Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi trying to suicide in bathtub reminisces her and Ahem’s romance. She gets out of her imagination and immerses herself into bathtub. Kokila who is much older now (must be 100 chronologically) rushes holding walking stick and tries to get Gopi out of bathtub, but cannot. She then rushes out calling Jigar, Pari.. Gopi immerses herself back into bathtub.

Kokila rushes to Pari’s room and opens door. Pari and grown up Rashi busy doing yoga and Rashi falls down. Pari scolds Kokila for pushing Rashi. Kokila says Gopi bahu gopi bahu. Pari scolds she is awalys bothered about Gopi and asks her to get out from her room and let them do yoga.

Kokila then runs to Jigar’s study room and he angrily asks what happened. She says Gopi bahu. He angrily calls Pari. She comes and asks what is it Jigs. He shouts they are not kids now and asks why don’t she hire nurse for Gopi. She says many nurses left. He calls doc. Kokila rushes back to Gopi’s room and sees her immersed in water. Her doc comes and picks her up and drops on bed. After a lengthy song his face is introduced repeatedly. Gopi is shown in coma but with open eyes.

Jigar reaches chawl in his car and 2 kids bang his car. He comeso ut and scolds if their father did not teach them manners. They say no. He shouts where is their father. Tolu comes out and asks what happened. Jigar says Modi industries needs him. Tolu says he is not interested. Their argument starts. Jigar shouts he dismisses him from Modi family’s assets.

Doc treats Gopi and asks Kokila to bring towel. She brings towels and he wraps Gopi and dries her.

Precap: Doctor promises Kokila that he will reflourish Gopi’s life.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. MA it’s not rashi the lady with Pari is Monica her bahu

  2. And guys there is a 4 year leap in the show

  3. Actually that is not grown up rashi that is her daughter in law right???

    1. Yes. I think so

  4. I means that girl is molu’s wife r8???

    1. yes she is molu’s wife monica

  5. Soma is pregnant with
    Her third child. Kinjal shifted abroad with her family
    Where is hetal, baa & chirag parag & also little rashi ?

  6. paridhi and monica look like they r of same age , if at all paridhi married jigar at young age even then paridhi can look little older no .

  7. Jigar has changed so much. Why has he turned evil? If Rashi was still alive she would teach him a lesson.

    1. Where’s meera and vidya
      Come on and where’s hetal, dhaval, molu and baa ???

  8. So disappointing episode,where is meera n vidya?Twist is a bakwaas

  9. So disappointing episode,where is meera n vidya?

    1. Yh that’s who I was looking forward to. Doesn’t make sense. Why aren’t her daughters looking after her? Watching this episode makes me feel like she doesn’t have daughters.

  10. So sad to see gopi,where is meera n vidya?

    1. Happiness personified

      Meera n Vidya will be shown tomorrow

  11. Woooo….Gopi is trying to catch her love….Koki grandma…live her alone…if she wants to go…then go!!!!!!!evrything is fair and love and war…Janu yar exam is good…waiting for results…

  12. It is 8 years leap actually. Why aren’t Meera and Vidya helping Gopi? They should at least offer to look after Gopi. I was actually looking forward to seeing Meera and Vidya in this episode but probably tomorrow now.

    1. Happiness personified

      It’s 4 yrs leap guys it was written when episode started

  13. I hate to miss episodes !! But gonna catch them in Hotstar

  14. guys can u tell me how many years of leap??? bcz i dnt understand hindi number..

    1. Happiness personified

      4 yrs priyanka

      1. thank u

    2. 4 years.

      1. thank u

  15. Happiness personified

    Kokila was 18 when she was married n she had ahem at 20 n ahem married when she was 40 n ahem Gopi had 25th anniversary before leap when she was 65 and now 4 yrs leap so KOKILA IS 69 YRS OLD NOW NOT 100 !!!??

    1. Ahem got married when he was 20? Impossible..?

      1. Happiness personified

        Okay even then kokila is 69 to 75 yrs old n not 100 !!!

