Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Kokila telling Rashi that she is right she do shout at her because she do the same mistake after she tells it even so she needs to shout at her . Rashi nods . Kokila says her to bring food for the kids .Gopi asks how they came here and they say that they came to meet meera. Rashi says to be careful while taking meera and the child replies saying she knows how to to. Rashi gives them food . Rashi says meethi to clean as ashram people will come.Kokila says to bring the clothes which need to be washed. Kinjal asks falguni where she is going and she says she is going to dhawal.Kinjal says what will you do near him .Kinjal says her to give him the bucket of water .Kinjal says she does care for Dhawal as he’s her hubby and both fight for the bucket of water . Dhawal comes there and kinjal says who is falguni to give her water.And there was water slipped on stairs and dhawal hits his head. Kinjals says she will take care of him and take him with her. Rashi sees the children making a mess of the MM and rashi is annoyed seeing it says she has cleaned it . Children says meera is sleeping so they are playing with the doll . And children fight for it. In the room Baa is glad to hear the chidren playing . Hetal and Kokila pleased to hear it .Kokila says by the grace of god Rashi will also give birth soon.Rashi irritated by the children and due to one child a plate gets broken .The face of doll gets broken . Rashi is shouting at the children and hetal,kokila,baa goes there shocked.The orphange people says without making them know they will see if its the right place and goes into MM.

Orphanage people comes there and greets MM. There are shocked to see the house messy and says they came to check cleaning . Kokila takes them to make them see the kitchen .Hetal says children to go room to play . Kinjal bandages dhawal head and by pain he holds her hand . Kinjal asks if its paining alot and he says yes.Dhawal and Kinjal share an eye lock.Kinjal says he will bring water and goes.The orphange people says the kitchen is all clean and things are where they are .Children comes there and starts to eat .Rashi shouts what they are doing there and asks if they dont get food at home .Rashi takes the food from there . Rashi says she would teach some manners if they were her child . Gopi says she said them to eat ice cream.Gopi takes the children with her.The orphanage people looked shocked

Urmi calls Rashi and says she is going to an orphanage to get a children for her.Rashi says they are the same children who studied with gopi in her school and these children are verybad mannered. I vase gets broken by the children and rashi says she needs to stop them or else no wonder how many things will get ruined. Ball gets thrown by the children .Rashi puts a pin in it and orphanage people shocked to see it . Children says its done by rashi . Rashi says children can go to home . The orphanage people says stop Rashi and says they have come from orphanage .rashi is shocked to hear it.Dhawal is checking a file where Falguni comes and falguni says she just came to ask how she is .Dhawal says she should stop this now and what she has done for here she will never forget. He can feel the love from Kinjal now . Dhawal thanks him . Falguni says she always loved dhawal but never realised. And they both eat sweet.

The orphanage people says they came to check as if they were ready to adopt and after what they have seen they are really shocked.Rashi aplogises and says she can be a really good mom and she was in stress today . The orphanage people says a a mother should have patience and after seeing all this she dont agree to it.Kokila says they cant blame Rashi and in such a short time how can they judge a person .Gopi says Rashi can become a very good mother and the truth is she loves babies and she takes care of Meera.The orphange people says they have seen how much she care about babies and says they have taken the decision and rashi still has some childness so their decision is NO . Everyone is shocked to hear it.Rashi in tears . The orphanage people leave.

Precap: Urmi comes to MM in early morning.Kokila greets her . Koki asks why she came and the baby with urmi cries . Urmi congratulates her and says Rashi has become a mother.Rashi shocked to hear it

Update Credit to: Muskii

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