Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tolu returns home and Urmila asks if he found Kokila. He says no. Urmila gets worried and prays god to protect Kokila and Gopi wherever they are. Gopi is seen on electric chair reminiscing Krishna, Mansi, and Premila torturing her. On the other side, people are seen celebrating janmastami.

Naiya goes to meet Prakash wearing shawl and cries. She says she will save him at any cost and will come back. Inspector sees her and thinks what is Dharam’s daughter doing here, even she is involved with Prakash.

Gopi hits wardboy and rushes out of shock room. Mentally ill patients who are present there shout she is running. One of them holds. Ward girl comes and sees Gopi out. Gopi hits ward girl, wears her dress and escapes. Ward boys follow her and she runs towards janamastami group.

Inspector informs Dharam that Naiya is the one who helped Prakash. Dharam asks if he is out of his mind. Inspector says his anger is obvious, but this is truth. Meera says she can as she is the one who provoked her to kidnapped Priyal and even gave fun. Dharam calls Naiya and asks if she helped Prakash kidnap Priyal. She says yes. He asks why. She says she loves him. Shravan asks how can she help Prakash. She says like he helps Vidya, she helped Prakash. Dharam says he will make sure Prakash spends rest of his life in jail. Naiya says if he does that, she will slit her wrist. Vidya says no. Naiya slits her wrist. Family gets worried.

A lady nurses Kokila’s wounds and once she wakes up, give her water. Kokila slaps her and says she cannot even have water of her house and walks out yelling.

Precap: Kokila and Gopi are surprised to see Gopi alive.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Precap:kokila and gopi are surprised
    to see gopi alive……not gopi ahem alive……..

  2. Why is Ahem back. No good

  3. such a great news to All sathiya fans


  5. Upcoming story.
    Actually Jassi is not ahem s look alike he is ahem only . The lady who nurses kokila is her old friend Actually kokila gave birth to twins but her friend took jassi and ran away .
    when ahem and dharam going to stop marriage of meera and sanskaar ahems car broke down but ahem sends dharam in horse to stop meera marrying sanskaar . Ahem wait in road to repair his car that time ahems twin brother jassi comes ahem is surprised to see his look alike he understands that he is his twin brother jassi repairs ahem s car and ahem asks jassi to meet kokila when they are going to Modi mansion . Mansi and Dr krishnas goons hit ahems car with truck jassi dies and ahem is severely injured jassis mother take ahem to the hospital thinking that he is jassi but ahem will lost his memory. People take jassis body to Modi mansion thinking that he is ahem Modi . Actually who died in the accident is jassi . Ahem is alive in jassis avtaar

    1. I’m so happy Ahem is back. I’m really excited for Gopi- Ahem is her life and Bagwan is bringing her Ahem Ji back!

      Hopefully Ahem gets his memories back and challenges Jigar and Paridhi. Kokila will get her old position in the house again. I can’t wait for Ahem vs Jigar!

    2. Happiness personified

      Who told u this story boss ?
      By the way miss nisha di n akshay bhai

      1. Oh i am here sweety
        How are you my dear HP?

    3. Oh wonderful story ! From where you got such a story?

    4. Hello everybody….I m new to this site …..can I be frnds with u all
      And by the way boss from where did u get to know about dis story I…….its just to amazing

      1. Welcome mariyam.
        Are you malayalee..??

  6. where is gopi ahem modi no comments from her..mental asylum staff caught u i think

    1. Oh funny!

  7. ahem is back..good ..but acc to updates first his name is happy singh na changed to jaggi

  8. Very happy for gopi that ahem is back.Thanks director and producers of Sathiya for the twist

  9. BOSS
    if it is the story line..
    but at that time ahems body was wearing blue sharvani….

  10. It is ahem only he is acting as jassi bcoz he have some hidden intensions which will be reveled in upcoming episodes

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