Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya confronts Gaura that she will not let her succeed in her evil acts. Gaura pushes her towards cupboard and Vidya drops bomb report. Gaura picks it and asks Vidya if her daadi/Kokila told who all she killed. Vidya says. Gaura says she killed Ahem as Kokila killed her innocent brother. Vidya says her daadi did not kill her brother, Gaura has gone mad that she is killing everyone. Gaura beats her and says she will kill whole Modi family now. Vidya resists. Gaura continues beating Vidya.

In Modi bhavan, Pari and Mona see discount sales ad in news paper and discuss they have to diet for 1 year to get into these skimpy clothes. Bhavani calls on landline and introduces herself as Seeta’s friend and asks to give phone to her. Mona calls Seeta and gives phone to her. Bhavani

speaks and Seeta panics. Bhavani says her life is going to end soon and she is stepping towards her end, she should count her days now. Seeta goes to room shivering. Gopi comes and asks why she is looking so tensed. Seeta reminisces Bhavani’s words and shivers again. Jai and Veeru come and ask her to give them food and she takes them out Gopi thinks why Seeta is looking so tensed.

Gaura ties Vidya to a chair and says she will kill whole Modi family now and will fix garlands on their photos. Kokila will hear this news and will suicide in jail. Vidya says no no…Gaura applies tape on her mouth and mimics as news journalist reading Kokila’s death news.

Jaggi enters room and seeing Gopi walking in room thinks she is thinking something now. Gopi says Seeta looks very tensed, something has happened. Seeta serves food to Jai and Veeru and say she will clean home temple. In Dharam’s house, Vidya tries to free herself and sees knife on table. Seeta cleans temple and prays god that she cannot tell her problem to Gopi and god should solve her problem. She then reads bhagavat geeta that soul is immortal and nobody can harm it, etc. She thanks god for giving solution to her problem. She says she will involve Gopi kaki in her problem, but if need be take her assistance; just like kanhaji guided Arjun, Gopi kaaki will guide her. She then takes out box to clean, under which bomb is fixed. Jai and Veeru come fighting that the ink bottle is theirs. Seeta asks to share bottle, else it will break. They fight and drop ink on box. Gopi and Jaggi come and ask who dropped ink. Seeta says it fell by mistake. Jaggi says change mangu must have dropped it and takes them out. Seeta cleans box and asks Gopi what is in it. Gopi says they keep prasad in it and asks her to go and keep it out, she will get other old items also there, asks why she is looking tensed. Seeta says she had problem, but kanhaji solved it.

Precap: Seeta takes bomb b ox out and keep it in backyard. Gaura comes and thinks she implanted 2 bombs at home and presses remote. Bomb explodes in backyard. Seeta shouts maa…

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Why is Seeta acting like a mad, foolish girl. Should have ended it three years ago. This serial is just getting dragged for so long. The writers are showing meaningless scenes to drag the storylines.

    1. Saathiya will here till another 100 years There no life for these serials actors Boring….

  2. Bhavani and Gaura will join hands. Anything to drag a track instead of ending it. Read in spoiler.

  3. Hi sunshines, Boss, akshay, sowmya, Aisha, nandhini, mahi,Sakaib, Rose, ramona, pratyusha, s.p, chitu, chinu, raven, averege girl, nisha and all SNS fans, today episode is ok but meera need come back because vidya more strong with her.

    1. Chithu

      Hi Saba di i too miss Meera. She was a bold character. She would have teach Gaura a good lesson for torturing her entire family. I think Seeta might think that the bomb was placed by bhavani to take revenge from seeta n modis

  4. a very happy shivratri to one an all may lord shiva grant each and everyone of you successs and happiness nandhini sid akshay and all who are hindus i do not know who are hindus here

    1. Nandhini

      Thank you sia and wish you the same?

