Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura tells Modi family that Vidya is pregnant and new member is coming soon. Whole Modi family jump in happiness. Urmila mimics as child. Samar and Sahir sing and dance. Gopi congratulates Vidya followed by other elders. Pari says she became kaaki naani and smiles. Sona congratulates Vidya and says she is happy for her, Vidya is getting a child within an year of marriage, but she cannot have a child at all as sasuma/Pari is not allowing her and Sahir to consummate their marriage. Kokila stops her and says they will discuss it at home and now should celebrate. Shravan walks away tensely. Gopi thinks why he wentlike that.

Kokila tells Gaura that they should celebrate now. Whole family starts singing Holi khele raghuveera…song with each of them dancing with their

partners. Dharam applies holi on Meera.

Durga sees Vidya playing holi happily with everyone and tells Shravan he should tell her everything, else he will lose her. He takes Vidya aside and tells he needs to talk to her. Meera comes and takes Vidya to play holi.

Kokila sees Meera dancing very happily and thinks she is up to something. Gaura throws color on Urmila. Urmila says she will not get angry as she got 1 lakh worth good news and hugs her. Gaura calls someone and asks to come soon.

Vidya runs throwing holi all around. An old lady gangster comes with her lady gang members on 3 jeeps holding guns. She pushes Vidya to floor and holds gun on her. Vidya calls Gopi for help. Meera rushes for help, but lady gansters point gun on her. Gopi asks who are they. Sona orders to lower her gun. Old lady says Vidya was throwing colors on widow, so she pushed her. Ahem says whoever they are, they should talk lowering their guns. All gangster point guns on him and old lady shouts she will shoot him. She shouts Vidya was trying to throw holi on widow, she should be happy that she is not shot. Meera asks who is widow here. A lady wearing black sari is brought between curtains.

Gaura scolds Meera and apologizes old lady. She asks Shravan to get his wife up. He does same. Kokila asks who are they and how dare are they to misbehave with Ahem, Gopi, and Vidya. Gaura says she is Dharam’s daughter, Shravan’s sister, and Meera’s readymade daughter Naiya. She opens veil from widow and reveals her face. Everyone look at her in a surprise.

Precap: Old lady tells Vidya that Naiya will take care of her child.

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