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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila thinks Gopi is showing her true colors and behaving like Kokila. They will take Rashi’s life because of that Pappu. Gopi tells Rashi that it is not good to give money to the kids instead of tiffin. Kokila scolds her too. Rashi asks Gopi not to blame her falsely. Gopi says, Kinjal told them. Rashi accepts to give money to her sons and asks why did Vidya go with them. Gopi says, they are siblings and will have the food together. Rashi says, you didn’t prepare tiffin for my sons. Gopi asks what about Vidya.

Rashi says, truth is that you have forgot the meaning of joint family as you stayed away for 8 years. Gopi says, she is telling only truth and says you have forgettn the values. Rashi asks her, why you are arguing and says we will take care of our kids. I won’t

interfere in your kids and you shall not interfere in my kids’s issue. Kokila asks her to stop and says kids are same. We have never differentiated among our kids. Rashi takes her sons with her. Kokila tells that Rashi can’t be on the right path. She asks Vidya to rest in her room.

Gopi cries. Teacher sees her crying and says silently that he thought she is happy in this house. He says, I came in this house for you. I will take you very far from this house. I promise to make you laugh and love you. He keeps his hand on Gopi’s shoulder. Gopi wipes her tears and turns around. She says, she is fine. He tells her that he came back to take his pencil box. Gopi says, lets go and search. Meera comes and shows him pencil box. She says, shall I open it. Teacher says no and slips.

Gopi holds him. He feels good and says he is okay. Gopi says she will apply the ointment. He takes the pencil box from Meera and keeps it in the box. Teacher pretends to be injured and Gopi supports him. Rashi informs Urmila about the argument. Urmila tells her to take care of her children and calls Gopi’s children as chote Gawar. Rashi asks them not to say anything to Gopi’s kids. She says, I am wondering how to take care of my sons. Urmila asks her to take care.

Gopi applies ointment on his hand. Teacher smiles and says he just dreamt to feel her and now he is happy to feel her touch. He says, I am on the heaven. Gopi applies balm on his feet. He smiles. She applies bandage on his leg. She asks him to rest and goes to see the children. He looks at her and says how sweet.

Dhawal comes back home fully wet in rain water. Madhuben opens the door. Dhawal tells her that Pooja wanted to drenched in rain and they have a scooter ride. Madhuben is shocked. Kinjal comes and asks Dhawal to change his clothes.

Kids are playing carroms. Gopi asks the kids to study. Meera says, Rashi maasi asked us to play for sometime. Gopi says, it is okay and is about to say. Rashi argues with her and asks why do you think that you are always right and I am always wrong.

Gopi asks the kids to go out as she wants to talk to Rashi. Rashi asks her to tell infront of kids. Gopi says, I don’t want to say. Rashi says, you will complain to Kokila and Hetal against me. She says, you wants me to handle my kids. Gopi takes her daughters with her.

Madhuben thinks she can’t get Kinjal’s future spoiled. She picks Pooja’s call and asks her not to interfere in Dhawal’s personal life. Kinjal takes the call and tells sorry to Pooja. She gives the call to Dhawal.

Rashi tells Kokila and Hetal that Gopi wants her to take care of her own children and doesn’t allow Tolu and Molu to play with Meera and Vidya. Kokila says, I don’t believe you. Rashi says, you never believed me and always took Gopi’s side. Kokila says, you knows that I take only truth’s side. Rashi says, Gopi is changed after living seperately for 8 years and says she can’t differentiate among the kids. Teacher comes and hears them. He assumes Gopi is not happy in this joint family. Kokila tells Hetal that she doesn’t believe on Rashi’s words and shows faith on Gopi.

Rashi asks Gopi, what do you wants to proof that you are great. Gopi says, it is not like that. Rashi says, I made a mistake and brought you here. Teacher gets angry at Rashi and thinks to make her cry.

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  1. I hate gopi, she always thinks she is so smart, gawar. I cannot stand kokila they should have let her get lost and never come back. I hate her and gopi

  2. Omg i think the teacher will take revenge from rashi, ,by killing her..and. think that’s how they will end her character

  3. god.. what the hell is happening in the serial? cant the director think more than this.. shame on the makers of saathiya… pehle tho uss gawar radha tripti se do se teen saal guzra aur ab ye..i really hate this…

  4. Oh oh jt is is yesterday’s episode yaah

  5. i don’t wnt rashi 2 be punshd…i really love rashiiiii…..

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