    2. Siddharth

      Wish u the same Sia?happy shivarathri

    3. Chithu

      Thank u Sia. Happy Shivarathri to u too

    4. Riana

      Thankyou Sia…

  5. Siddharth

    Modi family is doing good deeds by doing charity in the temple. Gopi has kept the puja on Shiv ratri. Pandit announces that Gopi will be giving Dakshina to all the snake charmers today. Kokila reaches the same temple and hides from police. Sita sees Kokila taking coins from the plate. Sita thinks she is thief and stops her. Kokila says sorry, forgive me, I m not a thief, I m helpless. Sita recognizes its Kokila Modi. Kokila runs away from there. Sita tries to follow her. Gopi, Jaggi and Sita will find Kokila and get her home.

  6. Amalina

    This seeta track is just dragging. Seeta is now becoming annoying, I hope the Singapore track is introduced soon.

    1. Riana

      Right…These Seeta track is getting stretched day by day…i wish they end this track soon

  7. Chithu

    Where has Gaura planyed the second bomb. Atleast Gaura’s truth will be exposed by vidya in front of modis soon. Hope Seetha is not badly hurt

    1. Riana

      It was shown…Gaura’s second bomb is planted in modi mansion’s kitchen

  8. Riana

    Episode was not good actually…they are dragging it too much…I wish Vidya to slap gaura…And singapore track should be started now…But still they r dragging!!

  9. Did kokila really kill gaura’s brother? Too dragging. Dharam should find out about Gaura.

  10. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine are you? Epi was nice..!!

    hey amalina I think they will drrag seeta track for 1st 10 days of march and they will introduce Singapore track.

    Sid bhai…thanks for spoilers…. I wish we watch that before end of Feb. It will be more awesome. And in previous update, you ask which Ahem’s bakery? He tell about that bakery which ahem has after 10 years leap. I think he donates it to mansi(looll).

    Hey sia…I’m Muslim.

    BTW A happy shiv ratri To all Hindus at telly updates.

    Hi saba di….you r right, meera should make a great entry, do you see the link which I’ve give to get registered, if not, I’m adding link again, you can go o this link and by adding information, you can be registered member,

    Guys, I want to share my thought, I think CVS aren’t getting any idea how to show Meera reentry, I wish they show that Meera is in some building and she manages to run from there, and Meera and vidya fight against gaura(DA DA DIN DA DIN DA DA DA DA/GAURA TUNE…LOOOLLLL).

    Hey Raina di…. Desi ghee….loooool…..Yes..even I wonder what sh eats in food…. Turmeric powder…??? Milk..?? Chicken..?? Pizza..hmm…my mouth got fill with water…?? Ice-creams….????? Kadi..?? Whatever she eats…..I’m happy with my own food! Why I care about BTW..I’ve not seen -ve comments but I’m happy that negative comments got deleted and comment box also didn’t vanished..!!

    These mom ji/Pari and Mona darling…uff…. Gosh….family is in trouble but they are doing shopping online… I also do shopping online…!!!!just joking..!!

    Hey amirul… are right..Pari and Mona should get teached by seeta.

    I wonder how evil vamps reach everywhere where they’ve planned for something. Take example of gaura. Sita have just come out of MM AND SHE REACHED AT MM IN SECS.

    I agree chithu di, Meera was bold one. She was..oh sorry…she is Strong character in SNS in every way whether its as sister either daughter only leaving as mother because she couldn’t bear pain for her kids.

    Kaumaari…hi…nice to meet you… I welcomed you in our family in previous update…do you see?? Welcoming once again. And don’t take anyone wrong here because we are scared if someone cheats us..?? We can’t bear cheat actually.

    Hey amalina..yes…isaaq di’s words was very concerning and lookalike as elder sister.

    Isaaq di….what you think of yourself….???? Are you only educated in this world..?? How dare you to accuse us for that thing which I’ve never expected.. I’re just angry on us..but’re totally alike john and adi HP……those poor people can’t imagine even if they try to to break our family..they will muh ki kahye gai/will smack of mouth.

