Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila says Gaura that they should forget enemity and let their youngsters live a better life. Gaura laughs and says she is afraid of her now and wants to compromise as her granddaughters are under her control. Kokila says she is mistaken. Gaura says she will use her fool granddaughter Meera against her and will destroy each of her family member. Kokila showed all her cards, but she did not see hers. She will be in a shock she will fall flat on ground. Meera hears their conversation peeping via window and thinks Gaura thinks her as fool, she will show both mother and daughter what she is.

Kokila reaches home. Whole family asks where was she. Kokila says she went to her granddaughters’ house with diwali gifts. Gopi says she knows how Gaura is, then why did she go there. Kokila asks everyone everyone to come to her room.

Meera goes to Gaura’s room and says she wore sari as per her order and now needs naulakha haar. Gaura smirks and asks why will she. Meera snatches keys from her and says she herself will take it from locker. Gaura calls Dharam. Meera tells Dharam that Baaji gave locker keys and asked to take whatever she needs and says she knows Dharam told baa to give jewelry. Dharam smiles and then praises Gaura that she made Meera’s mouth shut with jewelry.

Kokila tells Gopi and others that Gaura is very cruel and attacks from behind, but she will use her brain and defeat Gaura and has made a plan.

Meera takes Vidya to locker room and gives her Gaura’s favorite necklace. Vidya asks what is she doing. Meera says this is gift from her saas and herself wears naulakha haar. Gaura comes there fuming but then changes tone and applies black dot on their faces and says her bahus are looking very beautiful and asks Meera to keep her forehead dot for some time and then clean. Meera is shocked to see her behavior. Gaura thinks choti chatanki is flying high and she will cut hear feathers.

Kokila with family prays god to help her destroy Gaura’s cruel plans and defeat her.

Precap: Kokila tells Gopi just like Ram sent Hanuman to protect Seeta, her sent person will save her granddaughters from Gaura.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow meera 2day u look so beautbeautyfull

  2. Nice episode….

  3. Meera I really like u

  4. Drama is taking a nxt. Step…

  5. I want to no who kokila sent

  6. What?? Now SNS has gone too far. It used to be good 5 years ago. (When it started.)

  7. Just love saathiya. …. desperately waiting for tomorrow’s episode

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