Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th May 2016 Analysis


6 years later

Gopi and ahem are shown doing romance in a rainy place.Saathiya title track plays…Gopi says ahem that leave me maaji is coming.Ahem says let her come.Gopi is shown dreaming in a bath tub full of water and she is drowning.Kokila comes in her new look(wearing specs. and a wooden stick).Kokila goes to bathroom and shocks seeing gopi drowning.She calls paridhi,jigar…Kokila rushes to call paridhi.

Paridhi is shown doing yoga with a young girl.Kokila pushes the door and the young girl hurts.Paridhi says baby are you ok.The girl says mom ji i think i had got ache.Paridhi scolds kokila to disturb them.Kokila says that gopi bahu…paridhi interferes gopi bahu…what gopi bahu….all the time gopi bahu gopi bahu.Paridhi scolds kokila a lot and goes to bring ice for Monica(Samar’s wife).

Kokila comes for help to jigar.Jigar face is shown having rude expression in a mature look.Jigar asks kokila what happened.Kokila says that gopi bahu…jigar interferes so what you should tell to paridhi.Kokila replies i asked but she denied.Jigar shouts paridhi.Paridhi and Monica comes.Paridhi asks what happened jigs.Jigar shouts at paridhi that kokila and gopi had became old now.Kokila reminsces those days when gopi and paridhi had a good bonding.Jigar and paridhi quarells.Kokila goes from there and tries to help gopi.

A man comes and lifts gopi.Kokila thanks lord krishna.He lies gopi in the bed and ask kokila for towel.Kokila brings towel.

Urmilla’s chawl

Jigar comes in his car.Jai and veeru(Sahir’s sons) does mischief with jigar.Jigar irks and shouts at them.Jigar shouts to call their papa.Sahir comes downstairs.Jigar requests him that modi industries requires him.Sahir denies jigar’s proposal and says i am happy with my travel agency.Jigar shouts then i rusticate you from modi’s property.

Kokila gives towel to Dr.Raheja.Kokila says if gopi is fine or not.Dr. Raheja says dont worry she is fine.Scene freezes on Gopi’s face.

Precap-Dr. Krishna Raheja promises kokila that he will give gopi a new life.

Credit to: Rianaa

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  1. Paridi jigar how can they do like that pari don’t u even have sense how gopi and koki supported u dumb pari jigar not expected at all
    Where r remaining family and meera and vidya and y sahir is living in chawl so many questuons

  2. Any one know song from which movie or it was for just satiya song
    And excited to see satiya after leap and so sad for gopi

    1. Serial title track…

      1. Happiness personified

        Aaj unse Milna Hai hamein , from prem ratan dhan payo

  3. I have a big doubt when did sahir married

  4. its 4 years leap by the way…..

  5. Krishna he married sona

    1. What??????

  6. Jigar has changed so much. He used to support Gopi a lot and now he doesn’t. He just rules the Modis now. Ahem wasnt as bad as him.
    I wonder if Meera had children?

  7. Where’s little rashi

  8. They forgot her.

  9. The song is from prem ratan dhan payo-aaj unse milna he sad version.

  10. Little Rashi must be somewhere in her teenage life

  11. So she’s like a little anti

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