Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells Madhuben whatever drama she tries, she will not trust her. Vidya takes Meera forcefully to Gaura’s room and asks her to see her fingers to know the truth. She sees Gaura relaxing after a bath and Durga doing her manicure and pedicure. Vidya says she was sleeping just a min ago. Gaura says Durga is massaging her head and doing manicure since 30 min. Vidya says Durga is afraid of her, so may lie. Gaura says why will she. Meera says Vidya is alleging you for throwing cow dung in front of my room. Gaura acts as shocked. Vidya says she is not lying. Gaura scolds her and says she likes playing with fire, now she will show how it will be.. Vidya leaves sadly. Gaura asks Meera to check with vendor when will he deliver lamps. She then taunts Durga that she calls her

manhoos, but she always does her work. She then reminisces Vidya murmuring that Gaura is behind this cowdung drama, she will expose her now. She calls Durga and asks to massage her head and laughs that her drama worked well.

Kokila tells Gopi that Rashi’s life was at risk due to Madhuben, so she will not forgive her for that. Urmila says even she and Dhaval were there. Madhuben starts crying that she did not want to risk Rashi’s life, she went blank and ran from there. Gopi says Kokila that Madhuben was afraid and made mistake, so she cannot punish her whole life for 1 mistake. Mom is repenting for her mistake and she will apologize on mom’s behalf. She got mom back after many years and does not want to lose her. Hetal asks Kokila to think about Gopi. Ahem also backs Hetal. Kokila permits Madhuben to stay at her home. Gopi gets happy and hugs madhuben. Madhuben thanks Kokila. Dhaval asks Ahem if he is sure about his decision. Ahem says yes.

Gopi takes Madhuben in. Sona tries to misbehave with Kokila, but Madhuben stops her. Whole family disperses. Gopi asks Madhuben not to worry, once Kokila’s anger calms down, everything will be fine.

Meera changes into western outifit/shorts and sleeveless T-shirt and thinks she is feeling relaxed finally. Durga comes with milk and calls her didi. Meera asks if she is her younger sister and asks who will say that she is her didi. Durga says since she cannot call herby name, she thought of calling her didi. Meera says she can call her didi from hereon. Durga offers milk glass. Meera asks if it is skimmed milk with no sugar. Durga says yes and says Vidya was telling truth, she did not put cow dung in front of her room. Meera asks then? Durga says her sister loves her a lot and she should trusther. Meera asks if she means Vidya did not do anything, then who did it. Durga says baaji, then says she did not mean that. Meera says let us go to baaji and asks if this is the case. Durga gets afraid.

Precap: Kokila tells Madhuben she can stay in her home, but she will not trust her.

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