    What you said.. You didn’t consider me as your little brother..I feel pity on you. Not only this, you said that Raina di can’t write proper English. And you said gopi’s destiny was best. Actually, I agree wit you but that we don’t know that the one who is writing is is evil. I though you as my elder sister. And what you said, Sid bhai flirts with girls there. Disgusting thoughts. And don’t dare toinsult nandi di and chithu di by calling them weird names. Got it? I fell pity on oyyou. Pray for your recovery. However, like the show, how much vamps tried to make good lose but can’t….as evil always lose and also here, evil will lose.

    Back to episode,

    Likewise you, I also wish gaura should be slapped by vidya but as I said…vidya is daughter of mahan Gopi modi… So she will not slap her. But if it would be Meera, she should have slapped gaura. Disgusting gaura. I feel pity for her reckoning what will happen to that fatty gaura when suryavanshis and modis will come to know truth.

    Wow! Bhavani and gaura are joining hands. But they will also suffer for harming MODIS likewise madhu behn and gaura done to MODIS. Wish madhu Ben should be alive. It was really heart broking that what madhu dome for seeking revenge.

    Precap is horrible.. Hope nothing has happened serious to Sita.

    1. Amalina

      Hi Shakaib! I’m also a Muslim!? Yeah, I hope someone gives gaura a tight slap, only then will I feel relief.?

    2. Nandhini

      Hii shakaib! I too remember akshay used to refer gopi as “gopi sasuri” long time back? no desi ghee..suryavanshi family is doing chilli business right so gaura will add more chilli in her food so always her blood boils in anger and vengeance…

  11. Shakaib

    Hey guys, im sharing a old post, so enjoy reading it below,

    sath nibhana sathiya (ya phir humari gopi wahu mahaan i guess this time her daughter vidya’s gonna beat her in the best bahu competition ? )
    Ever wondered why only in the whole world only modi’s have the privelege of so many inhouse villains?? well the reason is because they have gopi wahu and not forget her maaji !
    This is the only serial in the whole telly world where only the title is sath nibhana sathiya but their sathiya’s never do that they always abandon them to be on the top of the list is ahem and now i guess damadji shravan is also in the line to beat him! Nowadays koki’s dialogues are so irritating the way she speaks just makes me shut the tv down and get some fresh air but then elders!! i really like the way gaura speaks she’s comical and more of all she’s the only one along with meera somewhat normal .

    1. Amalina

      Me too! I mute the tv, when kokila starts speaking! Her dialogues are just repetitive, they should change her dialogues. Since saathiya began til today her dialogues are same – “meri gopi wahu…….. BAAAAAAAAAS!”

  12. Shakaib

    OMG THIS ONE’S MY FAV “Simar and the supernaturals !!” I hope you know the serial’s name already ?

    Guy’s iss serial ke kya kehne these guy’s no words at all the serial which was expected to be another saas bahu ka drama suddenly turned into supernaturals this is the only serial where may what happen at theend achai ki finaly jab poori band baj jaye then jaakr uski jeet hoti hai phir? phir kuch naya aa jata hai looking at their speed and talents woh din door nahi jab there will be zombie’s and aliens in the show simar will have her own lab where she’ll make portions and then keepit in front of matarani for some chamatkaar . baksh do unhe yaar woh bhi thak gayi ab teri madat krte krte humari bhi thodi help krne de unhe

  13. Shakaib

    Gia replacing Devoleena- How do you all feel? And what is your predictions about the story lines?
    From various sources, it is believed that Devoleena is not happy aging after a leap- show makers are wanting to bring back Gia to the show. I am quite happy that Gia might return, although there are several reasons why it might be unusual-
    Gia played the shy and sweet Gopi, whilst Devoleena played a brave and fearless Gopi. Will Gia be able to play that kind of Gopi?
    It is going to be weird seeing Gia with Meera Vidya and her grandchildren. When Gia left, Meera was not even born.
    Seeing Gia without Rucha is also weird.
    My main worry is if Gia will be able to play a powerful Gopi when it comes to vamps? Gia never confronted any vamps except Rashi.

