Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila travels with Gopi and Hetal in a car to temple.. she reminisces Pari’s demands.

Dhaval reaches Modi bhavan with Kinjal, Urmila and Pappu. Pari greets them in. Dhaval says his home is under renovation and Kokila insisted them to come and stay here and asks if he is troubling her. Pari says this house also belongs to them. Kinjal asks him why is he taking permission, it is also her house and has right to stay here.

Kokila asks pandit to perform pooja. He says some lady had come asking her and tells she driks tea from mud glass with jaggery and neem leaves. Kokila starts sweating. Gopi asks her what happened. Kokila says she is fine.

Meera serves prasad to baa. Baa says she used to serve prasad like this daily in her childhood. Meera says she does not

remember. Baa says she was very small.

Kinjal enjoys dinner and thinks she ate good food after a long time. she tries to drink milk. Rashi comes there for milk and drops glass by mistake. Kinjal starts yelling at her. Rashi asks if she is yelling at her as she troubled family. Kinjal asks she is a big trouble for the family and shouts at her to go to her room. Pari hears that and asks her to mind her business and not yell at her family members. Kinjal taunts that she is developing motherly love for her illegitimate child. Pari asks her to mind her tongue, else she will not let her stay here. Kinjal says it is her house and yells everyone knows how she tricked whole family and married Jigar. Pari gets irked and starts fighting. Kinjal continues shouting. Baa hears that and thinks Kinjal is always a trouble for family.

Kokila sees a lady performing pooja and follows her, but lady vanishes. she then goes to perform pooja, but pandit gives her flowers and says someone already performed pooja. Ahem says he will go and remove lady’s pooja items as it is his family right to perform pooja there. Kokila stops him and says once pooja is started, they cannot stop him. Hetal says she is right, but they cannot take back ornaments back. Gopi thinks of something and takes Kokila and Hetal along.

Kinjal gives her dirty clothes and asks Pari to give it to meethi for wash. Pari asks her to give it herself. Kinjal says she does household chores of whole family, so she should do her work also. Pari gets irked, but remembers Hetal’s requests not to scold Kinjal and silently goes to her room and locks door. Kinjal starts shouting at her and asks to open door. Pari ignores her and plays loud music.

Gopi takes Kokila and Hetal to a shivling under tree and tells she is sure there must have been a temple here and tells an old mythological story. Ahem takes shivling in his hand and takes it to perform pooja.

Precap: Kokila gets afraid seeing a lady in front of her. Lady smears her face black and pushes her on floor.

Update Credit to: MA

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