Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila in her usual style shouts she does not accept Ricky and Sameera’s marriage. Ricky says she cannot even reject him. Pinku says if drama is over, can we get in. Kokila continues shouting she thought Ricky would change as he is Ahem’s son, but he did not, all 3 should get out of her house. Daima acts as collapsing. Sahir and Gopi hold her. Daima pleads to not let Ricky go, else he will spoil more. Jaggi says Daima is right, Ricky is son of this house and does not know meaning of marriage, only Kokila can guide him. Sameera says exactly, if Daadi teaches her, she will learn, it will be fun. Pinku comments so that she can break rules. Gopi comments. Ricky says okay mother India. Gopi asks Seeta to bring aarti thali. Seeta says it is already ready. Kokila asks Ricky to apologize

Seeta. Seeta brings aarti thali. Ricky coments look at gawar babe. Pinku takes out water bottle from his bag and says he was very thirsty. Sameera says she wants Pinku do her graha pravesh. Pinku keeps rice bowl. Sameera kicks it and it falls on Kokila’s feet. Sameera keeps left feet in red water and walks ahead. Urmila says it is abshagun. Kokila says negative people can only abshagun. She asks Samera and Ricky to touch Gopi’s feet. Sameera walks towards Gopi and thinks because of her, her mom could not get Ahem and became mad, now it is Gopi’s turn to become mad.

Ricky goes to Daima’s room. Daima says he is not mature to marry yet, why did he marry Sameera. He says she is perfect for him and reminisces proposing Sameera and she agreeing for marriage. On the other side Pinku and Sameera reminisces how Ricky offered them if they act as married, they can loot Modi family.

After sometime, doctor comes to check Jaggi. Daima gets tensed if doctor exposes her, she will be in trouble. Doctor checks Jaggi. Jaggi says there is some problem in his feet and they don’t feel anything at all. Doctor says it happens in almost every patient. Sometimes feet feel insensitive due to stress or lack of sleep, they should not give up. Daima thanks god that doctor did not do his job properly.

Bhavani searches courier box and finds it in cupboard. She thinks of hiding it somewhere else before someone sees it. She thinks where to and hides it in anther cupboard. She thinks whoever sent these photos knows that she tried to kill Imli via poisoned juice and Keshav drank it instead.

Ricky asks Daima if she is fine. Daima says yes and asks him to go and rest. Pinku says Sameera will stay with Ricky, what about him. Sona says he is their guest and will stay in guest room. Ricky leaves with Sameera holding her hand. Sameera smirks at Kokila. Urmila says Sameera is unfit for Ricky. Kokila says let us see, if she makes mistake, she will kick them out. She says she used to have misunderstanding with Ahem’s decision and even Urmila with Rashi, that does not mean they disowned their children. Urmila says they should correct their children’s mistakes.

Precap: Sameera throws Jaggi’s belongings out. Jaggi asks why is she throwing his belongings out. Sameera says she needs this room for her, she cannot stay in a store room.

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  1. Sameera is so annoying who wears things like that when they are married???

    1. Riana

      Nice that sameera didnt wore lingerie or bikini…A woman like her can do anything ….??????

  2. Sameera’s mom became mad bcoz of gopi…. I am not getting this point. Can someone please… Help me who is sameera?


    1. Riana

      Sameera is anita (ahem’s ex gf) daughter)…Dont know from whom she born ??…And how did that Anita suffered ??

    2. sameera is the daughter of ahem ex girlfriend who commited sucide because ahem dumbed her for gopi so sameera is now trying to seek revenge for the death of her mother what we dont know is if sameera is ahem daughter or she has a father who her mum divorced or just had sameera before marriage

  3. These ramakanth is so cheap, how can he think of looting his own family, shameless ricky urf gawar baba, feeling bad for seeta.

  4. Can I ask you people a question? how you know each other, Specially Riana, Isaaq, Nandhini. Rani, you talk alot Shakaib! What’s so special in him? God! Is he not getting on your nerves, Forget him, Might he have leave tu forever.

    1. Isaaq

      These are old tricks… you’re trying to create fights between us. Nice try…

      You need a bigger master plan than this to break us up.

      Manipulation won’t work on me at all?

    2. Nandhini

      Who are you all of a sudden jumping here from somewhere to talk about our shakaib…

    3. Riana

      No Madam Aaliya..We do not think shakaib as a talkative or annoying boy….His innocence n fun loving nature always motivate us as ff writers…Dont u think anything before writing ???…???