    On the other hand, I just wish there is no separation leap. After the leap, we should be introduced to grandmother Gopi playing with her grandchildren and teaching them about Krishna.
    We need fresh and new vamps. Vamps with motives for revenge is getting boring- we have had Radha and Gaura- who have both been on SNS for almost 2 years equally. We need vamps that want power and wealth- a vamp who is interested in ruling the Modis.
    This is a possibility and a idea but I think they should kill off Kokila because Gopi needs to become independent and needs to stop relying on her. Kokila has always been the root of all the problems for the Modis-
    Kokila never controlled Kinjal- which led to Umaang.
    If Kokila was such a brilliant detective, why didn’t she stop Rashi and Urmila by tricking Jigar and getting married?
    Kokila wanted to make Gopi just like her- which has brought disputes between Gohem. Ahem always said Gopi likes to be mahaan.
    Kokila was always overprotective over Gopi, hence why Madhu got jealous. Kokila tried to be her mother.
    Kokila was strict upon Radha, hence why Radha got irritated by Gopi and that is how Radha became negative.
    Kokila thought Gopi killed her own daughter- how could she believe that?
    Kokila let Radha live in her mansion for 8 years?
    Kokila told Gopi to be strict upon Rashi after Radha track- I believe it is Kokila’s fault Rashi died because if Rashi never became irritated by Gopi, Rashi would of saved Gopi earlier and she would be still alive.
    Kokila was so dumb when she did not realise that Radha was Roopmati- did she not even try to investigate?
    Kokila made Gopi into a monster, hence why Gopi killed Radha.
    Kokila was strict with Meera, hence why Meera became rebellious
    Kokila’s stupid detective instincts caused her to think Karunesh was misbehaving with Jigna- it is all Kokila’s fault that Karunesh died- because of Kokila, the Modis have to suffer.

    Kokila is the main vamp in the show and has to leave. Overall, Hetal should become the new Baa. Vidya should be just like Gopi and Meera should be like Rashi in their own household. Sona and Tolu should be seen with their own children, alongside Naiya and Molu. Gopi should become the new Kokila.

    Any opinions or suggestions guys?

    What is your opinions?

    Credit to: Isaaq

    1. Amalina

      Yeah, I also don’t think that Gia will be able to play a brave gopi, since her accent and everything is so innocent. But afterall, actors will work hard to entertain their fans, so no worries Shakaib. But seeing Gia with urmila will remind me of rashi!? I miss rashi, I wish the makers could bring rashi back somehow miraculously!

      I will also miss devoleena! She looks better with Mohammed nazim aka Ahem/Jaggi than Gia!

    2. Siddharth

      Hi Shakaib I think devoleena WL continue, her role . If gia manek is back as gopi she may not able act as devoleena as now gopi’s character is completely different . So makers may not replace gopi.

  14. why sita scared of bhavini, bhavini can,t do nothing to sita because gopi is with her, this gaura is very cruel.

  15. Riana

    Guys these time i am eagerly waiting for Star Parivaar Awards 2017…Best Jodi…

    I think the nominations will be

    Vividha-Ravish/Atharv (Jndsd)
    Jaggi-Gopika (Sns)
    Raman-Ishita (Yhm)
    Raghav-Naina (Pardes)
    Chandragupt-Nandini (Cn)
    Kartik-Naira (Yrkkh)
    Shivaay-Anika (Ib)
    Omkara-Gauri (Dbo)

    What say guys whom you will vote??

    1. Isaaq

      Jaggi and Gopika. They’re perfect match. Ahem was a stubborn man. Jaggi is more loving and caring. I didn’t see Ahem thinking of schemes against the vamps. Gopi and Jaggi make a good team

      Raman and Ishita shouldn’t get the award because Raman pretty much always blames Ishita for everything.

    2. Riana

      In my Opinion GoGi,Shivika….

    3. Siddharth

      As I watch only SNS and YHM I WL,vote for Jaggi&Gopi .

    4. Nandhini

      There is no option for Dharam-meera?

  16. Its just dragging, This track is getting irritating. How dump are this people. Can’t they just punish Gaura? And all Gaura does is smirk.

