Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi gets out bus and buys gifts for her family. She busy shawl for Kokila, ear rings for Rashi, goggles for Tolu/molu. Tolu/molu is seen riding sports bike and stealing fruits from street vendors. Gopi’s gift bag falls in their mayhem and she yells at them. They stop their bike and come towards her. She shows broken gifts and says they spoilt her children’s gift. They blindfold and hand cuff her, force hr into car and take her to Modi bhavan. They get out of car, remove Gopi’s blindfold and handcuffs and touch her feet. She asks who are they. Tolu/molu refer themselves as buddies and tell Gopi is their badi maa and cannot forget them. Gopi gets emotional realizing they are her tolu/molu.

Gopi twists tolu/molu’s ears and asks how are they. They

say they remembered her each day in these 10 years. They say they have a gift for her and show Modi bhavan. Gopi reminisces all the happier moments she spent in Modi bhavan and gets emotional.

Gopi enters house and meets Hetal and Baa. Hetal emotionally hugs her and asks how did she come back so early. Gopi says her 4 year’s sentence was lessened due to her good behavior. She then goes and taks Paraga and Chirag’s blessings. Parag says he remembered her a lot. She says she has come back and everythign will be alright. Tolu/molu say if they would have known she is coming, they would have arranged DJ music in whole Rajkot. Gopi then hugs Rashi and then Jigar’s turn comes. Jigar emotionally also says family was incomplete without her.

Baa says she wants to perform aarti on her laxmi and does arti on Gopi. Gopi says Pari as expected, she has taken care of family very well. Pari says without her family was very sad and now it will be happy. She asks about Ahem, Kokila, Meera, and Vidya. She asks if Meera/Vidya are going to college and where is Kokila, how can she not meet her after hearing her voice. Everyone tensely look at each other. She starts searching Kokila in home temple and does not find her. She the calls he loudly. Hetal says Kokila is at Urmila’s house. Gopi says she will go and surprise Kokila at Urmila’s house and then will surprise Ahem. Jigar says he will accompany her. Just then, Kinjal comes and gets happy seeing her. Gopi asks how is Pappu and Dhaval and says she was going to her house to meet everyone and asks if Kokila came. Hetal says Kinjal was passing by and came here. Gopi asks her to wait until she comes back and moves towards Urmila’s house. Kinjal asks Hetal why did she tell lie, Gopi will find out truth in 2 minutes.

In car, Gopi says everything is same and nothing has changed in 10 years.

Precap: Gopi goes to Urmila’s house and is shocked to see Kokila washing clothes like a maid.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Should have ended this serial…. Gopi matadi ka drama aur Kitna dekhenge…. 10 saal me koi jail me gopi nahi mil sakta kya..??

  2. meethi tum kaha ho,10 saal baad tumhe nahi dekha. did they fire u from ur job?



  3. Why is kokila acting like a maid

  4. New twist. Good job writers. I hope this serial lasts for another 1000 years. Never end it.

  5. Also keep meethi alive for 1000 years. I dont want her out of the serial.

  6. The leap of few years is the HABIT of ths serial
    It would be appreciated if the proceeds of last 10 years are shown in some speed to us
    We are eager to know what happened in MODI BHAVAN during this decade
    Pulak Diwanji

  7. so wha t?if someone washes clothes, so they only gona maid kya??????????
    cant one washes his own clothes???disgusting…
    cant they reveal d truth quickly widout lagging lik diz

  8. so they gona become maid kya***

  9. Y gopi didn’t ask abt rashi

  10. Gopi wr were u for 10 yrs in Indore jail only no , not in andaman jail as if y couldnt she meet modis regularly , toooo dramatic this director is dragging this story full of senseless scenes, y didnt she ask about ahem , meera and vidhya and ofcourse rashi ….. because of whome she went to jail …

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