Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi tells family that Premlatha came to their home when Meera came home from her in-laws and describes how she found that she is not her maaji seeing her slippers and rest of the incidents. She asks who brought her here. Kokila also asks who brought her here and gives her a tight slap. She gets up and points at Madhuben who is standing in front of Sona. Sona thinks she is pointing at her and asks why is she alleging her wrongly.

Meera with Vidya brings mental hospital peon. Gopi happily hugs vidya. Meera asks peon to tell who is the culprit. He points at Sona and says she hired him and Premlatha. Premlatha says she is a vegetable vendor and got tempted with money, so she helped Sona. Sona shouts why is she lying. Madhuben starts her drama and shouts at Sona how dare she is to harm Modi family and raises hand to slap. Sona holds her hand and says she calls her mother, but is not her real mother and should be in her limits. She asks Tolu even if he thinks she can do this. He shouts why should he trust her now after harming daadi. Sona is shocked.

Gopi starts her drama next and shouts at Sona with long dialogues. Premlatha senses opportunity, silently picks grass cutter and keeps it on Madhuben’s neck and shouts at Gopi if she tries to stop her, shewill lose her maa. She takes Mabdhuben near main door, stops auto, pushes Madhuben and leaves in auto. Gopi holds Madhuben and asks if she is fine. Madbhuben nods yes.

Kokila asks Gopi to kick out Sona. Gopi starts her lengthy emotional atyachar and shouts at Sona that she touches her maaji’s feet first and then kanhaji’s. She harmed her maaji, so she is not welcomed in her house anymore.

Precap: Gopi says Sona that she did not respect sindhoor and she should get out of her house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. common on……

  2. Bechari sona premlata ne acha nahi kiya sona ke sath sara blem sona par dal diya aur gopi ki maa maduben bach gai wohi to premlata ko lai thi kokila bana ke i think yeh plan goura ka hoga ki sona par blem dal diya jay

  3. Shivam saxena

    Innocent ? sona accused,not gud happened madhu the VILLAIN Saved again….

  4. what will be next twist??
    all d best for exam sweetu

  5. The villains are so amazing. This Sona is also like Gopi. Amazing acting skills.

  6. Wait what did I miss? I thought Sona was a bad person too?
    Wasn’t she supporting Madhubhen?

  7. Really, they actually think Sona is the brain behind this drama…god they sensibility of these people are very limited!!!!!

  8. It all madhuben i hope gopi keep an eye on her so called mother

  9. What happened to the Modi family?How they can blame sonakshi for all these stupidity?

  10. so stupid….idiotd

  11. Bach gayi premlatha,’ aagir kon saamne layega ye sab sachayiya? Sona is not like gopi .she can reveal the actuality.
    When madhuben is not holding any emotions for gopi ,then how she can hold love for sona since she is not her own duaghter ?

  12. Oh! Now Sona has to prove her innocence!hope she does it soon!

    1. dont be silly it will drag on for another year i suppose LOL!!!!!!!!!! like all the storylines in this crap of a programme, Oh god Gopi’s nostrils can she not flare them up so much that you can see right up her nose and boggies Uhh!!!!!!!!!!! so much melodrama they do my gopi vau my maaji etc. stop it please and show the real culprit soon

  13. please stop this stupid serial

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