  17. Siddharth

    Hi Sunshine friends just now I saw news 9 reports of SNS as per its news makers are trying hard to bring Rucha back to the show to increase trps . But rucha has not confirmed whether she wl be back or not .
    Friends wat do u think if rucha comes back wch character she may play rashi’s twin sister or some other character.

    1. Riana

      News is fake…Btw now Rucha is busy on her married life…no chances of her to come…

      1. Siddharth

        Ya rucha is not given green signal but makers are convincing her to come back to increase the trps

    2. Isaaq

      Really??? Source? Omg I hope she comes back. She’s my favourite character. She’ll teach that Gaura a lesson. She might enter as a new character.

      1. Siddharth

        Yes if rashi cm back she can face Gaura easily .

    3. Chithu

      Wow if the report is true it will be great to watch her again. Surely she will come back as another character.

  18. Siddharth

    Star Plus serial ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ has become a household name but in the recent past, show has been in news for many wrong reasons.

    Earlier there was news that Rupal Patel aka Kokila is going to leave the show. But as per the recent reports, not Rupal Patel but a prominent actor is leaving the show.

    According to news in an entertainment portal, popular actor of the show Pratap Hada, who plays the role of Samar in Saath Nibhana Saathiya has decided to quit the show.

    Image Courtesy – InstagramImage Courtesy – Instagram

    Pratap has been acting in this show from last 2 years. As per the sources of the portal, Pratap’s character has nothing left to do in the show and since there is no scope the actor has decided to quit.

    However actor remained unavailable for comment on his exit.

    Last year, lead actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee aka Gopi Bahu, decided to quit the show but at producers hiked her fee and made her stay in the show.

    Stay tuned for all news and

    1. Chithu

      I agree with his decision to quit thr is absolutely no screen space for him.

  19. Isaaq

    I’d love to see a Rashi and Paridhi face off. That Paridhi needs to be punished for her crimes.

    I wonder if Rashi will be reincarnated as it has been 15 years since she died? Will Rashi be able to play a young role?

    I wish Rucha comes back as grey character. For me, she was the best negative character

    1. Siddharth

      It would be gud if she play middle age character if she comes back bcoz again jigars track WL start.

  20. Siddharth .
    Friends here is rashi’s re entry video check ?.

  21. Isaaq

    Guys do you ageee Gopi is the famous bahu of Indian television? I think she’s the new Tulsi. Everyone knows who Gopi is

    1. Nandhini

      Yes ofcourse gopi is famous indian television bahu.

  22. Isaaq

    It’s sad how we never saw Rashi face any vamps. Radha in her face track didn’t even show her evilness to anyone until she was caught. She was pretending to be innocent so we never saw a Rashi and Radha face off.

    Rashi was dead when Radha returned and stopped pretending to be good, she showed her evil face.

    Therefore Rashi never had a battle with any vamp at all

    1. Isaaq

      In her first track**

  23. Riana

    Is there any problem going with TU…I am not able to submit my ff plus Yesterday’s i send an email to TU about the Telly Updates new page design…but there’s no response…They didnt send me any email!!…If TU is seeing my comment pls reply…

  24. hey Shakaib i am very happy to see you are commenting again,do not let others ever get to you i prefer this gopi to gia i do not want this gopi to leave she is acting very mature for her age i cannot understand why these actors and actresses wants to leave when there is a leap as long they gets marry they will have children and their children will grow and then they will get marry and have children we all cannot remain young forever gopi should give herself a pat on the back for the character she is portraying people age and when they have to play the roles of in laws they are quitting like in real life they will never get old duh sorry did not get to wish you guys happy shivraatri its better late than never hope you enjoyed your shivraatri bye i will come on later enjoy the rest of your afternoon hey sid akshay nandhini saba raina chithu etc isaaq take care love you my family

    1. Nandhini

      Hii Raven! You are absolutely right.The actors too grow old but they wont accept to do old aged characters.

    2. Siddharth

      Hi raven same too you ?. Gopi WL not leave the show raven

    3. Chithu

      Hi Raven
      How r u? I too dont want this Gopi to go its nearly five years since we r seeing her.

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