talk kokila many times but she dint listen him . And Parag is not that kind of person who to live pregnant women . So Jaggi is ahem’s twin brother and he is also Kokila&Parag’s son.

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