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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera gets tensed seeing police at home and thinks Kokila must have called them to get her arrested. Jigar speaks to police and sends them. Kokila tells Gopi they can use Meera’s fear to mend her. She asks her to go and feed Rashi.

Gopi comes to Rashi’s room and sees her telling Meethi that she will let only maa/Gopi apply ointment on her burn wounds. She says she will first feed her doll/gudiya and then apply ointment. While feeding her, she says Pari is not a bad aunt, she is just tensed due to work strain. Rashi says she will help Pari as she used to help Kokila.

Ahem and Jigar reach police and see a man being tortured. Inspector says constable is torturing Sanskar. Sanskar pleads Ahem to free him. Inspector tells without evidence, he cannot keep sanskar

in jail and only can hold him if Meera complains. Ahem says if law cannot punish him, he will. Sanskar continues pleading and tells he will never trouble his family. Jigar says Ahem they should frighten him and send from here, else Meera will know his truth. Ahem frees Sanskar and asks him not to dare eye on his family. Sanskar agrees but makes angry jealous face once Ahem leaves.

Meera gets tensed thinking police will arrest her. Vidya informs that police arrested Sanskar. Meera thinks Sanskar will inform that she was also hands in glove with him, so she picks phone to stop him, but Pari enters and snatches phone from her. She says she is getting away from family due to technology. Meera yells that she does not need her lecture. Pari says she knows she is tired and to stop anyone from disturbing her, she will take phone with her till morning. Vidya comes with water.

Pari then goes to kitchen where Gopi says she felt good seeing her taking care of Meera, but why is she ignoring her own child Rashi. Pari gets sad.

Kinjal enters kitchen in dark, opens fridge, sees dishes and thinks Dhaval has kept food for her. She is surprised to see all dishes empty. Urmila comes with Dhaval and tells she knew she would steal, so she ate all food. Kinjal yells at her. Dhaval says he has kept food for her and leaves.

At night, Meera goes to sleep. Vidya entes and sees somone throwing letter. In the morning, Meera sees dust on her room and shouts at Meera. Kokila comes in and steps on stone.

Precap: Sanskar enters Meera’s room wearing woman’s clothes and shuts her mouth from behind.

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