    4. Hi Aaliya can I ask u a question?u have kids? Shakaib only 13 and he is smallest in sunshines family,he respect every one here, he very cute and educated. I’m primary school teacher and I teach my students to respect old peoples and I think u are old them Shakaib and small then me.this site to comment about Sns and every one is welcome, GOD bless u and member GOD give us heart to love and mouth to speak beautiful words.

  5. What is this trash? The plot is the same and the people are different.All the time there is revenge but by different people.All these people come and stay at Modi’s as if it is some Ashram. Sameera is supposed to be Ahem’s girlfriend’s child.She was not shown as pregnant at that time.She supposed to have married and gone to States then why the revenge?She has a child from someone so she has moved on.It is all so crappy – This Dayimaa and Sameera stuff That Ricky is so wooden in his acting and so poor in dialogue delivery.Stop all this crap.and the other crap of Meera and Bhavani.

  6. Do not waste your energy in finding whose coming for what purpose and what had happened with them in past and who is whose illegitimate child and other stuff like that it’s all bullshit

    ohh god this show is damn annoying i do not have words to describe my animosity towards this show
    This channel claims to be so called “NAYI SOCH”but this show is in contrast come on we are in 21st century if a girl wears western clothes or something other than saree/salwar then there is nothing wrong in it .stop juding people(especially girls) on the basis of their clothes.
    but these serials omg if a girl wears western(revealing & short) than she is always characterless, homewrecker ,whore or a negative and selfish person.

    And if someone wears saree/salwar than she’s indeed a angel, beautiful soul, women of high values and character and all sanskari

    the girl with that weird dressing sense is being worshipped by modi’s coz she dons indian clothes and she prays infront of lord 24×7 and on top of that she seems to be uneducated and if she was educated modern in outlook ,confident outspoken , ambitious then she was considered a devil instead of devi
    so that’s the so called “NAYI SOCH” right????

  7. One of the best shows is all time. Absolutely love it. The cast are amazing and the directors are awesome.

    1. Sayyeda

      Hi john i glad to see u positive.GOD bless u.

  8. Sameera would be mansi’s daughter

  9. Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Kokila lashes out at Sameera for wearing bold western dress in pooja

    The upcoming episode of most popular family drama Saath Nibhana Saathiya on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.

    Kokila asks Sameera and Ricky to get ready for pooja as they have got married and it is necessary for them to do pooja together on Modi mansion.

    Since Sameera has entered Modi mansion to trouble Gopi and Kokila so she wears bold western dress for pooja so that Modi family get angry.

    Sameera tries to trouble Gopi-Kokila wearing western dress

    When Kokila and Gopi see Sameera in western dress then they get really furious and Kokila lashes out at Sameer for wearing such clothes.

    Later Kokila burns Sameera’s western dresses in order to teach her a lesson, Ricky see all this and he get really angry.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist

    1. John tanks to update, I’m glad to see people change to positive
      GOD Bless every one in this world. Have a nice day.

  10. Aaliya who give you the right to say anything about our BOSS do you even know what you are saying why do i have to explain to you people over and over again we do not have to see each other to be friends it comes naturally to us we trust each other there is a unique bonding among us do not try to create a rift here it won’t work so take a chill pill get it guys i do not know when again i will come on until then look out for each other bye love you guys

    1. Nandhini

      Take care Raven?

    2. Riana

      Hey Raven ?

    3. Chithu

      Come soon. Take care Raven

  11. Nandhini

    Technically sameera is like a sister to Ricky(coz once ahem and anita were a couple, so anita’s daughter is also like daughter to ahem) but whats happening here????? anyway this is not new they are showing they already showed obnoxious track long time ago when dheera became a couple…

    1. Nandhini u no about aisha and sowmya long time they no comment and all sunshines is busy. I love u all and after exams I no they coming back. GOD help u all in your studies.

  12. Hi sunshines, boss,Raina,akshay, mahi,Shakaib, sowmya, nandhini,amalina, riana. Nisha, rose, chithu. Average girl, isaaq, arvind, ragini, pratiyusha, ramona, fiza, priyanka, rani, chinu, gettu,raven, vp, sp,, amirul, kan and all SNS family I hop every one well. This episode is OK I think after when Ricky no about this Sameera he be realise how is family important in life.she negative and he after open he eyes.

    1. Chithu

      Hi Saba di how r u. Episodes r only ok now a days

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