    2. Kokila was educated when she was married…
      So she can’t marry at 18…. Assume she married at 22 years…
      Ahem married at 27-28years…
      So Koki is 80-81years…

  16. Itz 4year leap… Not eight years…
    Gopi didn’t try to suicide… She has just lost her mind…
    And it’s not Rashi… Itz Monica…
    Also… It’s not Jigar’s study room… 🙂 it’s his office room…
    And I really wonder why actors r not shown aged even after so many leaps…

  17. Oh hindi number i cannot understand it .HELP ME .

  18. I thought sns will be interesting after the leap but it got more worse with the negative characters…:3 -_-

    1. It will be more interesting in the upcoming episodes….i am damn sure!!!

  19. I hate that Monica. I hope Sona teaches her a lesson

    1. Yah!! When kokila ask help to monica…..she smirks and acts as she is dying out of pain

  20. Meera will be mother of 2 grown up kids and Vidya will be mother of 4, as she gave her kid to Naiya, and there will be lots of Raaz in coming episodes. I heard Gaura will be back too to kill Koki and Gopi, fun to watch her.

    1. From where did you get this rubbish!!!

    2. Why is she returning? Gaura can get lost.

    3. So totally dharam has 4 children and his shravan has 4 children…family equation tallied??

  21. OMG what rubbish is this. please end the show now. and don’t bring Gaura agian. What is going on in thee writer’s and director’s mind, check out some of the international series from other countries and learn something. stop portraying Indian women as retarded weak, helpless and think men are gods. I am from Africa and in this era women are the power back there, i think most Indian men are weak and have to put the women down in order to stroke their egos, not all sorry guys just some i guess, All the serial have bhahus being tortured and left fo rother women, look at Mere Angne? what the heck, Piya rangreez? Arathya had to beg to become a daughter in law, now Krishnadasi OMG, not to mention Kum Kum and Suhani please please writers let good win some time let the young generetation look at marriage as a life time happiness not a rotten institution. Meera marrying Dharam?????????????? how abou Gopi now marrying a boy halfher age would you show that writers?????? i bet not.

    1. Ew Meera and Dharam is like Gopi and Shravan. Yuck

    2. Tamanna is a show which focuses on women empowerment

  22. Episode was great….interesting

  23. I hope gopi is ok n think her grand kids wil bring her out of that

  24. Okay they literally missed so many things because of this leap. We NEVER saw Molu getting married! We NEVER saw sona or vidya’s pregnancy or Tolus reaction. LIKE honestly they messed up even more and no apparently Tolu is expecting a third child. Seriously? THREE CHILDREN? Ughh

  25. A leap isnt isnt the solution to writersblock

  26. gopi will marry again in her 50s…hahaha and her grandchildren attend grandmom’s wedding…..

  27. there was a news that ki gopi ahem , vidya or jigar ye charo show chhorne wale the baad me sirf ahem ne hi show chhora? esa ku 😀 ye to wahi bat h ogyi ki sabne tour ka plan bnaya sath jane k end me sab khisak lliye ek ko jhad pe chada k 😀

  28. Any one can tell me song that played where can I get that

  29. The song whic is played as background
    Can anyone know what song is that

    1. Murli ki tanon si(aaj unse milna hai)….from prem ratan dhan payo

  30. ammu d bckgrnd sng ws “aaj unse milna h hume” frm prm rtn dhan payo..

  31. what the hell is being shown. this bl***y ekta kapoor is hell bent on showing indian families in the poorest light. y cant it be shown that the old people are taken good care of by the family members of the younger generation….
    paridhi’s language is just irritating to the chore. better dont add any english word in her dialogues please… her way of pronouncing…ugh? and she acts as if she speaks the best english in the entire sns team????

    1. This isn’t Ekta’s show.. It’s Rashmi Sharma’s show.. But yes, it’s complete rubbish with Gopi being a grandma of 10 children haha.

      1. Happiness personified

        It’s not at all rubbish plz

  32. Good show. Whatever the viewers say but many people love to watch the show. In our area people still have the craze to watch the show and they like to gossip about the show. Every secret will be revealed in upcoming episodes but slowly. So keep watching the lovely show.

  33. i think the new guy is Krisna, they played a song like he is a Gpd or something. DR. Krishna, wow

  34. What abt baa n motti bhen?

  35. Thank you rianaa

  36. I must say friends this star plus & zeetv made fun of relations. How can two sister marry father and son. What will be the relation between meera’s and vidhya’s children. Is they are brothers or younger-father and son..when ever gopi will not thre full howse will het change. And what vidhya will call dharam father-in-law or brother-in-law….what is going on in serials.kokila is head of family but now she is begging for everything..reallly nonsense

  37. Biswajeeta sahu

    Such a ridicule s episode I hd never imagined.

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